Disneyland Pt.2

The second day at the park we got to meet the ever lovely Katie

It was a fantastic way to spend my mothers birthday, can't wait until next time! 


Sabrina said...

These are so cute, and I love your dress! Your mom is a babe, too.

Jessica Cangiano said...

How fabulously fun!!! I love your kitty print Mary Blair dress. Tres adorable!

♥ Jessica

sophia daniels said...

i love your dress!

Linda said...

Lovely photos, gorgeous dress! :)

Tegan Seymour said...

Wow amazing photos and outfits!
Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

Vintage Jewelry Girl said...

SUCH a cute dress! I'd love to see it with some authentic period vintage jewelry
! :-)

LA Picker said...

So adorable! Love all the creative patterns you used for the dresses!

Vintagemädchen said...

Hello Solanah,

I read about your blog on a German website and have to say you write such lovely articles. The Disneyland photos are so cute, they really make me wish going there on holiday as well.

And your dresses are sooo cute!! <3

Lots of love, Victoria from Vintage Blog Vintagemaedchen

RingsABelle said...

I have never been to Disney and seeing all your photos make me want to go visit so badly!! So gorgeous.
xx Belle