Lisa's pictures

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Last time I spent time with Lisa we both had our cameras on hand, her vintage one loaded with film. All of her photos, here and on her blog have such a serene quality, it's enough to make me want to start using my vintage camera more often. 

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 photo 73150005_zpsaafb55c7.jpg
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 photo 73150019_zpsf7b29dda.jpg
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Sarah Sea said...

I love all of these photos! They have a very homey, comforting feel to them.



Christy said...

That first photo basically sums up my aesthetic for Fall/Winter. And I don't understand how your hair can be so perfect even in a messy sort of bun! <3

Kalliopie Faye said...

The photos have such a wonderful atmosphere
greetz Kalliopie

Danielle Hinton said...

These are so lovely! I have a vintage brownie that I've been debating ordering some film for..this might just be the push I need ;)

SANNE said...

Aah, real paper photos - how I miss them! :)

Thistle said...

These are beautiful shots to begin the winter with. I am always particularly besotted with "clutter" shots and I have to say, the piece with the blue and white china bowls and beaded necklaces is no exception.

BaronessVonVintage said...

AMAZING.....Oh, I hope you snapped up some of those HBC blankets hehe.

laura redburn said...

such lovely photos! i especially love the first one.

Anniina said...

Where are your boots from??? They are HEAVENLY!