Swapdom outfit

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Since writing about and joining Swapdom a couple months ago, I've since participated successfully in three clothing swaps! It all went pretty smoothly, all I had to do was approve of the swap once they had found others with items willing to participate, and once everyone approved of it I printed out the shipping labels, and dropped the items off at a UPS drop box. I honestly was really pleased with how easy it was, and soon enough I had the goodies I had requested. 

So far I got a cute 1950s novelty skirt (it's a little more springy, but hopefully I can make it work for winter soon), a perfect little navy cardigan, and my favorite J.Crew jeans in a new to me color. 

The cardigan and jeans happened to go perfectly together, nice and cozy for curling up at home, or adding my new jacket to pop outside. 

Swapdom offers such a variety of options, from vintage coach purses, to 1950s dresses. A little something for everyone. 
Cardigan and jeans-Swapdom

Nyssa coat-Pendleton Portland Collection


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Anonymous said...

love those boots!

Flora Amies said...

What a gorgeous cardigan! (and also lovely hair and makeup)- you look like what I picture to be the ideal woman! You are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Nice outfit, love the cute cardi :) x

Liv said...

That blue cardigan is so cute! In fact the entire outfit is amazing(as usual). I'm glad the swaps worked out so well. It gives me confidence in trying Swapdom myself!

Daffny AVintageNerd said...

Ya know I signed up and I started a few listings but I didnt finish them. I was just nervous about the whole thing-seeing your experience makes me feel a little better about finishing it all up. I think I will do that during the break while the kiddies are home from soon. Great great scores!! xox

April said...

Loove that jacket and boots.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Excellent coat + lace up boot partnership. The two sing in stylish harmony so marvelously here.

♥ Jessica

Дарина Данилова said...

So comfy and soft outfit!! Also I love your cardigan!)