1940s Sunday

I know the second photo has me totally out of focus, but the timer went off just as I saw Sam walking out the door offering to help me. So here's how I look whenever I see him :)

Last night I went through my jewelry collection and got rid of a bunch of stuff I've never worn, or never will again, and put all the pieces I want to regularly wear in one easily accessible place. Hopefully this will drive me to wear jewelry more since I love what I have but never think to incorporate it into everyday outfits! Which is just silly to have something and not use it.

Sweater-Flashbacks vinatge, Encinitas, CA

Collar-Estate sale yesterday!

1940s suit skirt-Gift from aunt

1940s navy hat and shoes-The Urban Eccentric

1940s bakelite bird (Betty)-gift from Sam


Estate sale finds

This morning before helping Twila Jean move from one house to another, my grandma and I went to an estate sale held at a community center. The paper said the sale started at 9:00 so we got there early, but apparently they listed the sale on Craigslist as starting at 8:00, and had to open doors then. And while there were still some really good items remaining, the clothing rack only had a few late 60s dresses left, and since most of the other items were from the 20s to the 50s I just know there must have been some great feedsack dresses or nylon blouses someone grabbed. Sigh.
I did buy some really pretty things though, three aprons for my shop, and for me three 40s cotton kerchiefs, a big collar, 1915 and 1916 books on sewing and embroidery, the coolest address book ever, a plastic bead necklace, cat eye glasses, and an orange bakelite bangle. I was really excited to find the bangle, since it was only $1! So far I've found four bakelite bangles at estate sales for practically nothing thanks to people throwing them in boxes of junky jewelry and assuming they're just cheap plastic. You can tell if a plastic is bakelite if you press it against your clothes and rub it for a few seconds, and it has a chemical smell or the rubbed part feels warm. Some people always look at me funny when I walk around smelling jewelry ;)
I really want to be more educated about bakelite, so if anyone recommends any books or websites to check out, let me know!

There was a bittersweet aspect to the sale, which was that the woman who passed away wrote little notes and attached them to things, such as "I sewed this in 1942, with linen my friend Ethel brought back from France. I had to press it often especially when it got wet." All sorts of notes in beautiful cursive on yellowed paper. It was a vintage lovers dream, because it gave dates and history. Nothing I bought had a note, but I wish I had bought something with one just for that reason! It was so sweet, I wish they had pictures of her!


I just realized I would be the crazy villain, not the darling princess.

My day started out in the 1960s, but ended up in the 1920s. That's what happens more often than not, I put together an entire outfit, love it, wear it a bit, get bored with it and change. I didn't so much get bored with the first look, but it seemed like something that would require constant touching up of lipstick and re-pinning of collars (actually the thing wrapped around my head is a belt).
So five minutes before leaving for work I decided to change. Yesterday my mothers friend gave me a bag with the most lovely vintage dresses she no longer wanted and thought I could find a good use for them! In the bag was a silk chiffon "coat" from the 20s, a 30s silk velvet evening gown, a darling red 40s dress, and this sweet, simple 20s spring dress. It's incredibly light and flows with every movement, I think next time I'll pair it with a locket or long string of pearls. I did manage to grab this cloche, which completed the look and covered my undone hair ;) Actually two people wanted to buy it right off my head, which would have gone over better if I had been in a better mood. One man kept on saying "Thats a great hat, but it would look really good on my wife..."

Um, gee thanks? I mean, what do you say to that? "Well maybe it would, but you'll never know! HA! IT'S MINE! AAAALL MINE! HAHAHA!"

...yep...Happy weekend everyone :)


Pear with gruyere crust

Today my friend Ian came over to make the pie from Pushing Daisies, pear with gruyere crust. Yesterday Brittany from Va Voom Vintage sent me a great recipe for it, with the gruyere mixed right in with the crust! I had just planned on grating cheese on top of the pie, but this method proved interesting and turned out nicely, tasted like a cheese cracker ;)
And my grandma really liked it, even asked for the recipe, and she's a master of pies! It was a successful pie day, listening to the Amelie soundtrack while slicing pears, and of course, watching Pushing Daisies while it baked :)

Recipe for pear pie with gruyere crust here


When the fog lifted

Right when I walked outside with my camera this morning there was an amazing dense fog in the ally, but of course it was nearly completely gone by the time I set up. None the less, here are some outfit pictures with my fancy new camera, in one of my favorite dresses. I adore knit and crocheted dresses, they are so comfy. If I had the skill and patience I'd attempt making one myself, these are sooooo cute!

So tomorrow (Thursday) I'm going to take after the Pushing Daisies darlings and attempt a pear pie with gruyere crust. If anyone has a recipe for pear pie, send it my way!


Socks! Oh wait, no. Sock!

Last week I started knitting a sock from a 1947 pattern. It's actually a pattern for boys socks, but it was really simple so I went with it. I meant to knit cuffed ankle socks, but apparently that was not meant to be as I ended up accidentally following the pattern for knee highs, oops! I also used 4 ply wool instead of 2 and #4 needles instead of 2, so it turned out extra thick and wooly :) But I think they'll be great to wear with rainboots don't you?

On another note, last week Sam's parents gave me a fancy camera! It's Lisa's old camera, but new to me! It's soooo nice, yesterday I got some cute pictures of my baby cousin (because babies are camera magnets) and today Sam took these sock pictures, so clear! So bright! Bear with me as I get used to it, but hopefully I'll master it soon!


Black and white

I've been in a neutral mood lately (colorwise), wearing lots of black, white, and brown. Also red, because for some reason to me red is a neutral ;)

This weekend consisted of cleaning house, Twin Peaks, hanging out with Twila Jean, knitting a sock (or trying to anyway), and putting away wooly winter coats. How was your weekend lovelies?

Sweater and shoes-thrifted

Skirt and hat-The Urban Eccentric




How to tie a 40s headscarf

On Mondays post I got a few questions on how to tie a 40s headscarf, Rosie the Riveter style. So thanks to Twila Jean we got some pictures today to show you how. It's insanely easy, and great for lazy hair days, wearing over pin curls, or a fast 40s look!

You'll need a medium to large cotton headscarf. Silk is ok but slippery, so use with caution.

Fold it in half diagonally so you have a triangle.

Place the scarf over your shoulders, shawl style, with the point facing down.

Take the two ends on your shoulders...

...and tie them once on top of your head.

Pull the point of the scarf up to the top of your head and stuff your hair in the little pouch created.

Lay the point over the tied area.

Tie a knot over the point.

Tuck the open sections in, and the ties if you want.

Ta da!



Valentines day is on it's way, so here are some fun pink items going in my shop this week! If you have any questions or would like a reserve just contact me via Etsy or email.


Crazy Ladies.

Today I spent the afternoon with my very own vintage gal pal Twila Jean. After some thrifting (She found an amazing red 50s swing coat, watch her shop this week for it!), we headed to her house and took advantage of the non rainy weather and spent some time outside with her funny little boy, while baby took a nap. Obviously my hair today was less than perfect, hence the headscarf, but if you can believe it, these perfect victory rolls are Twila's version of lazy day hair! She puts us all to shame :)


Why yes, these are cooler than cool.

A few weeks ago when I went vintage shopping in Portland my mother and I decided to check out Decades Vintage, a small but promising shop downtown. After browsing the pretty suits and dresses, I came to the case of deadstock vintage frames. And well, along with hats, cat eyes are my weakness, despite the fact that I don't need prescription lenses. So imagine my gasp when I saw these, in their red, aluminum, rhinestone glory. I asked to try them on and hoped they would look awful on me. Most cat eyes do. But not these, oh no, as soon as they rested on my nose we were instantly friends.
I reluctantly left them there that day, to think it over, after all I don't actually HAVE to wear glasses. But in the end I had to wear these, so today on the way to see The Young Victoria, I was reunited with my little rhinestone studded friend. Before the film my cousin took some pictures on a parking lot roof despite the cold rain, what a doll she is.

I actually saw two films today, The Young Victoria, and Avatar. The first I think I have to call one of my favorite films, and as my mother said afterward "there was nothing not beautiful to look at the whole time".
Everything about it was terrific, and my heart fluttered with every hat that came on screen. And although the women's costumes were of course wonderful, they had some competition from what the men wore. Nothing really spectacular, but there's something about a coat with tails that can't be beat. Although now it will be impossible to watch Pride and Prejudice (my favorite film and novel) without liking Wickham just a bit. Darn you Rupert Friend for being so cute.

Avatar was a whole other experience altogether. I'm sure you've heard about it, so I'll just say it was pretty cool, and since the 3D showing was sold out we saw it on a regular screen which turned out to be a good thing as I was dizzy without the help of 3D. It was terrific to watch, and worth the hype, but by then end I was exhausted. Because y'know I'm so out of shape I get tired just watching people run around ;)

Dress-Buffalo Exchange

Reversible Leopard Coat-Gift from Aunt

Purse-The Church of Vintage


Shoes-The Urban Eccentric

Glasses-Decades Vintage


Polka dots and Poison

Yesterday I spent the day in bed thanks to a little cold, except for when I got so sick of looking at the dust bunnies on the floor and my messy vanity table. Then I cleaned the bedroom, because I am that kind of crazy person who can't stand to do nothing all day.
All is well now, and this is my outfit on a rainy work day, sans wool coat. But that is all I have to say for the moment as my mind is full of hat design ideas I'm eager to try out over the weekend :)

Dress-Gift from Aunt


Hat-Bought from a bed and breakfast

Sailor Jerry Shoes-Gift from Sam