Last minute outfit

Less than five minutes before leaving for work I decided to change my entire outfit. Which might explain why this dress is so very wrinkled!

Shhhhh! Don't tell mom!

If I had more time I would have added a red belt and white socks, but I think candy apple red cat eyes add some pizzaz :)

Dress-a gift from My aunt

Blouse-A gift from my grandmother

Locket-Magpie Vintage

Glasses-Decades Vintage


Walkin' in the rain

Snapped a few pictures today while taking a walk in the rain, isn't that house cool? I've packed away my wool coats and jackets so I borrowed Sams navy jacket, which is more like a coat on me!
This wet winter weather is here for a while longer, but honestly is nice at the moment because I get to nest in our new home :) I love home days, I used this one to hang pictures, do laundry, and bake a loaf of bread! Now if only I had the yarn to make this sweater.


Pants-The Urban Eccentric

Boots-Millie B. Vintage

Umbrella-Gift from mother, from Antique Warehouse


A 30s look and must click links


Instead of rambling on about myself and whatnot, here's some posts from some of my favorite bloggers that are really inspiring me right now:

Wall Eyed, via Style Rookie. Oh. My. God. How does she take pictures that look like magazine editorials? And how does she look so amazing all the time? Well, the answer to the latter is confidence, take a lesson from this 13 year old. Or is she 14 now? I forget, either way...

Miss America in the 1920s, via The Cat's Pajamas. The bathing suits! The ringlets! The most appealing thing about these pictures is the imperfection of every beauty pageant contestant. Wouldn't it be a dream to attend a 1920s pageant?

Romping Around, via Q's Daydream. Seriously, this girl is adorable. I never would have thought of socks and sandles with a 40s romper, but now I can't think of it any other way! She's spot on with spring inspiration.

I want to post more but tonight my internet is being as slow as me in math class, so I hope you enjoy those three!

Blouse-H&M via Buffalo Exchange, Hillcrest San Diego.

Skirt-Handmade by me!

Hat-Old Town Antique Market

Shoes-The Urban Eccentric

Bakelite bird pin-Christmas gift from Sam :)

Plastic bangles-Garage Sales


So I kind of have a lot of clothes.

Like I have to tell you that.

It took about five hours to sort, fold, and hang my entire wardrobe. For realsies. Actually there's some at my mothers, and my grandmothers, so MOST of my wardrobe. I dumped everything out on our living room floor, and tried to take pictures, but they came out pretty awful. So you'll just have to take my word for it when I say I was halfway up to my knees in vintage. I'm quite satisfied with the way the closet turned out, now I can wear real outfits again! The next challenge will be where to take outfit pictures in a little apartment. Hmmmmm...

The clothes that are not in my closet are for the other three seasons, packed away under the bed and in a giant antique chest. Next up: Hats!!!

And for those of you living in Australia, check out the latest issue of Peppermint Magazine! I'm featured!


Unpacking bits

Thanks to my brother Josh, we got all the big stuff moved in yesterday: Mattress, chair, dresser, and couch. Oh the giant couch.
Most of my clothes are still over at the old house, and all my hats, but I did bring over a box of shoes and a few suitcases of clothes. They are so colorful!



I don't know why, but I love the sound of heels on a wood floor in an empty room. It's slightly creepy and just a tad bit exciting.
Today I cleaned out our bedroom completely, scrubbed the icky mold from the walls, and threw out the little bits and bobs that succumbed to it. Now it's empty, with a cold dank feeling and echo with every step and sound.
But good news is, we're going to start moving tomorrow! Yayyyy! Honestly I think I enjoy moving a bit. I get to really look through all the stuff I have and narrow it down to just the good stuff. And then unpack and find a new place for everything, it's one of those odd things I love doing, like sorting socks, or dusting shelves.

So this week may be a little sparse on Vixen Vintage, since I'm not sure how we'll be as far as internet is concerned, but I'll try and post pictures as often as I can!

Little note: This is my version of sweat pants and tennis shoes, because I don't own any! No temptation for that kind of thing if I don't have that kind of thing. I've found this little cotton 30s dress to be comfortable, easy to wear, and acceptable for running errands.

Ooooo, I'm so excited!!!


Deluxe Tattoo Parlor

Yesterday I tagged along with my aunt and cousins to visit my uncle Mav at Deluxe Tattoo Parlor (thats not him in the picture, thats Shawn). As you can see my little cousins enjoy being there quite a bit, which might seem odd to others, little girls hanging out at a tattoo parlor, but to them it's just papas shop. My lovely aunt actually wrote a post to that tune not too long ago, you can find it here. They love to get their own "tattoos" and as you can see the two little ones also added some red lipstick, gloves, and sunglasses to the mix.

Hey! I think she's imitating me with that face!

Vintage pin ups obviously had an impact on my life, when other girls were reading the latest Seventeen Magazine I was looking at Vargas girls, and while my friends loved berry scented lip gloss I preferred red Dior lipstick. Which makes me wonder how this exposure to vintage and pin ups will affect these girls, will they love vintage as I do, or will they rebel? Actually the big question is will they rebel against tattoos, which would be pretty funny, and show just how much times have changed.


Japanese Gardens

Today Sam and I headed to the Oregon Zoo for a little afternoon date on a beautiful day. We were of course, not the only people with that brilliant idea, and the chaos around the Zoo rivaled a summer day at Disneyland. Luckily there's a lot more to do in that area, including the Rose Gardens, and Japanese Gardens, and we picked the latter. It was so pretty, the cherry trees are blooming, and the weather was absolutely perfect. It's wonderful to be in such a peaceful place and look over the bustling city, next time I say we bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the Rose Gardens before exploring.

And on another note, how amazing is this 1940s rayon dress? A prime example of an excellent Antique mall find, it was only $25, and I don't think it was ever worn!

Dress-Old Town Antique Market

Purse-Don't know....


Down by the river

I've got to say this is probably one of my least favorite outfits, but I wanted to wear the hat ;)
Aaaaaand I really needed to do a blog post, since my last one was nearly a week ago! This is due to all my clothes being packed away, and our future landlords taking FOREVER to process the paperwork needed to move in. It's been a month since we applied for the apartment, and if it weren't for the perfect location we would look for another place. It's like they somehow have something against us, and want to keep us from moving in as long as possible. Because who would want clean, quite, tenants with excellent references who pay rent on time? Not them I guess.

Tomorrow is predicted by the weather Gods to be sunny and 70, which calls for time outside! Hope your weekend is lovely :)


Neck bow-Thrifted

Hat-Buffalo Exchange


Little Bohemian

Most of the time I am torn between one thing or another, of the opposite nature. Long or short hair? Bakelite or rhinestones? Feathers or flowers? Which is probably why I have enough clothing for four full wardrobes of four completely different people. One is for that women who could live on suits and t-strap heels. The other for a housewife who lives in cotton feedsack dresses and little white socks. Another for the kind of leading lady you see in old films, a society girl. And then a bit for that carefree, bohemian type. There is probably more, but these are the big four I tend to channel. It is the gift and curse of loving vintage, so many styles to choose from, and all are just wonderful. But thats just it, there are so many styles that look great, you can't just choose one!
Today was one of my favorite types of days, that snippet between winter and spring. It's still chilly, the sun peeks through the gray clouds every once in a while, and the brightest flowers are in bloom on the ground and in the trees. That tender time where everything is waking up for the new year, and the weather is romantic and unpredictable.
I took a walk to my grandmas to see her new car (!) and we chatted and had tea. After that I walked to Twila Jeans and on the way talked to a man playing bagpipes on his porch, and made friends with a squirrel. When I got there we left for Portland and did a bit of shopping, talked of creme brulee and speakeasies, and I got two amazing hats! And the day finishes with Miss Marple, and pin curls. The End.


California finds

I'm back home and want to show you what I found in California! Actually first off, thank you so much to everyone who commented and gave us great suggestions, we found some wonderful shops because of you! We didn't get to do everything though, but I've saved up your recommendations for next time ;)

1. Our last day in Laguna Beach (my birthday) my mother gave me this darling little 1940s brooch, with a baby and mama bird :)

2. An 80s does 20s sailor dress, can't wait for summer to wear it! From Scuda Vintage

3. A pretty little 30s style blouse by French Connection, from Buffalo Exchange in Hillcrest. I've wanted a tie front blouse for a while, but all the ones I find are polyester. So I was pretty excited to find one in light cotton like rayon!

4. An early 50s novelty dress, from Liberty Vintage.

5. A 50s cotton shirtdress from Liberty Vintage (I've worn it three times already!)

6. 40s princess coat from Wear it Again Sam (I know, it's amazing)

7. 30s style sweater by J. Crew from Double Take, Encinitas.

8. Late 30s black wool dress from Flashbacks, Hillcrest.


California day 4: Beach to beach and in between!

This morning we left Del Mar to stay our last night in in California in Laguna Beach. On our way we stopped in Solana Beach and snapped some photos, just because the signs have (most) of my name :)
Since yesterday when we went to Wear it Again Sam and it was closed, we went back today, so many of you recommended it! And wow did it not disappoint. They are having a huge sale right now, and closing shop at the end of the month (but will continue selling online). So there were some amazing deals, my mother bought the most beautiful 1950s polka dot Suzy Perette dress I've ever seen, and I got something I've been looking for for years! A beautiful black 1940s princess coat, fits like a dream. You can see it here. Actually, Sam got it for me for my birthday, he just doesn't know it yet ;)
I kid, I kid. He knows, hehe.

We also got to meet the gal with the flaming red hair you see modeling vintage all over Ebay and Etsy, which was awesome, but I am so dumb and forgot to ask her name! It was pretty cool though, and I was in love with her skirt. There was also a guy working who was really nice, and a snappy dresser, but I forgot to take his picture. I know, what a fail.

We arrived in Laguna Beach and checked into our cute little hotel, one of those that was once a little roadside motel but has been updated on the inside to include hardwood floors and a jacuzzi tub. Ooooo.

We walked near the beach a bit, and nearly blew away, then had an amazing happy hour dinner (lobster mac and cheese anyone?). Seriously, this place must have the best happy hour menu ever. Everything on the regular menu is half off! Genius.

Oh and I got new shoes. Actually my brother got them for me, he just really doesn't know it yet. Thanks Josh!

Blouse-French Connection, via Buffalo Exchange, Hillcrest

Skirt-Gift from Twila Jean

1940s sailor jacket-Buffalo Exchange, Burnside

Shoes-Madden girl

1950s sunglasses-From a giveaway on Pretty Little Things