Leather Jacket

 photo Marjacket029_zpsf15fde60.jpg

Last year when we went to Seattle I spent a ridiculous amount of time at All Saints fawning over this jacket. So for my birthday I bought it for myself. Cuz I'm nice. 

It's made the last stretch of winter completely enjoyable, and I predict come summer I'll be counting down the days until I can wear it again. 

Jacket-All Saints 



Hat-Handmade by me

Sunglasses-Ray Ban 

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 photo Marjacket064_zpsca89a7ee.jpg
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 photo Marjacket032_zps6e7d8303.jpg
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Inspiration book

 photo Jangraydress015_zps1f58ae9b.jpg

I think I started this project about seven or eight years ago. Before the days of Pinterest I would cut out images I loved from fashion magazines and paste them into this coffee table book I thrifted. 

Every now and then I pull the box of magazine pages and mod podge out and paste a few more clippings into the book. It's like a book of all my favorite editorials from the past 10 years, and a good rainy day project :)

 photo Jangraydress004_zpsaea28155.jpg
 photo Jangraydress007_zps89d71671.jpg
 photo Jangraydress010_zpsdf9042b6.jpg
 photo Jangraydress009_zps48071b25.jpg