Recollection $100 giveaway

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If you haven't already checked out Recollection's Fall/Winter collection, now is the time to do so! I'm partnering up with Recollection to offer a $100 gift certificate towards a purchase in their new online store.

How to enter…

1. Visit Sandra-Murphy.com and comment below about your favorite RECOLLECTION item.

2. For additional entries follow RECOLLECTION on 
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3. Share this giveaway on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (mentioning @recollectionNYC)

You can enter multiple times (Maximum seven) but be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. Also, the more ways you enter, the better your chances to win!

Be sure to leave your email address on each entry so we can contact you if you win!

Giveaway will close Thursday night and the winner chosen at random. Contest is open to International entries. 

In addition to the giveaway a 10% discount is being offered on any purchase with the code "vixen10off" at checkout. Offer expires October 7th. 


Recollection styling

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Remember the post I did a few weeks ago, about funding an online store for Recollection? Well, thanks to all the support, the Recollection online store is now open! 

The woman behind the label, Sandra Murphy, asked me to style a dress from her Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, and I can safely say this dress will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. There are so many ways to accessorize it! Now that a chill is in the air it's the perfect opportunity to add a cozy sweater and adventure seeking boots. 

Although the cardigan is something I made, it looks quite a bit like The Miss Woolford Cardigan available on the site! 

It's cotton (yay!) so it'll be a year round dress, layering with tights and scarves in winter and adding nothing but a brooch in spring. Everything from the seam finishing to the small details make the frock extra special, and all her clothing is made in the U.S. which is becoming more and more important to me. So do check out the new line at Recollection, and stay tuned for a giveaway! 


Mrs. Belmont dress-Courtesy of Recollection

Sweater and hat-Handmade by me

Boots-Antique store

Brooch-Urban Eccentric

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Boston Cooking School Cookbook

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I found this cookbook from 1959 at a thrift store last week and instantly there there had to be some treasures in here. A book can't be this beat up without being well loved for years. The illustrations throughout are the icing on the cake, they're functional and darling, I want to turn them into posters!
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Once Upon a Time {Season one}

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This weekend Sam and I finished both seasons of Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I started it a few weeks ago but after getting back from Disneyland  and seeing some of the costumes on display, I wanted to get back into it. And then I accidentally got Sam hooked on it too, so a sick day turned into a Once Upon a Time marathon. 

It's a show about all those familiar storybook characters we know from books and movies, who get cursed into living in our world. They don't remember they're from a magical world, and they can't leave the town, which is ruled by the evil queen who of cast the spell and of course remembers everything. You still with me? 

Her adopted son finds his birthmother and brings her to the town thinking she can break the curse. He figures this out from a book of stories he carries around and spots parallels in the characters in the book, and the townspeople. So each episode jumps between the present in this world and the past in their world. 

It's a really fun show, the costumes are over the top, there's such nice eye candy (I do appreciate quality eye candy), the twists on classic fairy-tales are so interesting, and best of all the female rolls are anything but traditional damsels in distress. It's a mainstream show with an even male/female ratio and comparative complexity in their stories and personalities, and that alone makes it good in my book. 

{Screencaps from here}
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c a l i f o r n i a + p t. 1

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We stopped at Elsewhere Vintage, and Joyride Vintage, had delicious meals at Canters and The Filling Station, visited the Hollywood Museum and stars handprints, and Gracie got her moment of hilarity on Jimmy Kimmel

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Today I went to Disneyland! I wore something storybook-esque, and got mistaken for Snow White a few times. I think the highlight of my day was meeting and loudly proclaiming my love for Flynn Rider. He held my hand you guys!!!!!

Who's your favorite Disney character?


Lanz Pinafore-Rays Ragtime

Blouse-Fab Gabs
Astral Crown-Giant Dwarf Via Shop Wanderlust
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Denim and white

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Sometimes you try something new and you are pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy it. New foods, new hobby, new styles.

I found this skirt at a local thrift store and was attracted to the muted stripes and various seams. A year ago if you had told me one of my favorite things would be a denim skirt I would have thought you were crazy, but here I am, wearing it all the time! 

It's just one of those things that instills confidence, you know?


Skirt and belt-Thrifted


Bandanna-Estate sale
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