I was fabulous.

I purchased this dress a few months ago and couldnt let it go (Could you?), so I kept it instead of listing it in my shop and had the chance to wear it to work today. Paired with spiderweb gloves and sparkly eyelashes, I think it was pretty cool :)


New looking vintage, Part 1.

Even hardcore vintage gals cant deny the occasional attraction to brand new products that look as old as they do (In a good way).
There are tons of options out there , especially recently, for those who dont have access or the budget for in demand vintage items. My own closet if full of a mix of vintage and new, but the way I wear it and what I pair things with, no one can tell the difference. Every week I'll be featuring products on the market or items of my own that you can easily find that are new but look like they are from eras past. This includes beauty products, jewelry, shoes, and anything else I come across. This weeks feature is lingerie.

My favorite modern pin up, Dita Von Teese has just unveiled a new line of 1940s style lingerie. Seriously, this girl just makes me love her more and more every day. The line isnt available in the U.S. yet :( but you can order here

Elle Macphereson has designed lingerie since 1990 and in the past few years released some great pieces with a vintage flare.


Day Five, last day around town.

These old bones know how to have fun. Without skin.

Vote for Bond. James Bond.

Here ya go Susie ;) We should have a pretty dress tea party!

This tassled velvet cape was so cool! It had a hood! I'm thinking I should have one, maybe I'll make one. But most likely it will be pushed to the back of my mind along with other cool ideas.

Later in the afternoon we foud a TJ Maxx, and I found some great pairs of italian knit tights. In an effort to wear more skirts and dresses this fall and winter I've been stocking up on wool frocks and sweaters, and knit tights to wear with boots. As much as I enjoyed the sun (but got a bit pink today) I am excited to kick off the chilly season with my new threads. And even more important I miss my sweetheart! XOXO

Tomorrow when I get home I'll need to package what I've sold this week and get ready to list next week. My suitcase is overflowing, but thats nothing compared to moms. She still has a silver bowl and a set of four glasses to pack...yeah...wish us luck.


Day four, Coronado

We spent a lovely day in Coronado, and wandering around the Hotel Del Coronado where Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe was filmed. The hotel itself inside and out is beautiful, but the beach its on is a delight as well.
The dress I am wearing originally came from the resort,the tag reads Coronado Resort, so about 50 years later it has returned :)


Day three, Encinitas

Sorry about the late post, internet didnt work last night.
Yesterday we spent most of the day in Encinitas, going from thrift shop to thrift shop, and finding something in each one. I got lots of great stuff for myself, and some really fabulous stuff for my shop.

This sign was in the first thrift shop we went to, I thought it was pretty funny.

I soooo wanted these christian louboutins, but where on earth could I wear them? Someone invite me to a dinner party.

These were too cute, but Marc Jacobs makes uncomfortable shoes.

All the treasure I found.

I bought a duck sweater. Mom hates it. I love it.

I got these two dresses and then another really cool 70s one to put on my shop. They dont fit, or else they would stay with me forever. Grab 'em while they're hot ladies :)


Day two, Solana beach.

We spent the afternoon with the most charming couple today, who my mother was introduced to through a friend. They took us to a great lunch, then coffee on a plaza rooftop, with the great food, perfect weather, and wonderful conversation, we had a wonderful time. Later in the day my mother and I walked around a busy market street not far from our hotel, and came to a large collection of booths in one beautiful building called The Leaping Lotus. I found the cutest bow barrets and a rhinestone headband.

We also came to a local antique mall, where I found a booth full of great vintage clothing. I would have bought everything in there, had I the money, and places to wear 50's prom dresses. But I did get a fabulous red bag (believe it or not, I dont have a red purse) that is much in the style of the Hermes Kelly bag, always one of my favorite classic designer purses. The bag is named after Grace Kelly, and has been around since 1956.
Now they run $25,000 if you are lucky enought to get on the waiting list to have one made for you.

This bag is from around the same era and most likely modeld after it.


Day one, Laguna Beach.

So after the plane was delayed for half and hour, and the spoiled whining triplets and their hundred year old parents were done clipping their childrens nails behind us (yeah...), my mother and I landed in Santa Ana, and went right to Laguna beach. It was a beautiful day, and we walked around a bit along the beach, and stopped by a vintage shop we went to last time we came down called "Tippe Canoes". I found a great 1950s purple silk flower dress and cream mary widow, pictures on that dress later.

Leopard pants. Rawr.

A local painter.

Just ignore the yellow caution tape, I'm not quite sure what that was about...


New hat!

Vintage lounge and sleep wear makes for great daywear sometimes, like this 1940s oriental blouse. I love embroidered dragons, and the golden thread on the blue is stunning! I also just ordered a box of hats from Nikie Frye, and in it was this 1940s beauty. I love the bonnet style hats from this era, but they can be difficult to find, especially at a price I can afford. This one and the victorian toppers that came with it are just amazing.
Shirt-The Urban Eccentric
Hat-Nikie Frye

Ok, I still havent packed for California tomorrow, I should do that...


You cant have this.

I went to my local thrift shop this morning, the Discovery shop of the American Cancer Society. Even though each day of the week there are different volunteers they all know me, I go in at least three times a week, and the women there are absoloutly charming. Today I found two vintage coats, one 70's style with the fur collar, and this beauty, a 1950s swing coat in black, white, and red tweed. I was going to list this in my Etsy shop, but once I put it on I just felt too cool, look at the back!
Plus it has the label on upside-down, a little designers marketing trick during the mid century, done so that when you drape your coat over a chair or your arm, the label is right side up for all to read.
Clever huh?


Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

I most likely wont be wearing this crocheted 30's dress again this year since the cold weather is slowly but surely working it's way here. My spiders name is Mr. Beaumont, he's the best spider ever.
Dress- Montecello
Shoes-Gray Brocket
Brooch and Hat-The Urban Eccentric


Eye exam.

My Fiance Sam and I hopped on a bus to Jantzen Beach today to visit the eye doctor. In the parking lot there was one of those carnivals you see every once in a while. I've always liked them, never wanted to actually go to one but they make an unassuming parking lot a little more interesting and colorful.

While at "Eye world" I found these old lady glasses. All I need is a soft cardigan, high waisted pants, and loafers.


Arabian Nights...

I have been carrying around this photo in my moleskine notebook for years and just came across it again today. Its so unusual, I'm guessing these girls were in costume, the photo came with many more photos from the early 1920s, but this was the only one like it.


It was a Wednesday Sunday.

Black and red go so well together, sometimes the look is a little to harsh for me so adding a nice gray can be that extra perfect touch. I LOVE this hat, I'm sure you'll see it a lot, since it has a big black bird in flight right on the side, I call it "Bird hat". Creative, I know :)

Hat and Skirt-The Urban Eccentric

Jacket-Buffalo Exchange

Umbrella-Discovery shop.

I work at the local (and best) vintage store, The Urban Eccentric, and get to dress a window every Sunday. Since its October, me and the other shopgirl make them in some sort of Halloween or costume theme. So I took down the bright Alice and Wonderland items I put together last week and decided to go for something a little darker and eccentric. We had a dress that reminded me of Wednesday Adams, and I made a little doll like the one she had. I also made "Thing" by stuffing a glove, just for that extra Adams family touch, I just wish we had an extra Moose head lying around, but those seem hard to come by :)


Old record sleeves.

My brother gave me these old record sleeves, from the early to mid 20th century. These have very beautiful artwork, and some are pretty entertaing, like the one with step by step instructions to dancing the hokey pokey.


Fall wools and velvets.

I got this lovely red velvet hat this summer, and finally get to wear it, along with this wool blend 60s shift dress that is just perfect for fall.
Dress and hat: The Urban Eccentric
Cardigan: Buffalo Exchange.


There is no parade today.

I am constantly asked if I am in a theatre production.

"No, I am not."

In the summer its usually parades.

"What parade?"

And now that its October, well, Halloween is on everyone's mind.

"Yes, I understand Halloween is three weeks away."

Its becuase I dress head to toe in vintage dresses, hats gloves, purse, and to top it off, cherry red lipstick. And I'm not alone. Girls around the world (and guys) are captured by the same fascination of the past and its fashion as I am. There are so many reasons to be more inclined to dress vintage than modern, sometimes its becuase of a unique find, other times its becuase something will fit you so perfectly. With vintage we can be avant garde in fashion, we can look like a million dollars without spending it. We can weed out yesterdays failed trends to find our own style on our own terms, for vintage has had the benifit of time to let the real gems shine through.

So here is the beginning of a blog for girls who wear vintage, live vintage, and those who occasionally pop into the local thrift shop and find something wonderful. Becuase thats where it all starts!

This blog will be filled with photos of fabulous outfits, vintage clothing care, beauty how to's, and anything else that can pop into this vintage life :)