Inside my purse

Sometimes I see photos of things inside girls purses, and it's always a few cute little items, generally lipstick, phone, wallet, and keys. Well, I carry around a big ol' granny bag about 98% of the time, and this is all the junk on one random day I decided to take a picture, and my justification for everything:

1. L.A.M.B. Makeup bag (Holds my makeup so my powder doesn't open and coat the inside of my purse. It's happened)
2. Chanel lipstick (best lipstick ever)
3. Paul and Jo lipstick (also great)
4. Bert's Bees chapstick (for the love of smooth lips, don't use anything with petroleum jelly in it.)
5. Maybelline lipstain (works great, especially for days when I need chapstick, but want red lips)
6. Smashbox lip pencil (for base touch ups)
7. Vintage ring box (just in case I need to hold rings. Duh.)
8. "Emma" by Jane Austen (Jane Austen should always be within reach)
9. Molesine notebook (Sometimes I need to draw kitties)
10. Mini sewing kit (I wear vintage, it's a must have)
11. Vintage handkerchief (so I can drop it on the sidewalk and men will pick it up...not)
12. Keys (to unlock secret gardens)
13. Neiman Marcus shoe shapers (ok, maybe those need to be in some shoes...)
14. Phone (Because I like carrying around a half working phone)
15. Receipts (I buy things)
16. Extra camera battery (Don't want to run out of batteries just in case I see Bigfoot)
17. Rubber bands (to fling at annoying people)
18. Bobby pins (every girl who pincurls her hair knows bobby pins are always everywhere. EVERYWHERE.)
19. Ted Lapidus pheasant scarf (to protect from rain and wind. Haha, no, it just looks awesome)
20. Vintage heart combs (just in case it's Valentines day and I don't remember)
21. Coach mini measuring tape (there are always pretty dresses to measure)
22. Rhinestone belt buckle (instant fabulous)
23. Passport (for those days I just need to hop a plane to Rome)
24. Longchamp wallet (holds multiple gift cards with only 98 cents left on them)
25. Vintage compact (for shiny noses checking lipstick)

Oh, and my camera, but it was taking the picture, sooo.....yeah.

Sunny Aurora

It's been pretty sunny weather here lately, nice dress and cardigan weather, which is of course, the best.

Saturday was one of those days and was perfect for a little trip to Aurora Oregon with Twila Jean. The town has a bunch of little antique shop, most of which were disappointing. Waaayyyyyy overpriced, and hardly any clothes at all! I found a few little things at one antique mall though, including one of those tea cups with a saucer large enough to hold the teacup on one side and a little treat on the other :)

Dress-Handmade by me using a 1940s pattern

Cardigan-Handmade by me using this pattern

Sunglasses-Giveaway win on Pretty Little Things


Why I wear fox stoles, and plastic rain hoods

My favorite emails and comments are from people who tell me that reading my blog inspires them to be more themselves. Not more like me, not even more vintage, just more, well, them.

It can be difficult to be yourself, we have magazines, and television shows, and friends and peers all telling us what we should be. Telling us what is cool, and what will make us more popular and accepted.

When I was 14 I picked up a beauty magazine. It was awful. Biased to one type of woman, and none of those women were me. Nor were they what I wanted to be. So I put it down and decided I wouldn't pick up another beauty magazine until I was an adult, and was completely comfortable and confidant with myself. I consider that decision to have a huge impact in my teenage life, for I grew up to be what you see here every day. Thanks to the lack of that influence, among other things, I was able to decide at a seemingly early time in my life what I like, and accept it.

I've always had a soft spot for fox and mink stoles, but until a few years ago, told myself it was wrong to want something like that. Because everyone else said they were wrong. But I'd see them sitting in stores, unwanted, and sad, and needing a good home. People would pass by them and make faces, call them names, and not even want to touch them. I didn't want to be one of those people, I loved those little forgotten animals, and gosh darn it, I was going to save them from becoming cat toys and dust collectors.
So I adopted a few, and despite rude comments and dirty looks, I love them, and am happy to have finally accepted that even though lots of people think I shouldn't have them, I don't care. They don't have to love them. I will.

I like fox stoles, and plastic polka dot rain hoods, and sweaters with kittens on them, and ridiculous hats. Do I like them because the latest fashion magazine told me they are cool? No. I say they're cool. In my little world of handmade sweaters and untanned skin, I'm the coolest kid on the block.

I hope that you have the confidence to be who you are. Yeah, it can be hard sometimes if you're a bit different from everyone else, but whatever. If you want to wear a skirt made from pink cotton balls, do it. Do it someday. Do it everyday. If you want to write letters instead of emails, or collect pieces of thread, do it. You will be judged, just like you judge others, we all do it, but I hope you don't care what others think.

So there you have it, my thoughts on this and that. This blog is first and foremost a source of enjoyment for me. I love showing you my clothes, and love being surrounded by positive people and making new friends. After that it is for my readers, and while I'm very glad to have so many, and happy you enjoy my postings, I don't have this blog to please everyone's taste and needs. I have my own style, and so should you.



Saturday night I went to bingo with Josh, Amy, and Stefany. I had never been, and Josh and Amy hadn't gone in nearly 10 years, so at first we were kind of lost as to what was happening! Much more confusing that grade school Bingo :)

It was loads of fun (cheap fun too), even though we didn't win anything, or really even come close. Perhaps because we didn't bring any good luck charms! Next time, I'm brining my little kitty figurines!

And of course, I had to wear my best old lady outfit, though I think it's missing glasses and a sweater clip.

Dress-The Red Light

Cardigan-Bombshell Vintage

Hat-Don't remember

Socks-Urban Eccentric Vintage


Coat-Yard Sale


Say "Jodhpurs" aloud. It fun.


I don't know when I started a teeny little equestrian obsession, but at some point it happened, probably from a collective of costume dramas and the Dior 2010 spring collection.

Downton Abbey has been airing here in the U.S. this month, and last week involved a very picturesque fox hunt. Inspired by all the pretty tailored outfits, I decided my jodhpurs needed to see the light of day, even if it was a very cold day!

They made me feel very sporty in a 1930s way, even if at first they seem kind of ridiculous. Now if only I had a horse and a mansion in the English country. Or just the mansion.

Jodhpurs-Fab Gabs

Blouse-Flashbacks, San Diego

Hat and boots-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Mr. Foxy-Gift from a friend


Kitty purse and boots! (haha, get it?)

Ok, first, kitty purse.

I've been searching all over for a decent cat purse, especially after Nicole posted about her amazing crocheted poodle purse. I thought "hey, I can just crochet my own cat purse. Oh wait. I can't crochet."

So that was the end of that.

Until I remembered Julie had given me a couple of darling vintage kitty pillow cases, yet to be made into pillows. Some pillow fluff, a lining, and a zipper later, kitty purse!

I love that he kind of looks like a stuffed animal. Very cuddly.

The boots are something I've been very excited about getting for weeks. I've worn them before, but the soles were really thick and kept falling off, and just a little too 70s for my wardrobe. So I took them to JDs Shoe Repair and they made them perfect! I got them from the cobblers and put them right on :)

The rest of the day was awesome, I went to lunch and shopping with grandma, lunch #2 and Anthropologie with Sam, and now relaxing at home :)

Dress and boots-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Sweater-Handmade by me using this pattern

Hat-Handmade by me

Kitty necklace-Magic Beans and Vintage Things


Sweater clip winner!

And the winner of the sweater clip from Silver Lining Decor is........The Jackman Clan!

Just contact me at solanahraquel@gmail.com for further details :)

And as a special thank you for everyone who entered, Silver Lining is offering 10% off until January 16th! Just enter the coupon code "VIXEN" at checkout.

Thank you everyone, more giveaways in the future!


Sweater clip giveaway!


Sweater clips are one of my favorite forgotten accessories. Most people don't even know what they are. Which is unfortunate, since sweater clips are so pretty and useful! I use them often when wearing cardigans, to keep the top closed without having to button it up. And now, you can win this sweater clip from Silver Lining Decor!

All you need to do is visit the shop and link your favorite item here. If you would like a double entry, post on twitter and facebook too! Then just comment again :)

The giveaway if open to international readers, and will close on Wednesday.


Rachel, creator of all the lovely jewelry and decor kindly sent me these little daisy hair pins, they are so darling! Perfect to pin in a mess of curls :) You can find more very pretty hair pins here!


At work

I love my job. Weird, I know. People aren't supposed to love what they do almost every day. But I work at a vintage shop, so it's kind of hard to not appreciate the freedom of dressing in vintage everyday, listening to whatever music I want, and sometimes helping people find crazy costumes for disco parties.
And my boss is awesome, she's had the store about 8 years, and hired me nearly 4 years ago. Partly because I spent so much time there :)

A normal day involves putting new merchandise out on the racks, working on endless repairs, helping customers find an outfit for a play/party/date, and putting together merchandise displays. And enjoying lunch from the french bakery, while sometimes finishing a Sherlock Holmes story if it's a slow day :)

Working at a vintage shop is also one of the reasons I have so much clothing, I have first pick after all! But, you can visit our Etsy shop here.

Dress-The Red Light, Portland, OR

Sweater-Handmade by me, using this pattern

Hat-Handmade by me

Shoes-A gift from Jodi

Brooch-A gift from Sam

Petticoat-Urban Eccentric Vintage


Winter suit

Today Twila Jean and I went to Portland for some shopping and lunch :)

Suit-A gift from my aunt

Hat-A gift from Quincy of Q's Daydream

Purse-Solana Beach Antique Warehouse

Shoes-Urban Eccentric Vintage