Captain America of sorts

One of my favorite Disneyland characters to meet is Captain America, but sadly he's leaving the park come April :( 

They're closing down the Innovations building where he and Thor reside, and it's not really clear yet what'll be there come September when it opens back up. My money is on something Star Wars themed, since the new movie gets released later this year. But oh what I wouldn't give to see my love again! 

Although Age of Ultron is released in a month and I am all kinds of excited for that! 

{Oh and my hair is pink again}

Shirt-from the boys section in T.J. Maxx

Boots-Buffalo Exchange 

Petticoat-Doris Petticoats


Le Mew sneak peek

Some sneak peeks coming to Le Mew this week, some already listed! 

 Favorite the shop to get updates, or follow on Instagram for more sneak peeks.


Cinderella outing

Last week my friend Elyse and I went to Cinetopia to see Cinderella, and omg it's so beautiful. We caught an afternoon show in the 21 and over movie parlor, so we had the place to ourselves! It's such an amazing theater, with couches, and ottomans, and pillows, so it felt like we were lounging in a fancy living room watching Disney movies. 

We didn't coordinate outfits, but funny enough I went sweet and she went wicked. And it's a good thing we were the only ones in the theater, because I can't think of a single costume that we weren't absolutely dying over. Loud and dramatic deaths. 

Cate Blanchett's costumes were especially swoon worthy, taking inspiration from 1940's couture, I can't pick a favorite, but there is one leopard print dressing gown I'll probably search for forever. 

THE DRESS THO. The blue Cinderella dress that's made of magic and sparkles and tulle. I could have watched it move for two hours no problem. Also I need more sparkles, just in general.

Dress-estate sale

Hat/headband-Urban Eccentric

Petticoat-Doris Petticoats


The Fade Out

So here's the craziest thing that's ever happened to me: I'm in a comic book! 

Well, my face is anyway. 

A few months ago a reader emailed me asking if I'd read The Fade Out, because she was pretty sure one of the characters was based off of yours truly. When she sent me a snap of the character, I had a twilight zone moment, like whaaaaat? That me. In a Brubaker comic. Am I also married to Chris Evans and we have five pink cats? Because that's unreal. 

So I posted on Twitter about it, and the artist confirmed that he had indeed used a photo of me as inspiration for Dottie Quinn. I went right out to my local comic book shop, I Like Comics (aka best comic book shop eva), and picked up the issues they had. And now the Volume I paperback is out, so I get to have that on the shelf. 

It's definitely a mature work, with Hollywood, murder, and the dark side of glamour gracing the pages. 

 You can find The Fade Out by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser here, or better yet support your local brick and mortar comic book shop. 


Springtime start

Heeeyyy everyone. As you probably guessed I took a much needed and unofficial break from blogging (and vintage) but lately I've really been missing it, so here I am! 

Just to satisfy any curiosity, nothing happened to spark it, but after 6+ years of blogging I just needed a break. I needed to clean out my wardrobe that had been culminating for ten years and start fresh, and it's been really nice to let go of things I don't wear anymore and give proper attention to the pieces I do. Yesterday this skirt got a bath for the first time in...probably 50 years (ew I know), and when I was ironing it I swear it seemed so happy to be clean and mended. 

Spring has officially started here in the Northwest, so for those of you still in winter mode I hope you can bear my cotton dress posts without too much weather envy. 

Thanks for sticking around dear readers!