Eeeek! Nature!

Mondays serve as mine and Sams weekend, as we both work Sunday, then go do Etsy stuff on Tuesday, and the rest of the week at least one of us is working at one time or another. So Monday is our day off together. Last night we watched one of my favorite films, Amelie, so today her style was my inspiration. I couldn't find an outfit photo of her so you'll just have to see the film if your interested.
We drove to Portland and ate lunch at a cafe we had never been to before, Ross Island Grocery (its a bit of a grocery store too, but must have been more so in the past). I had the best grilled cheese, it had bacon in it! Yum yum.
We walked around the area a bit and looked at all the pretty houses, they are painted so colorfully, I love that.
We didn't really know what to do after lunch (and didn't have to be anywhere) so we followed a road that lead us through the Lake Oswego area and into West Linn. We turned down an random unmarked road and it just happened to wind to a state park!

It was very pretty and green, so we followed a hiking trail down to the Willamate river, where there was a little lagoon with rocks and wild flowers.

There were bees, and tiny little fishies, and birds, some that made funny noises. Also beautiful spiderwebs everywhere, and as long as they stay in their webs and not on my bed, we can be friends. Have you ever watched a spider spin a web? It's spectacular.

It was a beautiful adventure for the tail end of August, next up, September!


Ruffles and bows

Although this dress is from the 1950s, it has a 1920s feel to it with thin airy cotton and layered tiers. My hair was a bit of a mess today so instead of wearing a hat I opted for a black scarf tied in a bow and let my locks lay as they will.
Since all my garter belts are unusable I've been rolling my stockings lately, a look popular with young girls of the 20s, so scandalous showing off ones knees! But thats just the kind of girl I am.

Dress: Hatties Vintage

Shoes: Meier and Frank


Trained Seal

Tonight after work my mother and I went to the Italian Festival in Portland and ate some yummy pasta and watched people dance to Italian tunes :)
Downtown there are these little iron statues of animals I just love. I figured the seal would be the perfect buddy for me in my circus dress, isn't he cute!

Thanks everyone for your encouraging and informative comments on my last post, I am going to try out lots of things because I would really love to master this in oh, 50 years or so ;)

I may have to push the wedding post I promised to early next week if I don't finish this weekend. But I am working all weekend so don't count on it ;)

Dress: Handmade by me from a 1930s pattern.

Purse and 1930s hat: The Urban Eccentric.


Fingerwave attempt #1

It turned out...alright. Good enough for my very first try but not fantastic. I think I need to use more hair product, and perhaps learn to use wave clips. My grandma said she might have some old ones, but if not I'll buy some. Any tips?

Dress: April Cornell

Shoes: The Urban Eccentric

Necklace: Garage sale, then altered by me.

Feedsack bow: handmade by me.


Me and my shadow.

I'm blocking the door. I know it says not to, but I'm just such a rebel.

I've been wanting to wear this hat for a while but had a tough time incorporating it into an outfit without feeling a little silly. I think the vibrant color in most of my closet clashed with the sharp lines of the hat, so last week when I found this little strappy dress at work I knew the two would be a match made in heaven. It's 80s, but has such a 30s feel, don't you think? To soften the look I added a lacy sweater blouse, it's not super frilly as to distract from the rest of the outfit, but not plain and sharp, otherwise I would look way too masculine. Balance, balance!

Walking back to the house I snapped a photo of my shadow and good friend Mr. Tri-pod. He makes most of my photos possible ;)

Dress and hat-The Urban Eccentric

Blouse-Estate sale

I'm considering trying out fingerwaves tomorrow since it's a home/grocery day, so at least if I mess up terribly no one has to see (grocery store fashionistas don't count).


New goods!

Clockwise from upper left: 1950s rayon dress with yellow embroidery $64, 1930s embroidered apron $22, 1950s floral dress $36, 1970s blue ruffle blouse $26, 1970s corduroy high waist pants $28
Here's some fun things going in my shop this week. As always if you would like a reserve or more information before an item goes up just send me an email or convo on Etsy. That black and yellow one is my favorite, it would look divine with a yellow wool swing coat over it, and a big ol' bumble bee brooch ;)


Topsy Turvy Hatties

To say that millinery is dead in these drab modern times, is to assume you have never seen a Topsy Turvy hat. And once you do there is no turning back.
I stumbled upon Kim Dyes shop a few months ago when browsing Etsy for hats, stunned at the pure dreamlike design each one holds. Her designs are a flirtation of lush materials and vivid imagination, making you wonder why on earth people don't wear hats anymore. They're too pretty not to wear.

Her Shien hat inspired me to go all out for that 18th century hat a while back and I love The Beaux thanks to the mix of wings and wild ribbon wrapping about. Just recently have I seen her Flickr account, full of pretty photos of the modeled hats in fantastic settings, and also tons of happy customer pics that make me say "hey, where was I for this fun costume party?"

If you are looking for that stunning addition for a Halloween costume (it's right around the corner) then there is nothing better than a Topsy Turvy hat. So go on and pick one out before September 15th and you'll have it for your oh so fabulous costume. I also saw some fantastic bridal photos featuring the hats, which would be so great!

And since Kim is such a sweetie, she's offering Vixen Vintage readers 10% off your order between now and October 31st 2009. Just send her a little covo on Etsy letting her know Solanah sent you and which hat you want ;) She's more than nice to work with, and even if hats aren't your cup of tea she offers a variety of pretty clips and headbands.

Etsy shop

Website (you'll want to check it out, it's way cute).




Yup, I got a haircut. Last week I made an appointment after finding out Locks of Love wont take color treated hair (it's been bleached) so I figured I might as well get it cut in a more 30s style. Last night I just did a few pin curls in the front since its too short in the back and really like the way it turned out. My long hair was getting difficult to pin curl, plus it wouldn't dry all the way, so it was really nice to finish doing my hair in five minutes before bed. I am going to practice finger waves, so bare with me through future attempts :) Should be interesting...

Blouse: Thrifted

Skirt: Rays Ragtime

Shoes: Etsy

Hat: The Urban Eccentric

This week: Wedding post! I have the pictures, so now I can tell you all about it ;)


Wiggle Perfume

I have been told I smell like cupcakes, pancakes, hot chocolate, candy, cookies, cotton candy, syrup, whipped cream, and really any other sweet treat. And who wouldn't love to smell sweet?
Every morning I dab on my vanilla scent from Wiggle Perfume, a shop I discovered last fall while searching for the perfect vanilla perfume. The seller (the fabulous Nani) is more than nice and even offers little samples if you would like to try out multiple scents before investing in a full bottle.

Nani mixes all the scents herself, so each one is not just your regular ol' vanilla, ginger, honeysuckle, or sweetgrass. These scents seem to unlock sweet memories you had forgotten, or give a boost to a vixen mood. She even has mens fragrances! See, something for everyone ;)
So if your in the market for a new "you" fragrance or simply like to change your scent as much as your outfit I highly recommend ordering some samples and finding your perfect scent. You'll be sure to find something wonderful!


New this week!

Here's a peek at the listings going up this week, there's some pretty fun pieces. Clockwise from top left: first is the Eleanor Green dress I mentioned, so beautiful! Second is a pretty figure hugging leopard dress fit for any pin up gal. Next is a little end of summer dress with a classic look, and last is a fabulous vest and skirt made of faux leopard fur. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. If you would like a reserve or more information just email me!

And the winner is....


Congratulations! You are now the owner of a handmade hat. Just write me your address at solanahraquel@gmail.com.

And to everyone else, thank you so much for participating and promoting on your own blogs, there will be many more giveaways to be sure! So stay tuned!



Cheese, sand, a lost paradise and a lighthouse.

About two hours away from Portland is the magical land of Tillamook, where enchanting cheese is made. So my nephew, vegan brother and I traveled there today and got to see the process in the tourist ridden Tillamook cheese factory. It's pretty neat, plus they carry all the neat cheeses they make and all the ice cream, so you can eat food factory fresh.

Not far away there was a lighthouse on a cliff. It was really interesting because we actually got to go up where the light is, up these steep little stairs, and onto a narrow walkway around the lens. It had been there since the late 1800s, amazing!

While driving my brother spotted this sign, and recognized the name "City of Bay Ocean". So we drove on a rocky dusty road out made between the bay and the ocean until we arrived at what looked like a hiking trail. As it turns out it used to be a little town turned resort in the summer nearly 100 years ago until the land and it's buildings fell into the ocean through the 20s, 30s, and 40s. It would have been amazing if there was something left to see, but it's all gone now, like so many interesting things. You can read more about it and see photos here.
On our way home we stopped at Oceanside beach, the weather was beautiful and it seemed like a nice walk. Upon walking out to the ocean gusts of wind carrying little grains of sand attacked our ankles, those little devils hurt! So our visit was short lived, but at least I can say I went to the beach!

By the way, the hat giveaway is officially closed! A winner will be chosen later today, are you super excited? I am :)


Summer Picnic!

This afternoon was our annual family picnic at a park just outside of town. It was a perfect day for it, except there were so many bees! I was running around the entire time because they just like to buzz for no reason, right in my hair or try and tangle in my petticoat. They weren't honey bees or bumble bees, those are cute and fuzzy, but yellow jackets which really just exist to strike fear into me and my cousin Ruth (The one holding the beautiful pie, she made from scratch herself!).
There was a three legged pillow sack race, egg on a spoon race, and a pinata that would not burst.
After a while we went down to the rocky water to explore, I just love those smooth river rocks. Last year we went and waded into the water, at which time Sam didn't remove his cellphone from his pocket and needless to say it drowned. We stayed out of the water this time ;)


More photobooth photos...

Tonight Sam surprised me by taking me out to dinner at Henrys our favorite restaurant. If you ever go get the beer cheese soup, it's like....well I don't even know, it's just wonderful.
Afterwards we went to Powells and browsed around. There were some neat books, but kind of expensive.
I insisted we stop at the photobooth, and since Sam didn't want to he decided to make the same face in every picture. He was laughing between shots, but somehow managed a blank look in each one. Silly goose. When we got the pictures my fabulous hat was not in them so I took them again, I wish it was not dark out so I could take a photo with my camera! Its a 1930s topper all covered in black and red feathers. You'll love it I'm sure ;)


Lions and tigers and llamas oh my!

Today after work I went with a few friends to the county fair, a place I haven't been to for years since I entered knitting into 4H. It was the same as always, but this time around new animals, new quilts, new people that for some reason like to spit in my footpath. I finally just looked some kid in the eye and said "ew gross!" and he looked quite shocked that I was unimpressed with with his mass of saliva. Yeah....gotta love gentlemen.

I did get to meet a llama named Daisy who wanted to kiss me, and a fat bunny that wanted some love. I almost stole it, it was too cute. Among the regular farm animals there was an exhibit that held a lion and her cubs, a tiger, baby bob cats, and even a porcupine! No bears in sight though.

And I tested out a treadle sewing machine and so want one. Although I did have trouble controlling the speed, that would take some getting used to.

Dress: Handmade by me from a 1930s pattern

Hat: I have no idea

Ooops I almost forgot:

Places that like me :)

A Mad Men Storque article featuring a sweater in my shop.

My 75 cent dress story on Rock 'n Roll Bride.

Some hat advice on Queens of Vintage



The one that got away.

When my mother and I went to the antique show last month, one of the very first booths we came to had this set sitting on a chair.
Now, at the last antique show, I found a swimsuit within the first two minutes and shelled out $65 for it. I have yet to wear it.
So I decided to be very cautious and not go crazy as soon as I walk in. Well, I regret that caution.
You see I picked this up, slipped on the collar, snuggled into the hat, and gathered my hands in the silk lined muff. They were made of real leopard. They were in excellent condition. They were from the 30s or 40s. They all matched!
My mother snapped a quick photo and I thought it would be wise to not look in the mirror just in case I loved it. I took them all off to resist the temptation of spending all my money before I even got 50 feet into the show. By the way, it was $125, a total steal.
We wandered the show, and I got some pretty wonderful things, but only spent half the money my mother gave me, thanks to my caution, and that with everything I considered nothing could quite top the jazzy leopard set.
At the end of the show we went by the booth that was selling the stylish accessories, with high hopes that no one had noticed it's stunning presence. I asked the seller if the set was still there and she told me it sold right after I left the booth. Ok, well it's a loss, but no big deal.
Then my mother showed me this photo, and I realized why the other person was smart enough to snatch up the set right after I tried it on. It's absolutely stunning, and surely a once in a lifetime find. A real leopard muff, collar, and hat set, literally at my fingertips, and I decide to pace myself. What a dummy.

So there you have my little story, and I hope that if you ever come across such a wonderful gem you are smarter than I.



Here is a hat I got this week. It's amazing, completely covered in pink feathers. I didn't do much today other than go to the post office and clean out the basement closet. I did however get a call from our local Discovery shop thrift store letting me know they had some vintage items if I wanted to take a look. They are so sweet holding things for me, and until I asked them if they could they were just donating all the vintage clothing to The Salvation Army. I would walk into the shop wearing a 40s rayon dress, and a volunteer would say "Oh we just gave away a whole bag of dresses just like that." And I would want to cry.
Since most of the volunteers there are over the age of 70, they think of vintage clothing as just "old stuff", and assume no one would ever want it. So the shop is filled with things from the 90s on, and since a lot of donations come from elderly women I just knew so much would go to waste unless I let them know I actually do want the old stuff.
Today I got some really pretty things including two 50s coats (One I am keeping, hehe) a few 60s and 70s dresses, and the most beautiful Eleanor Green 50s dress in red. It's really amazing and I can't wait to list it next week. There were also some gloves and a pretty hat, but those are now in my wardrobe as well ;)

Running away to join the circus

"What ever happened to that Solanah girl?"

"Oh she ran away with the circus and makes hats for the tattooed lady."

Last week I found this amazing old circus fabric while thrifting, and instantly thought of making a 1930s dress out of it. Kind of a "30s girl ran away with the circus and needed a new dress" dress. The fabric is already nice and worn thanks to age, it's always odd trying to make a vintage dress that is all stiff and crisp. In high school I made costumes for a play and rubbed them down with sandpaper to make them look used. I wouldn't do that for anything in my own wardrobe, but it is nice to have something look authentic and not like a reproduction. Is that weird that I would rather have worn down clothing than nice new frocks?
The pattern is the same as my 1930s bow dress, I love the pattern as it is so simple and versatile, and plan on making more, maybe even a long sleeved version for fall.

The only circus I have been to is Circ de Soleil, which is amazing, but I don't really have any desire to run away with the classic one after seeing Freaks.

Dress: Handmade by me!

Shoes: Etsy

Hat: The Urban Eccentric


Cookies and instant relatives

This afternoon I walked over to a local antique mall and had a looksie around. The only thing that caught my eye was a pretty 1920 heirloom cotton dress in white, with white embroidery. It looked so light and breezy. I did spend some time looking through old photos in a box labeled "Instant Relatives" hehe. I am constantly searching for photos of ladies wearing cool hats. No such luck, but I did spot this neat photo of a victorian girl with bangs which I thought was pretty unusual.
I left the store empty handed and decided that I could try my hand at baking once again. It never goes well, I even screwed up sugar cookies once.
But for my bridal shower my mother got me 101 More Things to do With a Cake Mix, and all of the recipes look really simple. And of course the one I made was super easy thanks to the beautiful Kitchenaid mixer she got me. It's the first time I've used it ;)

I made peanut butter cookie sandwiches, and they turned out perfect! So yummy, I wish I could share them with you, but I do recommend the book if you are a beginner baker, or even advanced as they would be super quick and easy.

Later I will post photos of the fabulous dress I made (you're going to love it) and then it is off to see Julie and Julia with my mother. Although I'd better make dinner before that or be very hungry watching all that cooking!



Vanilla ice cream.

So sorry for the lack of posting lately I've been trying to take it easy on my days off as I feel like I'm coming down with something, but I think it's just swollen tonsils. Ew.

Thank you so much to everyone who made the film suggestions, presently I have many on "instant watch" from netflix and I'm sure will draw inspiration from so many great films!

Anyway, I saw Public Enemies Friday, and while the camera work was shaky, and there was a disappointing lack of ladies hats, it was a pretty good film. While there were very few hats, the finger waved hair was expertly done, and made me consider doing a bob again. But I really want to grow it long for donation AND THEN I'll cut it.
The film did get me in even more of a 1930s mood, as the costumes were very pretty. I wouldn't recommend seeing it just for costumes, as there were not many, but I did want to make every single one I saw.

Today I wore this 80s knit dress I got for $5 but it looks so very 30s. The hat I bought at work months before, and it was only until I brought the dress home that I realized they match perfectly! The same shade of cream, the same lush ruffles. You can't really see, but the hat has a lovely black veil down the front, with a neat little pattern on it.

Oh hats. I got two this week, one a 1930s feather hat I'll save for fall, and one that makes me look like a flamingo. No it really does :)

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!


I'll bring the popcorn.

If you have a moment would you recommend some old (1960s or older) films? Or even movies set in the past.

I especially like:




Or anything with amazing costumes, some hats would be nice too!

I've hardly seen anything, a few classics here and there but otherwise I need help!

Thanks so much!



Here is the hat I promised AGES ago! I made it this weekend from scratch, all fabric covering and trim is stitched by hand. The main fabric is silk, the purple underneath is satin, and the trim is cotton, with some little cherries thrown in ;) It's inspired by the stylized toppers of the 1930s, and to help in stay on I've attached a comb on the inside.

The giveaway is open to anyone, and all you need to do to enter is comment on this post. If you would like your name entered twice then just post a link of the contest on your blog along with a photo you can find here. Comment again with the link and you have double the chance of winning!

The giveaway ends on the 18th of August, two weeks away, and the winner will be drawn at random.

Good luck!


Peaches and cream.

So remember the little lost bird a while back? Well, it seems I attract little lost baby birds, because when I showed up at work today one hopped by the door and into a corner right outside. The poor little thing just cuddled up in the corner for hours, and I peeked at it though the window often, and knew there was really nothing I could do. Finally in the afternoon it began chirping and hopping around the sidewalk, and another bird (it's mother?) came down and led it away. It tried to show the chick how to fly by flying up and coming back down, but the little bird could only fly a few inches off the ground. After watching it hop out of sight I can only hope they both made it back to the nest alright. Once again Sam assures me that the birds are fine, but I can't handle another little lost bird! So please baby birds, just stay in your nests until you can fly.

Here is the 50s shirtdress I got yesterday, it seems brand new! The shape is my favorite, with the sleek skirt instead of the gathered, and front buttons. It actually reminds me a lot of Aya, sweet and breezy, with a hint of frill.
I only wish it had come with a matching belt, but alas! Those are rare. My yellow petticoat fit perfectly underneath, and I was pretty excited to wear my new frames.

Sam noticed that there is a peach tree in our front yard! How very wonderful.

Dress, glasses: The red light.

Shoes: The Urban Eccentric.

Hat and gloves: I have no idea where those came from...


First of August

Its August already! Summer is in it's last month and have yet to wear my fabulous 50s swimsuit, but then again I never swim.

Remember when I posted about that red Hawaiian dress? Well my fantastic Aunt read the post and gave me her very own authentic 1950s Hawaiian dress! It's such an amazing frock, and I honestly couldn't wait to be invited to a luau to wear it, so I wore it shopping in Portland. My mother and I went to The Red Light, Buffalo Exchange, and Monticello antiques.
I got a 1950s shirtdress, 1930s linen skirt, 1950s wool skirt, high waisted band slacks, 1930s hat, 1950s glasses, 1970s blouse, and a vintage sewing bag. And all day I only spent $8.00!

Last night I went through my Etsy stock and pulled all the items that had been in the shop too long, or had expired. Then I took those clothes to The Red Light and Buffalo Exchange and and traded them for things I actually wanted ;)

It was a beautiful day once again, but not too hot (it's cooled down to 95 degrees...Yay?)

On our way to the Monticello's we saw this guy riding in the back of a truck, happy as a clam.

The Antique mall of course had endless temptations, such as a stack of 1920s and 30s french fashion magazines, art deco buttons, and old photos of people I don't know. I only walked away with the sewing bag though, it has a ship on it! How could I let that go?

Ok, off to watch Miss Marple, hope everyone is having a good weekend!