1930s picnic outfit


Today was out little Deco Picnic at the glorious Pittock Mansion, and it turned out so perfect I can't wait to show you pictures! But I think the outfit and picnic deserve separate posts ;) 

 Here is a dress I picked up at an antique shop (mis-dated, and priced how I like it), with The Gatsby Summer Afternoon in mind. The dress and I didn't make it there this year, and so today was the day it came off the hanger, and became part of an outfit! I starched it so it's like new, and added a brown slip underneath. Matching bakelite was a must ;) 

 And the hat from Poppycock Vintage topped it off perfectly! And one last thing, my hair was super sweet to me and did exactly what I wanted it to. I un-pinned it this morning, and it looked like a perfect 30s style, so a hairnet and lots of hairspray later made it last all day! Photobucket
Photos by Jesse

Dress-Vintage Connection
Hat-Courtesy of Poppycock Vintage
Gloves-Estate sale


Blogger meetup!


Saturday morning, I met up with fellow vintage blogger Debi, of My Happy Sewing Place! All the way from across the pond no less, I was so excited to meet her, and I just new she would wear something she made herself, and she did of course! 

 We hit a few estate sales, as those are sadly non-existent in Scotland, and both came away with some goodies! She got lots of fabric, and I found some jewelry and mason jars. Then we grabbed some yummy Mexican food and chatted about sewing and knitting. 

Perfect morning I say! It was such a nice time, I hope she'll come back to the states again soon! Photobucket


Pittock Deco Picnic


Since a few of us local gals missed The Gatsby Summer Picnic this year, we decided to lift our deco spirits a bit by having a little impromptu picnic of our own. Then we thought, hey, the more the merrier!
 So, if you're free this Thursday afternoon, put on a 20s or 30s frock, bring a picnic lunch in a pretty little basket, and join us for a casual get together on the lawn of The Pittock Mansion

Here are pics from the Gatsby picnic last year if you need inspiration! Won't be as grand of course, but still fun!

 If you have any questions, just email me at solanahraquel{at}gmail.com, and I'll be happy to answer them :)  

Date-Thursday, September 29th 

 Time-1:00 pm 

Place-Pittock Mansion lawn

 Attire-1920s or 1930s frocks, or something similar 

 Bring-Picnic lunch, blanket, camera!

 I'll bring some extra blankets and plates and such if you're not able to bring yours, hope to see you there! 

Photo from here.


How to tie an easy turban


This scarf is just one of those modern cotton (or in this case rayon) scarves that are everywhere, in every color, made from jersey and generally worn in a cowl style around the neck. I love these things, and I love the cowl look, but am always a bit disappointed because that's the only way I ever see the scarves used. They're so versatile! 

So here's a little tutorial on how to wrap one into a very sleek turban, but this is just one way! Play with it a bit and you'll find endless possibilities! 

Center it flat on your head... 

...twist the sides a bit... 

...then bring the sides up, cross...

...and twist.

Bring down on the sides... 

...and around the back. 

Then bring the ends up and tuck into the twisty top bit, where the arrow is.

 Pull out the top middle portion, the bit under the twists, and stretch forward.  Photobucket

Pull up and above the twists, and tuck.  Photobucket

  And there you have it! Don't even need any pins! Perfect for bad hair days ;) Photobucket


Toil and trouble


A sneak peek at a photoshoot Twila Jean and I did tonight with Dolora Designs. Lots of photos to follow soon!


Mustard is my new red.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'm attracted to warm mustard colors for fall like a moth to a flame. 

 I don't know where it started, but ever since knitting my sweater last year, I can't keep away, and luckily it's a very popular color this year!
 It's everywhere! 

 This weekend I joined my mother and cousin Ruth for some fall shopping in Portland. It was a perfectly gray day, and we all went home with something. It seemed an ideal day for wearing a new scarf and matching shoes, if you're interested in the way the scarf is wrapped, I'll do a tutorial on here soon!

The shoes are a gift from ModCloth, and I got asked about a thousand times where they're from! 
And as you can see, I do love shoes...    Photobucket

Dress-Buffalo Exchange 
 Shoes-About the Benjamins shoes, courtesy of ModCloth 
 Scarf-Urban Eccentric 
Bakelite-Estate sales


Dolora Designs


Have you visited Tomas Shop yet? You should! My friend Toma creates fantastical works of art, and has recently opened an Etsy shop featuring quality prints of paintings. I've featured a few favorites, this next one is named Solanah! And of course Sam is right behind :) 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So take a peek at Dolora Design, and get 'em while they're hot! He has shows in the Portland area, and Astoria galleries this year, so check out the Facebook page for updates and to see new work before anyone else!


Shop my closet!

Here's your chance! It's closet clean out time, so that means you get a chance to own some vintage pieces you may have fallen for in the past on this blog :) All items are in wearable condition, and in great condition unless otherwise noted. You can purchase any items right here just by clicking the PayPal button, and if you want multiple items just email me at solanahraquel {at} gmail.com or purchase the items and I'll refund you the leftover shipping. Happy shopping!

 1960s canvas sailor dress $20 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-26 Hips-50 Bodice-15 Skirt-24 

 A tough little sailor, this dress has seen some tough times but still loves to be taken out. A bright salmon color, it's made of flexible cotton canvas, with buttons up the front, and pull tabs at the waist. There is some discoloration, as can be seen in the photos, but this dress is so cute and fun, no one will ever notice!

 1960s yellow flowers dress $60 Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-38 Waist-26 Bodice-15.5 Skirt-22

 Can be seen fully styled in this post 

 This pretty sunny yellow dress is fun and flouncy! The wide neckline is dramatic and the shell is light and flowing, in great condition. Watch out for breezes! 

 1950s silver and mint shirtdress $25 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-38 Waist-27 Bodice-15.5 Skirt-26.5 

 Can be seen fully styled in this post

Casual and festive all in one. This cotton shirtdress has silver thread woven throughout, with a button front and enough room for a petticoat. It has underarm marks and a hole that needs patching up under an arm, which the price reflects. 

 1950s Madeline grows up dress $50Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-26 Hips-36 Bodice-15.5 Skirt-25 

 Can be seen fully styled in this post 

 This is what little madeline wears when she's all grown up, frolicking around Paris. She would still have a yellow hat, and white gloves to match the collar and buttons. And take a peek at the pretty buckle detail! Perfect. Just very light underarm marks, and a mark on the back collar, as shown. 

 1930s style April Cornell dress $20Photobucket Photobucket' Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-27 Hips-38 Bodice-15 Skirt-24 

 Can seen fully styled in this post

This soft cotton polka dot dress is a great summer frock, with matching trim and a low v-neckline, it's fully lined in light cotton lawn. A small bit of marks on the front bodice, not very prominent, as shown in the photo. 

1940s rayon navy dress with striped detail $60Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-27 Hips-48 Bodice-17.5 Skirt-30 

 Can be seen fully styled in this post

 A beautiful 1940s dress in deep navy blue rayon, with cream and navy trim. So dramatic! A partial button front, a completely breezy and classic 40s design. The only flaw is a little pin sized hole on the back, as shown in the photo. 

 1950s pink wiggle dress $20 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-35 Waist-24 Hips-36 Bodice-15.5 Skirt-25.5 

 A powder pink cotton wiggle dress, for those bombshell days. Dress it up, down, and don't forget to wiggle when you walk. Has multiple fades, and a few light spots, as reflected in the price. But could easily be dyed a darker color! 

 1950s blue floral sundress $40  Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-28 Hips-50 Bodice-17 Skirt-28 

 Can be seen fully styled in this post 

 A perfect cotton sundress with pretty blue flowers allover. Trimmed in rick-rac, with waist ties, and even two pockets! Can't beat a dress with pockets. Great condition, just general wear. 

 1950s pink prom dress $20

Bust-32 Waist-24 Bodice-10.5 Skirt-40.5 

 A beautiful 1950s prom dress, of shimmering pink and a black velvet ribbon belt. Missing the zipper, all folded and ready to be stitched in. 

 1950s plaid suspender skirt $25 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Waist-26 Length-25 Bodice (straps)-14 

 Such a cute little cotton plaid skirt, in a variety of appealing colors. The suspenders are stitched to the waistband, but have a little fabric to move them if you so wish. 

 Kitty skirt $20

Waist-27 Hips-45 Length-23

 It's a skirt with kitties! Has a slight elastic waist and zip front. And cats. What more is there?

 Polka dot circus romper $20 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-28 Hips-50 Bodice-16 "Skirt"-14 

 Can be seen fully styled in this post 

 This romper is so cute! Made from a poly/rayon blend, it's an antique cream with black polka dots and a ruffled collar and front. It zips front, and has so many style possibilities! There is a pink stain on the left hip, and small mark on the back of the neck, as shown in the photo. 

 Blue wool cable knit cardigan $15 Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-26 Length-18.5 Shoulders-15 Sleeves-25 

 This is a great cornflower blue cable cardigan made from 100% wool by Banana Republic. Classic! 

 1950s cream short sleeve cardigan $15 Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-38 Waist-28 Length-20 Shoulders-17 

 Can be seen fully styled in this post.

 A perfect little "Web foot" knit blouse in wool, navy scalloped trim on the collar and cuffs. A great basic for chilly fall and spring days! 

 1930s style linen blouse $15 Photobucket Photobucket

Bust-36 Waist-29 Length-20 Shoulders-16 

 A perfect little white linen blouse, with such a 1930s look and feel. Seven buttons up the front and a little peplum add a bit of a flirty air to this must have basic.