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I've been blogging for what, five years now? I feel like I keep things pretty down to earth, I don't like promoting things just for the heck of it, and I consistently turn down offers for sponsored posts because even though I might make a little extra, I'm pretty sure you couldn't care less about the latest trends in bedazzled baseball caps. At least not here.

But every now and then I find something, or something finds me that I actually like,want to support, and think is cool enough to share with you guys. 

Swapdom is one of those things. The concept is simple: offer wearable clothing you no longer want, and trade for something new to you.

At first I didn't really think much of it, but then I got to considering the way people shop now. It's not just about consuming the latest trendy garb through fast fashion stores like Forever 21 and H&M, it's about keeping your wardrobe fresh and fun. But I think we could all benefit from contributing less to the fast fashion cycle. There is so much clothing out there. Seriously more than enough for everyone already, yet we still like to buy more. So wouldn't it be great, if instead of sending off the frocks that no longer interest you to who knows where (actually I do know, and you wouldn't like it), you could exchange them for things you do want. 

And it's free. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I love free things. 

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The only thing you pay for is shipping the item to it's new and appreciative owner, but if you upload three items, you get free shipping on your first swap. Only for a limited number of people, so the sooner you sign up, the more likely free shipping is for you. 

What makes this swap site different is that the swap can involve multiple people. So say you like a dress that Jane has, she likes shoes that Sara has, and Sara likes a pair of pants you have. Swapdom organizes all that for you, you just pick what catches your eye, and choose items from your profile you'd be willing to involve in the swap. That's it, it's so easy.

Swapdom is still in beta, but they've asked me to help build a vintage presence on the site, so I have some vintage and vintage style items under my username "Solanah" . I'll be adding more regularly, so if you like any of the items pictured above, go ahead and give it a go. It's free, remember? 

I can't tell you how many times I've been selling vintage and am asked if I would like to trade. I know a lot of you only let go of your vintage if there's a promise of more vintage, and this is a great and easy way to do it. Or maybe you're an online seller and you have some items that just won't move. Well, list them for trade and see how it goes, you might be surprised at what the site has to offer. 


Morning mist

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It's been so bright and warm lately, which I think most people around here love, but it leaves me completely uninspired. 

"Aren't you loving this weather?" 
"No not really."

The mornings are cold and gray, so those allow for some more autumn appropriate outfits, which I've been revolving around my new boots! 

I found out a few months ago that Animal Traffic in Portland offers custom made Whites Boots, and since I've been searching for brown, knee high, lace up boots forever, I was so excited when they said that style would be possible. 

(But seriously shoe companies, it really shouldn't be that difficult to make a nice pair of leather, knee high, lace up boots, that don't have a stupid zipper on the side because that's just ridiculous, they lace up, and besides, the zipper catches on my socks and snags them, so it's not only a pointless feature, it's actually really, really annoying functionally and aesthetically.)

They don't do the ladies style in a knee high, so they worked with me and figured out I needed to order the lace-up cowboy packer in a women's size, 16" height, red dog leather, with pointed toe and oil proof western sole. They are beyond amazing, as soon as I put them on I felt the difference. It's like they're made for me. Oh wait, they are...

They're the kind of boots I'll be wearing in for quite a while, but eventually the leather will soften. I'm sure we'll share many adventures. 

Blouse and skirt via Urban Eccentric

Whites Boots via Animal Traffic 

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Life in paper

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I have a big ol' box full of paper things from travel, concerts, letters, etc. It seems pointless that they sit in a closet, so I wanted to ask, what do you do with things like this? Fame? Scrapbook? Are your walls one big bulletin board?  

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Gray cardigan

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I just finished my first project of the season, a gray cable cardigan based off the same pattern as my mustard one. You can find it here, you just have to scroll to the very end, it's titled "A new Design in Cable Stitch". For those interested I used Knitpicks palette yarn in "ash".

The first time I made it I shortened the waist and sleeves, this time I lengthened them. I have yet to stay true to the original pattern, but both times I've really liked working with it, I'm sure I'll make more in other colors. 

I added black plastic 40s buttons that were my great grandmothers, they were the only ones I had matched nine times over, and they happened to be perfect. 


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Fall is here

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I've been hooked (haha! puns.) on Ripper Street lately. I'd been saving it on Netflix for autumn weather since I'd heard that plaid got some major screen time, and I'm glad I did because there is some serious woven woolen inspiration there. If I could just have all the guys outfits in my size, that would be great. Thanks. 

Luckily Tradlands just sent over The Clement St button up for me to style, which is the perfect ladies interpenetration of a mens button up. Not only is the quality up there with what the boys can get, but it's also made right here in the U.S. (San Francisco to be exact). It's beautifully tailored, not so much fitted, but skims at the waist and didn't gap one bit which is always an issue I have with button ups. 

Perfect flecked cotton to pair with a wool skirt, for the start of autumn, don't you think?


The Clement St button up Via-Tradlands

Skirt, suspenders, and boots-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Carpetbag-Rummage sale

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