Oh so patriotic.

Today Sam and I went to Portland and I got to stop in Buffalo Exchange. There were some great vintage shoes there, a lot of size 8, but I'm a 7. I did spy these amazing 1940s low heels and knew they were going to be mine, so comfortable and cute! I tried on a few things, among them this red, white, and blue dress, which may have looked a bit better if I didn't have it on backwards....

I also picked up this darling 50s dress for my shop, a bit too small for me though. I'm considering dying it, since I am not a fan of white, and it may get lost in the studio backdrop. Perhaps pink or blue? I'd like to keep it fairly soft, anyone have a suggestion?

*Ok, update. Dress will not be dyed, it's sold :)

I underestimate the lovelyness of white....


Swiss miss

I've been waiting for my hair to be long enough to do Swiss style braids and was happy it worked today since I didn't pin or rag curl my hair last night. I think the two braids are supposed to tuck into each other more, but mine just kind of sat on top of my head, so I covered up the bobby pins with a partial floral crown.
I love this skirt but its a bit too big, the colors are great to work around though, cotton broomstick skirts are defiantly something everyone should have for warm weather, very flattering and fun ;)


Polka dot

I got to work and didn't like what I was wearing. So I put on something else! Ah the beauty of working in a big vintage closet.
I've had my eye on the sweater for a couple of weeks, it's only from the 80s, but looks so late 30s early 40s. I'm especially fond of the length, it's so hard to find sweaters that hit at my waist, since I'm absurdly high waisted. The skirt is also from the 80s, but is perfectly cut to look 30s, I kept both of them, and the brooch and hat stayed in the shop. Speaking of 1930s outfits, my dress is almost done! I've made a few variations with it, and all thats left is the hem and side fastenings, hopefully it will be warmer soon so I can wear it.
Here are also a couple pictures of my home, the mantle, and my dresser area. As you can see I have hats anywhere they can perch :)


Getting started.

Yesterday I went with Sam's mother to Fabric Depot, a huge fabric store that has a great selection of 1930s feedsack cotton prints. After considering many other options (kittens? cherries?) I found this perfect bow print. Soooooo cute. I cant wait to get started on it, but I am without an iron, plus I really should list some things in my shop.
We also stopped at a nearby Goodwill. I haven't been to an actual store in a long time, it really has gotten quite expensive, as Daddy Likey expresses in this oh so true "letter" to them. But I did find some things I really liked, like this giant floppy sunhat I think will go well with my 30s dress, a couple of jars for buttons, and spoon with an "M" on it. Or maybe a "W"...
I also found a fabulous shiny brite ornament still in the box, but missing the top. I've been ecstatic about vintage shiny brite ever since my aunt, who pretty much got me started on vintage, said she loved the cute little ornaments, and I think she has some lights too. Lucky Ducky. I also found some great items for my shop, but those pictures went to my mailing list, you'll have to wait until next week if your not on it :)


First pin curl attempt.

I tried out pin curls for the first time last night, which were actually not uncomfortable to sleep in as I thought they would be. When I first took them out I thought I did something wrong, I just looked like a swamp monster. But after brushing and mouseing is tamed to something I liked. Kind of an average 40s look. A woman at work asked "is that your real hair?". I suppose that is flattering, but is that really the kind of question you ask a complete stranger? What if it wasn't and I was self conscious about it? Hmmmm. Think on that lady. Think on that.

On my way to work I stopped by the optometrist and asked if they could pop out the lenses in my vintage glasses. I thought I would have to get the lenses totally replaced, something that costs quite a bit, so not planning on it anytime soon. At Magpie the other day all of their vintage frames besides the sunglasses are just frames, no lenses. The owner was actually wearing a pair of just frames and I didn't even notice, so I was convinced all I needed to do was have them popped out. The lady had to do something special to them to get them out, apparently the older glasses were very well made (surprise surprise). But she didnt charge me, which was nice :) Sam pretended they were a moustache. Silly Sam.

Speaking of moustaches, my friends Kendra and Irene opened a shop on Etsy with some fabulous vintage, check out fingerstaches soon!


Its hot!

It was hot today. Sam and I made it to the bins a little earlier than usual which turned out to be really nice because most of the other vintage dealers and hipster girls were not there yet, so very little competition. It's torture to walk by some smelly middle aged man with an armful of 50s sundresses and kick myself for not finding them first. They all just list them on ebay with shabby photos and high prices, or sell them to other dealers with shops. I'm the only female there that is a serious vintage dealer too, but like I said, the hipster girls my age are always lurking around searching for 80s stuff. The bins are quite a cast of characters.
Anyway, I came across this pile of adorable 60s swimsuits, (actually I think one is 80s but looks older). My favorite is the blue, it's just perfect I was so excited when I found it. I also found the best Laura Ashley dress, it has a sailor collar and looks so 1930s, even Sam thought so. I will be listing that next week though, so if you want a sneak peek, my mailing list participants get first look :)
I also decided I really need to sew that 1930s dress, so I borrowed Lisa's sewing machine for a bit and then Thursday we are going to the big fabric store where they have rows and rows of reproduction feedsack prints. Yay!


Embroidery craze.

I've started to do a bit of embroidery here and there. A nice productive project to do while watching tv. I'll be opening a new shop on Etsy soon called Velvet Needle of just reconstructed vintage and probably now a few embroidered pieces. So far I stitched a bird on a pretty blue skirt (The color!), and am working on a dress which only has the pink bow on the collar so far. No sure what I'll do next, I'm tempted to sew on some detailed pockets. Today Sam and I went to Portland and traded in some books at Powells. I'm still on the search for the ever elusive glove book, which was not there, but I did look through the needlework section of the store and was delighted to find a vintage needlework book full of embroidery, knitting, crochet, monograms, tatting, needlepoint, and smocking. It has everything I want to learn, and was even more excited when it was only $10! I specifically wanted to learn from a 50s or older book as I find they have more simple instructions and diagrams. Plus they are cuter. Am I the only one who understands vintage instructions better than modern ones?
We also went to one of my favorite vintage stores "Magpie". I was in search of something 1930s or 40s and did try on an adorable 30s dress with little stars and a sailor collar. So cute! But out of my price range, so now I really feel the need to make a dress from that 1930s pattern I got a while ago. I did however find these really cool 1960s sunglasses. They have so many great frames to choose from, and the sales girl and owner are always really nice and helpful, if you are ever downtown Portland I highly recommend stopping by.


Bird dress

Today was a sunny sunny day, perfect for wearing another cotton dress. This has always been one of my favorites ever since my sister in law gave it to me a few years ago. It has little birdies on it :)
This was the first time I realized the design was almost exactly the same as my candy stripe Swirl dress I wore yesterday, then later I looked at the tag for the first time and saw its a swirl too! So now I love Swirl dresses I suppose.


Lazy Saturday

Today was kind of lazy, Sam and I just walked around town a bit and saw some friends. I dropped off a petticoat to The Metropolitan Housewife, who needs some poof for her Etsy listings. Cant wait to see what they are! I snapped some pictures of her too cute daughter playing in the ruffles, but of course forgot to take a picture of her, she looked adorable as usual. You'll just have to take my word for it ;)
Jen was re-decorating one of the window displays at work and I took this little bunny out of the Easter display to come home with me. His name is Bunnykins, and he's pretty cute. Now I'm off to go take some pictures to list, and later, Miss Marple!

Mailing list

So I've decided to start a mailing list for my shop. Nothing spammy or useless, I'm talking free shipping and secret sales. Since I wont be putting things on sale directly in my shop anymore, I figured it would be a good way clear some things out every once in a while. I'll also be doing sneak peeks, and I must say that estate sale season is coming up, so there may be lost of treasures you'll want to claim before anyone else ;)
If you would like to join, just contact me on Etsy with your email address and country of residence, and you'll get a deal right away!



Closet space

For the past few days I've been working on getting my lovely closet organized and settled. It's supposed to be the hall coat closet, but is very spacious and kind of feels like a personal mini vintage shop. There is one long metal rod with a shelf on top. I've got sweaters folded and stacked as they should be (I used to have them hanging, but that's not good for sweaters) as well as my stack of pants. I absolutely love the wall space, all that room for purses! I've started to collect pictures to pin up too, so far the only one I have is a cute 60s pin up girl. But it's coming along, and I just hope the rest of my clothes will fit...

1960s wedding dress

I had to show off my latest find, an amazing 1960s wedding dress with full train and floral appliques from neck to hem. I'll still have to take a few close up photos, but it's just so pretty!


Best jacket ever.

Today Sam and I went to Buffalo Exchange to trade in some things. He wanted some new pants and a cardigan, and while we did have pants success, cardigans seemed to be scarce there. There was some more vintage than usual there, cheap as always, and when I saw this matching dress and jacket I fell head over heals. It's so perfect, and fits like a glove, very flattering. And only $24! Well, since we traded, we only ended up paying $2 for two pairs of pants and this outfit, pretty good, and I cant wait to wear it. When we got home though I saw they left the little security pin on, which is a bit annoying since it happens often, but I'll just have it taken off. One of the employees there had on the best jacket I have ever seen. Some sort of elaborate band jacket, with tails! It was truly amazing, so now add "Elaborately decorated band jacket with tails" to my list of wanted items. A little gift shop had these chicken purses in the window, I adore them. I think if there was a fat cat purse I would love it more though.


Easter Sunday

For this rainy Easter I wore my 30s crochet dress, 60s knit sweater, 30s crochet gloves, and 40s crochet purse. Handmade all the way.

Happy Easter!

Miss Marple

Most girls my age look up to tv characters on Gossip Girl, or American Idol (?). Ew.

But I was sooooooo excited when Miss Marple started up again last night on PBS. I love her every little hat, carpet bags, 30s sweaters, and not to mention the whole solving mysteries thing. I would raid her closet in a heartbeat. The stories are in two parts, every Saturday night, and last year I ALWAYS saw the first part, and missed the conclusion. Last nights episode I had seen last summer, but I WILL see next weeks episode so I will actually know how it ends. My Saturday nights are reserved for Miss Marple.



I love handkerchiefs. So pretty and delicate. Something not used anymore, Sam calls them "Snot rags." Charming.
Anyway, somehow I've gathered quite a collection. While moving things around I've found little bunches of hankys I got at estate sales, and thrift shops. Today I found the most delicate white one with about three inches of highly detailed lace around the edges. A truly elegant lady must have carried it once, in her little purse. I cant decide if my favorite ones are the tissue thin laced ones or the colorful floral ones. Does anyone else carry a hanky in their purse?

Handkerchief lot....Pretty monogrammed handkerchief


Lipstick and keys

When I was little, there were three things that defined being all grown up:

Lipstick, high heels, and lots of keys.

The lipstick is like a drug. The smell is intoxicating, so soft and warm, the scent is smooth and ladylike. I am not ready to go out the door without a precise swipe of lipstick, brightening up my face and outfit. If I'm having a bad hairday lipstick makes it look like a fashion statement, I call it runway hair, unruly but with a done up face, fashionable.

Only ladies know how to glide in high heels. Sure anyone can slip on a pair, but clunking down the street in an awkward balancing waddle is no way to go. The women who wear the really pretty Italian heels can sweep across the floor without missing a step, run down the street to get out of the rain, and look smashing all day, but never ever complain publicly about the pain they may endure.

As a little girl I remember all adults had lots of keys on their keyring. House, car, shed, work, storage, it's all so glamorous. Gradually from my mid teens my keyring has become more and more crowded, I'd love to have a reason to carry a skeleton key.

So there you go. I wear lipstick from morning to night, heels as best I can, and have lots of keys in my purse. What a grown up I am.


Estate sale listings.

Here are pictures of listings to come this week. Everything but the sailor jacket came from the estate sale I went to, there was one more thing but it I put it on and really liked it sooooo....yeah. We'll see.

I need to start turning my head the other way.

And that top left outfit is so Madeline, dont you think?


Pleasant picnic

I got lipstick in the tube! I was concerned the size of the tube would be too small for the modern lipstick, but it turned out just right. Cleaning out the slightly dry and sticky lipstick was a task I shall approach differently next time, it got everywhere and I had to scrub my hands clean multiple times. Makeup was definitely more like a face painter back in the day, not something to "Naturally enhance your features". Hehe. I opened my suitcase of spring dresses this morning, and it felt like a petticoat day. Pink nonetheless. This is I think the only circle skirt dress I have (I think...) and despite it being faded, stained, and have an uneven hem, I get more compliments on it than any outfit. Actually this is the first time I've worn this petticoat, and I really like the effect of such and unexpected color in a neutral colored outfit.

It was such a nice day again my mother had the wonderful idea of having a picnic in a nearby park, since she made the most yummy pasta salad. Sam and I met my mother, grandma, aunt, brother, three cousins and nephew, so were were quite a silly bunch. There was a small wedding going on nearby, which was nice to see on such a beautiful day.

We played soccer and hide and seek, and my nephew tried to show my cousin how to swim. She was not interested. Most of the wishes had already bloomed into yellow flowers, but we did find a few which were of course fought over by the children. But in the end there were enough wishes for everyone ;)


Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful day today, felt more like a nice summers day than a northwest spring, and it was kind of funny to see how people dressed for it. Some were in summer threads, shorts, tank tops, skirts, sandals. And some were stuck in sweaters and coats. Yeah. 70 degrees and I saw a girl in a coat. But I was delighted to get to wear the ensemble my Grandma got me at an Estate sale, upon closer inspection I determined it was handmade, I love the use of upholstery trim on the collar and hem. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


It's FINALLY spring.

On the way to the Estate sale this morning my mother kept saying "It'll all be gone." She was so wrong. Haha! Mom was wrong.
We were there about two and a half hours, mostly looking through the clothes. Really, this woman had tons of clothes. Lots and lots of shoes were left, probably because they are size 5.5, but I bought a few pairs anyway for my shop. Most of what I bought is for my shop, some really fabulous outfits, some two piece. I did fall in love with this floral cardigan, which is the cutest sweater I've ever seen, and the little blue one, perfect for spring. I think she made them, as I also got a bunch of needlework magazines, but they fit perfectly, I'm so short waisted lots of sweaters from that era are too long. Of course I'm still obsessing about suits even though most are a bit out of season, but I did find a frilly little pink 60s suit that is just perfect. Also a blender! It's so darling, and so sturdy, I'll bet there were more matching appliances yesterday.

I got a little bag of collars and cuffs, so sweet. These gloves were the only exciting ones left, bright yellow and clingy, and up to my shoulder. And I wish there was a way to re-fill this little lipstick tube! I will find a way I swear. I've heard of freezing little lipstick, and just popping it on, so I'll have to try. Aaaaaaaand, stockings! I can't believe these were all left, I grabbed a bunch, then later grabbed the rest, I knew I would regret if I didnt take them. In the end the nice woman running the sale gave them to me because I bought lots and lots of treasures. Just in time too, I snagged my last pair this afternoon! None of them seamed, but I counted 48 pairs, and still need to go through a mis-matched pile and pair them as best I can.

Right after the sale my mother and I went to my six year old nephews soccer game, which was a barrel of laughs. Watching little boys and girls run around and not quite know whats going on is a hoot. But he made a goal, yayyy! Such nice weather and this week is supposed to be even warmer!

Never too late

I went to the sale. Got 48 + pairs of vintage stockings for free because I bought so much. Yeah. Awesome. Pictures later.


Missed chance.

So there was this Estate sale today. I heard about it multiple times from customers coming into the shop, and my grandma even called me and told me about the thousands of outfits, hundreds of purses, fox fur coat, etc. Yes, thousands. She bought me a pair of shoes for my shop (size 5.5) I haven't seen yet, but they sound divine. My mother and I are going tomorrow, I'm sure I'll find some great things despite the mob that was there this morning (so I hear) but with so many things there must still be some treasures left. Sigh. I need to learn how to drive.


Toasters and apple pie

Today I was delighted to receive the toaster cover from Brittanynoel, and its oh so perfect, now all I need is a retro looking toaster to put under it. Along with the cover, she also sent along a lovely piece of fabric with a printed design on it, and an old photo with a sweet thank you note written on the back from her, what a cute idea!
This week I've just been trying to get over this cold, make the house more cozy, and fill up my Etsy shop, so far so good. For the first time since the Christmas season I've got over 120 items in my shop, my ultimate goal is 200, so it's climbing up there. Decorating is going quite well too, and I am loving the space I have for my merchandise, instead of packing everything together I get to spread things out end even hang up some of the nicer things in their own closet.

I also got to make an apple pie today, which turned out a bit overdone, I seem to over cook just about everything on this oven/stove, which will take some getting used to.

By the way, is anyone else watching Little Dorrit?