"Married married married! Ok, night-night."

This afternoon my friends Cameron and Kate got married! It was of course, a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom couldn't stop grinning. This was one of the two pictures I snapped before they got showered with hugs and good wishes. It was nice to see some friends from high school, and a wonderful day for a wedding, not raining! The ceremony was held in an old church, and the reception in the historic part of town at an old re-furbished red cross building. Very cute all around. Congratulations Cameron and Kate!

I brought my thirteen year old cousin Ruth with me, we always have fun together, silly as can be. She's also my own personal photographer! So when things got a little crowded at the reception we explored the area a bit and took some pictures. We share an interest in old buildings and just history in general (she knows more about the civil war than I ever will) and get geeky when we can explore one. One building we've always wanted to take a closer look at is an old military hospital, locked up, run down, closed to the public, and oh so haunted. So even though there were thick chains on the doors, we peeked in the windows and took some random photos :) The third one is so Nancy Drew don't you think? I think the last one is pretty cool, she was quite dedicated to getting just the right shot, laying on the ground snapping pictures for the two minutes the sun was hitting the building just right :)
Thanks Ruth!

Uhmazing 1950s suit-Magpie Vintage

Shoes-Nordstrom Rack

Purse and hat-The Urban Eccentric

Gloves-Estate sale

Bakelite bird brooch-Gift from Sam!



Sorry I've been a little distracted lately, most of my free time is spent packing! Our house is pretty much boxed up, and it looks like we'll be moving later next week. While I'm um, in California. We'll see how that goes. But I am really looking forward to a little vacation, this photo is from mine and my mothers last trip to California, taken at the Hotel Del Coronado. Oh the endless sun, and light breezes. Actually on the beach it was pretty windy, but nice and warm. Mmmm, to not have to wear a coat.

So until then there probably won't be any outfit posts (I've been wearing this dress over and over, it's so comfy and easy!) although tomorrow I'm attending a wedding, so I'm sure I'll get some pictures there ;)

Thanks for your patience and understanding everyone, hope you have a nice weekend!




Ok everyone, if you see something you want, buy it now! Everything in my shop is half off the listed price. All you need to do is buy the item but don't pay for it (don't go through the paypal stage) and let me know you are a Vixen Vintage reader in the "message to buyers" box, and wait for a revised invoice. Of course shipping prices remain the same, and I cannot accept check or money order, only paypal. Happy shopping!


Spring topper.

I've been waiting for a nice day to wear this hat, it's on of my favorites, but then again, all my 30s toppers are. Rain is back on it's way so I figured I'd better wear it before it's too late. The structure is very simple, but what makes this hat is the dripping flowers and veil. It's dramatic in the softest and most feminine of ways :)

Hat and sweater-The Urban Eccentric


Busy weekend, beautiful day.

Ok, so what first, what first....hmmm, well, it looks as though Sam and I are moving from our cute little art deco duplex to a modern apartment, and while I'm sad to leave the place I'm not sad to leave behind the mold taking over our bedroom walls. One of the risks of living in a brick building in the north west I suppose, but still I'll miss it's charm. So we've started packing up, but there's still a long way to go. As for my Etsy shop, I will be having a big sale this week in order to clear everything out. I'll still keep the shop open with a few items now and then, but won't be doing it full time, instead focusing on Vixen Vintage and my part time job at a vintage shop. Exciting times!

Ok, now for the adventurous day! After a morning of packing away fabric and the crazy amount of dresses in my repair pile (more like mountain), I met Twila Jean for some gardening. Since the gardening plan didn't work out we took the kiddies for a walk around the neightborhood, it was such a nice day, even if it was windy! As we were heading back home we walked past an old worn down house with furniture piled on the front porch. Being the estate sale vultures that we are we asked if they were cleaning house or having an estate sale.

Well it was neither, they were taking the last of the houses furniture to salvation army, and offered us anything we wanted. So we walked up on the front porch, but instead of looking at furniture, the most amazing wallpaper past the open front door and in the house caught our eye. So the people invited us in! It was quite exciting, they showed us all the rooms, from the parlor to the kitchen, and the apartment-like rooms upstairs. The house is from 1908, with lots of original features, but in need of some work. Although it is amazing just the way it is, reminds me of the setting of an Anthropologie catalogue. Actually, I wish I was wearing something other than gardening clothes, then it really would have looked like an Anthropologie photoshoot. The people in charge of the estate were so nice to let us look around and take pictures, I just hope the next owners don't take down that amazing burgundy wallpaper!


And the winner of the 1950s accessories set is...Brooksie! Of The World According to Art Deco Girl. Congrats! Just send me your address to solanahraquel @gmail.com and I'll send your gifts on their way!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and thanks you "lurkers" who finally spoke up! It really means a lot to me to hear from you :) And don't worry if you didn't win there will be lots more giveaways in the future!



1950s accessories giveaway!

And the winner of the 1940s accessories set is...Rochelle! Congrats! Just email me with your address at solanahraquel@gmail.com and I'll send your goodies to you :)

Last but not least this week is a set of 1950s accessories, with a robins egg blue purse, white flower pin, and straw hat with pink satin ribbon. If you like the dress you can buy it here. All you need to do to enter is comment on this post, open to international readers! The giveaway will close around 8:00 tomorrow, Friday the 19th, pacific time.


1940s accessories giveaway!

And the winner of the 1930s accessories set is....Thelma! Of Let Them Eat Cake :)

Just email me at solanahraquel@gmail.com with your address and I'll send them on their way.

Up next is a 1940s set, with hat, flowers, and little clutch. If you like the dress you can buy it here. All you need to do to enter is comment on this post, it is open to international readers, and will close around 7:30 pacific time tomorrow the 18th. Don't worry if you think you're too late to enter, I'll close comments when time comes to pick a winner ;)

Good luck!


1930s accessories giveaway!

Thank you everyone for all your support, interest, and comments, I wish I could give each and every one of you a little gift to show my appreciation, but I think the closest I can get to is a few giveaways, so you have a better chance of winning something!

The first is a set of 1930s accessories, with a little black straw topper, tiny purse, and rhinestone brooch (I don't think the brooch is from the 30s, but it completed the look). The 1930s suit is for sale here, but all you have to do to win the accessories is leave a comment on this post! The giveaway will last for 24 hours, then there will be a 1940s set giveaway, and then a 1950s giveaway. So if these things don't strike your fancy stay tuned! This giveaway will be open until about 6:30 pacific time on Wednesday the 17th. Good Luck!



Happy Chinese New Year!

Today my Auntie and Uncle held a Chinese New Year party, with an abundance of food, people, and yummy tea. I actually ate an absurd amount of noodles, they were so good!
I love this dress, I got it a few years ago and was so glad it fit, since authentic mandarin dresses usually don't so I buy the 50s american made ones whatever change I get.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Vancouver, U.S.A.

As you probably know, the winter olympics are being held in Vancouver B.C. next month. Well, a little known fact: There is a Vancouver Washington just a state away from the Canadian boarder. Unfortunately most people aren't aware of this, and have been making reservations at Vancouver Washington hotels, and booking flights to PDX thinking they'll attend the Olympics in B.C.

It's all kind of funny really, so I'm just saying if you're going, check your reservations, and if you end up in Vancouver Washington treat your disappointment with a seasonal milkshake at Burgerville, and wander around Officers Row. The little city's got some old school charm.

*Correction, the Olympics have already started! Sorry guys and gals, I guess I wasn't paying attention to the commercials ;)

These photos were taken at Nash Motorcycle Co.

Cashmere sweater-Flashbacks Vintage

50s Jeans-Altered by me!

Shoes-Buffalo Exchange

Leopard hat-Not Quite Vintage

Rainy rain rain.

I just realized today that I can use my fancy pants flash for taking indoor outfit photos. I know, I should have figured that out weeks ago ;)

1940s dress-Gift from friend

Sweater-Used to be mothers

Hat-A gift from Josie of Frances Baker

Boots-Millie B. Vintage

Stockings-Sock Dreams


Bits and pieces

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, it's mostly due to grumpy moods and doing things around the house, but next week I have some giveaways for you! To celebrate 1,000 followers of course, it's crazy, I remember looking at blogs with 500 and hoping that someday I would reach that point, but 1,000? You guys rock :)
So here's what I've been doing:

Turning this stained, dusty, 1940s jacket into a blouse, it's turning out better than I expected!

Photo from here

I've realized that:

a. It's unlikely I will find a pair of 50s dungarees that fit me (always too small or too big).

b. If I do they are way too expensive.

c. Freddies of Pinewood will never make them for women with hips.

d. There are no vintage patterns for dungarees

So the other day when Twila Jean and I were doing a bit of thrifting, I picked up a pair of regular, high waist 80s Wranglers, and yesterday begun transforming them into just what I want. So far so good! When the weather is less rainy I'll wear them :)
I was thinking it would be cool to do a little tutorial on how to transform them, anyone interested in that?

I made this crumb cake today for my brother and it turned out yummy, and just like the picture! I am pretty much baking challenged, and have tried to bake something weekly in order to fix that. The results have been ok, I really want to make another cheesy crust pie though.

And here are some photos of my jewelry table, someone asked to see them a few weeks ago. I have my everyday jewelry box (with pin ups all over) on top of a "I won't really wear this much but I'll keep it anyway" jewelry box, necklaces on a holder, and bangles in a little red hat box.

So there you go! Hope everyone is having a nice week, or has a nice weekend planned ahead!



A bit of sewing on a sunny day

Today I met up with Twila Jean for sewing and distracting her from unpacking moving boxes :) We both worked on blouses, since we have a lack of balance with skirts and blouses, and later went cardigan hunting. What is it about finding a good cardigan that's so difficult?

Since it was such a beautiful day out we enjoyed it while the kidlets and doggie played out in her new yard, like a little taste of spring :)

Also check out this guest post on hats I did for Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Color!