The other day I posted on Facebook and Twitter something about wearing a 49er, and got so many questions as to what on earth that was! So here's the explanation: 


Pendelton has been a source of northwest pride for nearly a century, famous for Native American motif blankets, and classic plaid shirts. In 1949, they introduced the first item for a womens line, the Pendleton 49er. A simply tailored jacket with big patch pockets, and six large mother of pearl buttons, it's been a Pendleton signature ever since. Very collectible with vintage gals, they're fairly easy to find here, and the company has even re-introduced them into their modern collection. Though my biased vintage opinion is that they're not nearly as high quality as the originals ;)


That being said, I have one Minnesota woolens jacket of the same design (they became very popular with many designers and home seamstresses), and this one is an actual Pendleton, beat up and frayed, this must have been someones favorite jacket! I just couldn't pass it up though, all those amazing colors! I could easily have an addiction to these things. So far I've only got the two, but I see more in my future ;) 


Early 49er jacket-The Red Light 

Pants-Ralph Lauren, thrifted 

Cashmere Cardigan-Barneys New York, thrifted 

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Kissing Hearts Flats in Plaid-Courtesy of ModCloth


That's the hat


I love finding items in my closet in old ads or photos. I picked this hat up in Kansas City over the summer, and am really excited the weather is crisp enough to wear it! Flipping through a reproduction 1940s Sears catalogue recently, I found a very similar style from 1940.

And if you ever have as much trouble as I do keeping your blouse tucked into your skirt, try tucking it into your girdle instead, won't slip around!

 Blouse-Urban Eccentric Vintage 


Shoes-Chie Mihara at a yard sale 

Hat-Re-Runs Vintage 

Mr. Foxy-A gift 



What I would wear if....

...I were going to have hot apple cider under a bright red tree... Photobucket
1940s Plaid dress, Mustard hat, Autumn leaf necklace, Squash dress paintingCranberry Spice shoes, 1960s glasses case

...I were making cocktails before going out to cocktails...
 Brocade party dressCocktails for two apron,

...it might rain on my way to sushi...
Green a-line dressPlastic rain bonnetHome sweet home purseLeopard heels, Red lace necklace 

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You can buy me this kitchen if you want.

Don't usually post on weekends, but there were too many pics to post on Facebook :)
Sam and I went to an estate sale late in the day, where we ran into my friend Dana, and both swooned over the mid century kitchen with the most fantastic oven I've ever seen. These pics really don't do it justice. 
The itty bitty fridge! Love. They had another full sized fridge from the same period in the garage. Photobucket
The buttons for the stove. Photobucket
Even the dishwasher was cute. Photobucket
I left with all these fantastic 40s and 50s belts, only 50 cents each! The benefit of going to an estate sale late is they usually have a "half off" type thing going. My favorite is the red studded belt, and the one on the far right is Whiting and Davis! Photobucket
And these darling little strawberry blossom spoons. Not sure exactly what they are, drink stirrers? Too cute whatever they are. I also got a pretty 40s tweed suit that's now at the cleaners. I wanted to get a 60s tweed suit with matching shoes, but the suit just wasn't all that cute. Dana got a darling plaid suit with matching hat though! Gotta love estate sales. 


Doris Petticoats


I get asked quite a bit where I get my petticoats. Unfortunately I can never really direct readers to a specific petticoat place, as I buy them at various vintage and antique stores. But a few weeks ago Doris Petticoats contacted me to try out one of their petticoats, how could I refuse? :)

 Made from 39 yards of soft chiffon nylon, it's one of those super fluffy petticoats that invite swirling and swishing every five minutes. And unlike tulle petticoats, it's not "itchy", a complaint I hear often, these are very soft and lush. I got the 21" length, which works under shorter vintage skirts, not the longer "new look" lengths. 

If you like to wear petticoats as skirt (as I did in high school), they have cute satin bows as an added bonus. How darling is that? The only downsize I can see is that there is no plus size option, which I'm sure would be very welcome! 

 So final review is I'm very happy with the petticoat, it's well made, comfortable, and if I had a daughter, I'd totally get her a matching one, as they carry children's sizes as well. Another feature to note is that the elastic waistband is adjustable, with a hidden button fastening and two buttonholes that can be easily changed. I think these are a great product if you wear shorter full skirts. The one I paired with it is 24" and they worked perfectly together. 

Thank you Doris Petticoats!  

 Sweater-handmade by me 

 Skirt-Estate sale

 Petticoat- Courtesy of Doris Petticoats 

  About the Benjamins shoes-Courtesy of Modcloth 

 Socks-Estate sale 

 Coral beads-A gift 

 Purse-Micheal Kors


Petticoat inspiration


Images 1-5 via My Vintage Vogue
Images 6-7 From a 1955 Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue borrowed from Julie of Fab Gabs


How to wear a petticoat.


I've decided this will be petticoat week, sound good? 

 Ok. Lets get started. 

 Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions, basically how to wear the correct petticoat with the correct dress or skirt. 

 Many petticoats you may find today are square dance petticoats. These modern petticoats meant to be worn under short and full square dance dresses, and are in turn, very short and full. These are something you want to avoid under your average 1950s full skirt, because even though they have the effect of fullness at the top, the base has an undesirable waterfall effect that causes a break at the skirt. This one is actually not as full as many square dance petticoats, but conveys the general idea: 


Below we have a layer by layer look at the correct way to add fullness to a full pleated skirt. This dress is from the early 1950s, and has a longer and fuller skirt. At a glance it would seem a very full petticoat is underneath the frock, however, there are in fact three double layer petticoats stacked on one another: 


Now, I should note that an authentic 1950s look would not have the petticoat peeking out the hem. It can be a cute look if an inch is below the skirt hem, but personally I prefer the traditional way, completely covered. Part of the allure of a petticoat is to have it hidden under a skirt until you step just right or sit just right so that a little bit shows. But again, that's just my personal taste :) 


Next up we have a late 50s/early 60s dress with a semi full pleated skirt. This one is shorter and less full that the previous dress. 


Only a single, one layer petticoat is required to add a bit of fullness. 
Here is an example of being a little too ambitious with petticoats. Adding too much underneath, with a less full skirt can cause a muffin. As you can see the skirt is too narrow for so full of petticoats, and looks stretched out. Photobucket

And last but not least, the circle skirt. This is a pretty little felt dress with a full circle skirt, which can handle many petticoats. Two of my shorter and fullest ones seem to do the trick: 

Photobucket Photobucket

So there we have it. I hope that helped you out if you have some petticoats and weren't sure how to wear them, or are looking to start your own collection. And just for fun, here are some petticoat tips, and examples of various other petticoats, as you can see, there are many styles, lengths, and shapes! 

Stay tuned this week for petticoat inspiration and a Doris Petticoats review! 

Petticoat tips

Be sure your petticoat sits on your natural waist. Not too tight, but snug enough so that it doesn't slide down. Hiking up a petticoat all day kind of ruins the elegant effect. 

Sometimes when I want a certain color under a dress, but the petticoat is too long, I safety pin it to a long line bra. Front, back, and sides. 

Hand wash petticoats in warm water with dish soap, rinse, and lay out to dry. 

If you take an uncommon size, look for a petticoat that has an elastic casing, so you can adjust it to custom fit you. If the elastic is sewn to the fabric, it's much more difficult to adjust.

Minimal space, maximum petticoats? Hang them from a secure hook on the ceiling. 

If you don't have access to a fabric steamer to get some wrinkles out, hang the petticoat in the bathroom while the shower is going a few times. The steam should help work out some major wrinkles. 


All petticoats and dresses part of my collection and are not for sale. Black petticoat borrowed from Twila Jean, Studio courtesy of Urban Eccentric Vintage. Gray petticoat courtesy of Doris Petticoats.