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Frequenting Low Bar

Moving into a new place

Trying new food

First hike of the year

Antique expo 

Opened a booth at Old Glory Antique Mall

Birthday shopping

Unpacked my beloved dishes first 

Cat naps 


{Glamour Magazine} 1969 + 1970

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I'm opening up a space at Old Glory antique mall next month and picked up some old Glamour issues today to sell. Before I let them go I wanted to save my favorite images. It's funny how modern some of them look. 

 photo 19701_zps17b377aa.jpg
 photo 19702_zpsc306646e.jpg
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 photo March1970021_zpsb9752955.jpg
 photo 19704_zpsa7fc912c.jpg
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 photo March1970004_zps68c3acb8.jpg
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My personal history detectives

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When I shared a photo my newly purchased flag last week, some of you spotted that it looks a little odd for a 48 star, and suspected it may be older. Well you were right! Inspecting it closer, three of the stars on the outer edge were hand stitched on, whereas the rest were machine stitched. Making the flag a 45 star dating from 1886-1908.

It had a few patches already, and I've been adding to it all week, I believe it's a woven wool, so it wasn't immune to moths. Can't wait to hang it up!

Thanks for your help, you guys are awesome!  


Today I found...

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I got to buy some items from a theatre company today and there wasn't much in the way of vintage clothing, but I did find these treasures.  

Most exciting was this carpet bag. I've wanted one for years but the Victorian ones are rare and usually very expensive. I'll name her "Jane" after Jane Marple. 

 photo Marchfinds159_zps54d7fad8.jpg

Quality cotton Victorian costume, I couldn't pass it up, but need somewhere to wear it. Reminds me so much of Lark Rise to Candleford

 photo Marchfinds162_zps518060f0.jpg

1940s uniform, I think it's nurses, but could possibly be waitress? Probably nurse. It buttons and snaps up the front, and look at that Peter Pan collar! Will need some cleaning but it's just darling. 

 photo Marchfinds154_zpsf6591efb.jpg

48 star American flag. I passed it up, but kept thinking about it after leaving so we went back for it! It's beautifully thin and faded, and I'll be patching up a few more places this week. But it's huge! Will make a great wall hanging. 

 photo Marchfinds156_zpsda9811fb.jpg

Last but not least a little 1940s dress for my nine year old cousin Pearl. She loved it, so after I mend it a bit I'm sure she'll rock it. 


  Matchstick Jeans-J.Crew 

 Shoes-A gift from Jodi


Doctor Mary Wright

 photo Doctor1_zpsfa00866e.jpg

It was only after I got dressed I realized I looked like Wilber Wright and the Eleventh Doctors baby. With 
Mary Poppins as a Nanny. 

It's officially a look now. 

Also, today I listed some items on Etsy from my closet, things are going fast so good luck! 


Jacket and tie-Rummage sale

Skirt, boots, and cap-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Arrow pin-Expo

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 photo Doctor2_zpscfd931e1.jpg
 photo MarchDoctor116_zps7543e0f3.jpg
 photo MarchDoctor108_zps001f10ed.jpg


{City Guide} Vancouver Washington

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I've pieced together a city guide for my hometown, Vancouver Washington. Whether you just moved to the area or are passing through, check it out for my favorite uptown and downtown haunts. 

I'll be adding to it regularly, and hopefully have one for Portland done this year as well. Enjoy! 

 photo VancouverLowBar.jpg
 photo VancouverUrban_zpsdc66bc09.jpg
 photo VancouverBrickhouse_zps75e03780.jpg
 photo VancouverMonAmi.jpg


March Expo

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This weekend I went to the first Antique Expo of the year in Portland. I miss the days of finding great deals on loads and loads of clothing, but I did find some goodies, and had fun with my mom! 

I met lots of people I'd never seen before, and ran into friends like Janey and Julie and some expo regulars. Saturday I didn't find too much, most notably a 50s suede fringe jacket, and Sunday I went back and hunted for some bakelite spacers (those are the thin ones). About a year ago I saw a woman wearing only spacers stacked up her arm and loved the look of it, so I've been collecting those lately. 

I wore this outfit Sunday, and on my way out the door a women stopped me and showed me a beautiful VFW uniform she had been saving under the table when she saw me walk by earlier. She thought I might like it, and she was spot on! 

 photo 3-2_zps61deaf7b.jpg
 photo MarchDoctor118_zps512e98ff.jpg
 photo MarchDoctor127_zpsafb28d84.jpg
 photo 2-4_zps5d82e78e.jpg
 photo MarchDoctor129_zps58e7ea34.jpg
 photo MarchDoctor120_zps44801519.jpg
 photo 1-5_zps48ff224a.jpg
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