Dita Cardigan {Wheels and Dollbaby}

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I was more than delighted when Wheels and Dollbaby asked to collaborate with me again. This time in promotion of their Dita Cardigan, inspired by the woman herself, Dita Von Teese.

I chose the Coral sweater, and it arrived in a stylish box tied up with a pink ribbon. For these photos I paired it with a skirt, but I'm currently sporting it with jeans and boots, it's just one of those pieces that seem to go with anything. I think it would be even better with a full black skirt, so the search starts for that! 

As soon as I opened the parcel containing the pretty box, I felt my day get 1000 times more glamorous. It's that effect Dita seems to have, she brings out the special part in people not often seen in everyday life and it's one of the reasons I adore her. 

This particular color actually sold out the first time around, but you can pre-order it right now!

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Advertise on Vixen Vintage

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War era Superman sweater

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Well this is my favorite project by far!

Some months ago, after finishing my victory sweater, I decided I wanted to combine my comic book interests with my vintage interests. Since the new Superman movie was on the horizon I thought a Superman sweater would be the perfect first project, finished just in time for the film. 

I adapted the cover of Action Comics #1, one of the most recognizable covers of the century, and chose an earlier Superman crest for the front. I wanted it to look like something a girl in the early 40s would make, rather than just a nod to the past. 

Once again there are loads of changes I would make, but really I'm very happy with the way it turned out! I'm excited to wear it to the movie this weekend, and while I don't have a next knitting project in mind, stay tuned for my Supernatural outfit! 


  1940s Superman sweater-Designed and handmade by me

Skirt-Fab Gabs

Hat-The Urban Eccentric


1940s glasses-Most Everything Vintage

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 photo Superman1_zps3c985473.jpg
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 photo JuneSuperman048_zps6b456924.jpg


Inspired by: Lady adventurers

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I love seeing late 19th/early 20th century photos of women adventurers. I have a few photos somewhere around here of groups of hikers in the teens and twenties, where the women are sporting wool knickers and heavy sweaters or crisp white shirts and ties. It's my faaaaaaaaaavorite look ever. 

When I went out to take pictures it was a little chilly so I grabbed my 30s riding jacket (actually maybe it's older?) and it seemed to work perfectly. My Sherlock and John cat buttons live on the lapel right now, they're the cutest. 


Shirt-J. Crew
Pants, belt, and jacket-Thrifted
Boots-Antique shop
Bee brooch-The Urban Eccentric
Sherlock buttons-Jenny Parks 

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 photo 5_zpsbd3802d4.jpg
 photo 2_zps64e3d13c.jpg
 photo JuneDandy026_zps3ab4958c.jpg
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 photo 3_zpsa4b418b1.jpg


Pearls 10th Birthday

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This weekend my cousin Pearl turned ten years old. She's a major history buff, and this spring she's delved deep into the world of the Romanov Family. She knows everything there is to know, and decided her party theme would be 1910s themed, with her family of four girls dressed as various members of the Romanovs. 

She chose Anastasia, complete with sash and tiara, and my brother sported robes and creeped around as Rasputin. We set up a picnic at a local park and had traditional Russian treats and even played a trivia game. 

Happy Birthday Pearl! 

Blouse-The Urban Eccentric

Skirt-Rummage sale

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 photo JunePearl252_zpsdfc0c81e.jpg
 photo JunePearl129_zps77defd13.jpg
 photo Pearl3_zpsd8fe7921.jpg
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Meetup with Adored Vintage

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Today I met up with an out of town Instagram friend, Rodellee of Adored Vintage (warning, her shop is stunning), and  Janey and Julie. We had a fun lunch downtown, then had to part ways with Rodelle, but we stopped by a photobooth for some antics before leaving downtown. 

Rodellee was a delight to talk to, we both have a slight addiction to Kitchen Nightmares and Peonies, and her gorgeous hair is exactly what I hope mine will look like *eventually*.  
A great way to spend a sunny afternoon! 


Skirt and brooch-Gift from my mother 

 Blouse and belt-Fab Gabs

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 photo Junemeet009_zps5d118a9d.jpg
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Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

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I stumbled upon Cheerful Weather for the Wedding today on Netflix, and from the beginning loved the visuals. It's a 1930s period piece about a woman having second thoughts on her wedding day, and the film jumps between her wealthy dysfunctional family, and memories from the previous summer she spent with a past boyfriend. 

I'll watch anything 30s/40s for aesthetics alone, though this was just the kind of story I enjoy. Not nearly as heavy as I expected, there were actually a few giggle worthy parts, and I became more invested in the characters as the story progressed. It's one of those movies I can draw inspiration from, as well as watch multiple times and get something fresh out of it every time. 

The cast was great, the few likable characters stayed on the sidelines (but I enjoy leads who I don't necessarily root for), and it was just so pretty, why not watch it ;)

 photo Cheerful2_zpsb3da2699.jpg
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 photo Cheerful1_zps9268bf0d.jpg
 photo Cheerful6_zps348939ad.jpg
 photo Cheerful4_zps9c6a8a00.jpg Screen stills from here