Red, white, and blue. And pink.

Photo by Josh 

I would like this to go down as the day I got a big pink Christmas tree, and Captain America waved at me. 


Time? Time to get pretty.


"Oh hello. My name is Sene'. What's that? You want the time? Oh I'm sorry, I'm not a watch. No really. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to be dazzled....


Voila! I am a compact. Do I amaze you? Oh don't bother taking out your lipstick, I am everything you want and more....


See? I told you I wasn't a watch." 


Found this beauty and couldn't leave her behind. Have since cleaned her up, and refilled the dishes. They're removable, at one time you could probably buy replacements at the makeup counter. Eventually I'd love to have it restored a bit, as much as I love the found condition, I love restoring things even more! 

Compact bracelet from Camas antiques

Exciting news! (Not of the baby variety)

And here is my first post as a full time blogger! 


 I quit my job working at a local vintage store, and now you guys have me all to yourselves. I feel very fancy. Though it was hard to quit my job of nearly four years, it was sort of the reluctance of leaving that made me decide I had to let it go. Can't move forward if you don't let go! 

 So from now on I'm expecting to do about five posts a week, more giveaways, features, and hopefully show you more of my collection that doesn't usually make it on here. Ok, here we go!
Today I tagged along with my mother and grandma to the Pendleton mill store for some Christmas presents. My favorite Pendleton wool scarf/shawl was a must. Instead of just belting it like I usually do, I folded it into a little bustle :)

Because bustles are cool.   

This has kind of been my "go to" autumn outfit, which seems to change every year. 

Photos my mama 

 All items from Urban Eccentric Vintage

Purse-Michael Kors


Soon I'll turn into Gollum. Just wait and see.


In case you haven't noticed, I'm very attached to "things". It's taken me a while to realize that as it may be superficial, things make me happy. Of course it's not the only thing that make me happy, there are those cliche moments that I love the most, but honestly I love pretty things, and surround myself with them.

Lately I've been simplifying. To de-clutter, and make some extra cash, especially this time of year.

I pull out all my clothes, look at each piece, and decide if I need it. Some stay, there are those that I know I will keep forever like the skirt I was wearing when Sam proposed to me, and some I know I'll eventually have to let go of. Then there are those that are on their way to be sold.

Today I did it again. Only this time I meant to be rock solid, and really get rid of things. That dress I've only ever worn once? Yeah, someone else will wear it all the time. Those skirts you've grown out of? Time to let go.

Then I got to a robe. My beautiful navy blue wool robe, with a silk polka dot hood. I'ts a little too small. I'm usually too warm to wear it inside. But I remember spotting it at the shop, hidden on the back of a pillar, and my heart skipped a beat. And I asked to see it almost in a panic, as if someone would grab it before I could. And how perfect it was.

And then like a little girl, I started crying. I hate crying. I'd rather eat a worm than have anyone see me cry. Actually I'd feel sorry for the worm. How about oilves? Gross.

And then I realized that my clothes aren't just things. To other people they are, but to me, they're my lifes work. Iv'e spent years accumulating all my clothes, and wearing them, and taking proper care of them. They are me. I didn't just walk into a vintage store one day and buy an entire wardrobe, these all come from different places, and different times of my life. And I remember buying them, and the excitement and thrill of finding that one of a kind, special piece. Wearing each one, and gosh what was I thinking paring that with those shoes, and when I wear this dress everyone calls me Snow White.

I think anyone who has a collection of any kind can understand. It's practically impossible to let go, because this is at it's core, your life. I'm sure it would be different if I had children, but for now my wardrobe is what I've created, something I'm very proud of, and something I have a terrible time letting go of. I get offended when people want to buy my things without them being offered because I think "I spent years of constant searching and building to have what I have, you expect me to just hand a part of it over?"

So here I am, surrounded by piles and racks of beautiful clothes, with a pile to let go of. I know you guys will give them good homes, much better than in a box under the bed. But I'm still attached to the robe. Maybe next time. Maybe never. I have lots of clothes I don't wear anymore that I can't even begin to think of selling. Perhaps one day I'll wear them again, or hopefully one of my little cousins will want to wear them.

Either way, I like my pretties. They're as much a part of my life as anything. 



The coat


Oh hi, yeah, this is just my coat.

My awesome coat. 

I got it at the antique expo last month, and while I searched it inside out five times, the Christian Dior tag seems to be missing. If anyone finds it laying around, let me know. 

I wore it Saturday when Sam and I did a little shopping and sushi-ing on NW 23rd. We stopped by Goorin Brothers and I blushed a little when everyone in the store went gaga over it. But then we went to the M.A.C. store and I actually did buy blush, so it all worked out. 

{I asked the makeup artist for blush, and she said "this one will make you look like you just stepped in from the cold. Or like Snow White.}

How did she know that's exactly what I wanted? 

It's called "Pink Swoon" in case you're wondering. 

I even met a blog reader on the street, she was nice enough to say hello and chat for a moment! To be honest, it never really hits me that more people read my blog than my mom and friends until someone I don't know says something in person. 

I am oblivious. 

But oblivious in a fabulous coat.


Coat-Antique expo


Shoes-Chie Mihara

Gloves-Estate Sale

Purse-Michael Kors


"My Week With Marilyn" giveaway winner!


And the winner of the My Week With Marilyn book and poster giveaway is...........

 Rachel B. of Untouchable Treasure

 Email me at solanahraquel[at]gmail.com for details :)

 Apologies to non-U.S. entrants, I forgot to ask the company if international entries were eligible and unfortunately they are not for this particular giveaway. There will be more fun items up for grabs in the future though! Thank you everyone for entering! 

Have fun seeing My Week With Marilyn!

 Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company.


"My Week With Marilyn" Giveaway!


The much anticipated film My Week With Marilyn opens in the U.S. next week, and you can bet I'll see it at least once! So you can imagine my squeals when I was contacted in hopes of hosting a giveaway in celebration! 

 The movie, set in 1956, stars Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, and reading the cast list I'm excited to see some of my favorite actors also in the film, such as Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Emma Watson, and Dominic Cooper. Eeep! So, The Weinstein Company has offered up a "My Week With Marilyn" book, and a movie poster. Lucky you! All you need to do to enter is comment in this post, only one entry per person please. U.S. residents eligible for the drawing, sorry international readers! The winner will be chosen at random Sunday night. Good luck!


All images courtesy of The Weinstein Company.


Yes it's still me

I wore a lot of 70s styles in middle school. I wasn't particularly into the era as I am with the 30s, 40s, and 50s, currently, but more that was what was in style then. Flared jeans. Peasant tops. I even had a purple faux fur vest my aunt and uncle brought me back from Germany I thought was pretty cool. 
 Point is, I have a soft spot for 70s style. LOVE Gunne Sax. I should have more fringed things. And I do love a good jumpsuit.
 Lately I've been searching for a good pair of high waist wide legged jeans, and found these at work just last week!

 The hat is my new cold weather staple, it's so warm! Like when a kitty sleeps on your head.

And the blouse is something I picked up at an estate sale for 50 cents, a perfectly worn and soft blouse. Must have been a favorite of the original owners as well.   

Hat and Jeans-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Blouse-Estate sale 

 Cardigan-Made by me using this pattern 

 Shoes-Chie Mihara, found at a garage sale 

 Purse-Michael Kors


Thrifting finds

Went Christmas shopping at some local thrift and vintage shops, and while I did find a couple of Christmas gifts, I also found a bunch of things I couldn't pass up. It's to be expected.... Photobucket
Kitty. He wanted to come home with me. Photobucket
Wool! I never find natural fiber yarn at thrift stores, at least not more than one skein. Yay!
Kitty box. For...sewing type things? I dunno, but look at how cute it is! Photobucket
Glitter cutting board. For cutting fancy things. Photobucket
Another "Paradise Kittens" shoebox. I have two of the shoeboxes, but none of that brand of shoes... Photobucket
Sparkly faceted bangles. For wearing as I cut fancy vegetables on my sparkly cutting board. Photobucket
Evil kitty flannel fabric. Enough to make a skirt! Photobucket
Mini Jello molds for making cute Jello. Hopefully making an appearance soon on my food blog. Photobucket
I collect the plain pink rimmed diner dishes, but this one was too cool to pass up. Photobucket
Knitting needles in really cool pink packaging. Photobucket
A bright 60s swimsuit, with cutouts! Not sure if I'll keep it, as I do live in Washington state, and have a bunch of other swimsuits that never get worn. But it's so cool! 


Illustrated hatboxes


 Check out this fantastic illustration by Anne from Germany, based on one of these photos by Lara Blair. Thank you so much Anne!





 My favorite (and only) knee high boots. When searching for these all I could find were lace up boots with zippers on the side. Drives me crazy. Both aesthetically and because I walk with my legs so close together the zipper gets caught and I trip all over the place. 

Why have lace up boots if I don't get to lace them? That's half the fun! 

And now that the cooler weather has hit, nothing is warmer than knee high boots, warm socks, soft sweater, and a wool skirt. Ok, tights would probably be warmer, but it's not that cold. 

 Boots-Urban Eccentric Vintage 

 Socks-Handmade by me.




A few weeks ago my friend Sarah sent me this beautiful handmade headband from her shop Branchbound. It reminded me of the delicate boudoir hair decor that was popular in the 20s, so this morning kitty and I took some pics in our loungewear (I in a vintage kimono, he in his fluffy fur). Because some gray and cold mornings require pink wool socks, big kitties, and pretty thing just for fun.

"Gidget" headband Courtesy of Branchbound

1940s kimono/robe-Xtabay



Shop my moms closet! And mine too...

Another shop my closet post! Only this time, you can shop my mothers closet, who has some pretty beautiful items for you :) All items are sold as is, I have not attempted to mend any flaws or wash any stains. All flaws are described as best I can, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at solanahraquel [at] gmail.com. There is one item from my own collection, a black 40s princess coat. Also, thank you Twila Jean for letting me borrow your model and set! Happy shopping!

1950s Watercolor rose dress $80   Photobucket
A beautiful silk watercolor dress from the 1950s, it has a criss-cross bodice and sash like waistline. Three quarter length sleeves, and even a small petticoat built in. Dress is shown with a separate petticoat underneath, which is not included. The only flaw is a small area of thread separation on the right shoulder. Not prominent. Small, non invasive marks may be on the dress, but the watercolor print is so busy, I could not detect any that were immediately visible. Bust-34 Waist-24 Bodice-15 Skirt-26

Sold Photobucket
Late 1940s black wool princess coat $250Photobucket
This coat is from my own collection, dating from the late 40s, it's a very "New look" coat. Made from very soft black wool, it has two pockets, a fur collar, lined in black silk, shoulder pads, and even has a little padding at the hips (yes, women used to pad their hips, not try to hide them, imagine that!)

The coat is missing a button, in the photo below you can see the way it's meant to be closed, and in the photo above, the way I always just wore it. There is only one pin sized moth hole in the side skirt, not visible unless held up to light. Some of the lining has been stitched in an obvious way (not by me, I swear!), but surprisingly there's no major holes, and no stains. Bust-38 Waist-30 Length-48.5 Shoulders-16.5 Sleeves-21.5

1950s blue watercolor dress $80Photobucket
Another beautiful watercolor dress, this one a "Mode O' Day"! Aqua flowers print the silk, with a gathered waist, and bow and the front, and two bows at the back. A small mark on the front bodice, and a few light stains on the skirt, as shown, but they get lost in the print. Shown with a petticoat, not included. Bust-34 Waist-25 Bodice-19 Skirt-24

1950s black fringe wiggle dress $40Photobucket
A flirty little wiggle dress! Black rayon makes up this mid century classic, with a beautifully draped cowl neck trimmed in fringe. You'll have to do a little wiggle now and then ;) Fully lined, very very light wear under the arms, not prominent. Bust-36 Waist-25 Hips-38 Bodice-16 Skirt-22

1950s iridescent party dress $80 Photobucket
This dress is THE holiday dress of all holiday dresses. Iridescent silk shows off vibrant blues and purples, and sometimes in the right light, a little pink. The shelf bust is framed with an extended collar, and the nipped waist is accented with a matching belt. A small petticoat is built in, shown with separate petticoats, not included.  The front has some stains, the largest at the hem, as well as some smaller ones not pictured. Also some pin holes on the bust, as shown in the photo below. Bust-36 Waist-26 Bodice-16 Skirt-30

1960s black wool skirt $20Photobucket
A cute little skirt for cooler days, basic black wool, with pretty floral trim at the base. Fully lined, excellent condition. Waist-26 Hips-37 Length-21

1950s/60s red cocktail dress $40Photobucket
A perfect little red dress, of floral printed brocade, from the 1950s or 60s. Above elbow sleeves and a semi-gathered waist are delicate details on a devilish dress. There is a stain on the back hem, as shown below, as well as a rather messy repair on the sleeve seam (not by me!). Can be easily repaired on a machine. Bust-34 Waist-25 Hips-40 Bodice-15.5 Skirt-23.5