Disneyland Pt.2

The second day at the park we got to meet the ever lovely Katie

It was a fantastic way to spend my mothers birthday, can't wait until next time! 


{Redbubble} Art in Motion

Redbubble, my favorite place to get fan designed tees based on my favorite movies and shows, has recently launched a line of exclusive artist designed streetwear that is AMAZING. They contacted me and asked if I would style something from the line, and The Black Hole scarf and Space scarf  by Jorge Lopez caught my eye. 

Since the concept is "Art in Motion" I wanted to draw inspiration from Loie Fuller, who's work and life is beyond interesting, I highly recommend viewing this video to see the kind of work she influenced. 

These scarves are the perfect tool to capture movement and an ethereal essence, they're so light and airy (I'm really picky when it comes to synthetics, and these poly scarves feel like silk), and they're HUGE! You could wear around your neck or tie one as a wrap skirt, I just love accessories that allow for creativity and versatility. 

Check out the Art in Motion collection, there's some really cute summer styles to get you through the heat. 


Disneyland Pt.1

Last month my mother and I spent a couple magical days at Disneyland  for her birthday! 

I wore one of the Pin Up Girl Mary Blair collection dresses, which felt right at home among the colors and patterns. I even got to see some Instagram friends, including Janey, which makes time there even more special! 

Rest of outfit is vintage


star spangled man with a plan

A few weeks ago I found this great little jacket at a Banana Republic outlet, perfect basic for spring, right?

Silly me, I can't have basics. 

A couple hours after buying the jacket, it all just hit me at once: Captain America, Swaroski crystals, glitter. It needed to happen. 

To the craft store we went, and I started on it right away. I referenced a collection of old WWII Captain America comics, so we have boy Bucky Barnes, and the original uniform for Cap. I did a few figural sketches, but other than that, I just kind of went with it, unplanned. 

I wish I could have conveyed how sparkly it really is, there's pink glitter all over my house (sorry kitties), and I used some legit Swarovski crystals and brass Tiffany settings. We do high class tacky over at Vixen Vintage. 

I found a pin at Disneyland last week (more on that later) that fits perfectly on the lapel, can't wait to wear my new jacket to see Age of Ultron

Marvel skirt c/o Munster Madness

Black top c/o Stop Staring

Petticoat c/o Doris Petticoats