Doctor Who 50th

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As many of you may know, this weekend the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was celebrated with a special episode aired around the world. The local historic Kiggins Theatre, served as the venue for a celebration event organized by Chelsea, the fabulous lady pictured below. We followed each other on Instagram, but had never properly met since perhaps the showing of the Christmas episode last year, but seeing as how the community in town is small, and we share the same interests, we were bound to get together sometime! 

I finally officially met her the day before, when Ruth and I offered to help set up the odds and ends of the event. It was a fun day of hanging out around the old theatre, and talking to new people, and the more time I spent rolling posters and writing "Bad Wolf" on the sidewalk, the more excited I got. 

The celebration started Saturday morning, and when we arrived the line was wrapped around the block, so many people dressed up, and waiting in the freezing cold. Obviously we have some dedicated Doctor Who fans in town. 

The place was packed from the get go, and Chelsea had set up Dalek pinatas, pin the face on Cassandra, themed refreshments, door prizes, and a costume contest, to name a few. 

I stole some of Sams clothes and went with a Captain Jack Harkness cosplay, and Ruth made a sparkly felt skirt with the tardis and a rose stitched on, and we decided she was "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey". 

Though honestly, I think my absolute favorite part of the celebration was seeing so many children really excited about it. Sometimes I forget it's a kids show at heart, and loved being reminded to sit back and enjoy the magical whimsy of it all. 

Hope you all have a nice weekend! 

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Fort Vancouver Adventures

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Last week Lisa of Honey Talk Vintage came over to my side of the river for a visit. We explored Fort Vancouver on a crisp sunny day, chatting with the blacksmith and carpenter, and taking in the smells of wood and coals. Lisa is so fun to spend the day with, we both share a love for the comforts of striped shirts and vintage coach. I'd swap wardrobes with her any day. 

Be sure to visit her shop, she has the most amazing collection of vintage deadstock shoes. Seriously amazing. You can see her photos on her blog

{My outfit}

Nyssa trench coat-Pendleton Portland Collection

Boots-Whites Boots via Animal Traffic



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What Katie Did Giveaway

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Ready for another What Katie Did giveaway? Of course you are! 

I love teaming up with the leading name in vintage underpinnings, and when this collection debuted I kind of fell in love with it. Seeing a dark chocolate paired with champagne has a gorgeous effect, as I love neutrals, but sometimes they're less than exciting. 
This the giveaway is for an entire set, the gorgeous Coco Collection. This includes The Cathedral Bra, garter belt, Coco knickers, and Retro Seamed Stockings


This giveaway closes Friday, November 22nd at midnight GMT, so enter now!

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Last night I watched Populaire on Netflix streaming, a french film set in 1959, about a young woman who trains to be the fastest typist in the world. Aside from the cute story, it's full of fantastic outfits, and I'm now searching for a green skirt like hers, because she's just too cute.

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Mugshot ladies

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I love looking at the grittier side of the past, and not just the less that starlet quality fashions, but history and especially criminal history. Going even deeper into that branch of interest is women in crime, because it's just not something you hear about too much. 

These Australian women were arrested between 1915-1930 when these photos were taken. Their crimes ranged from theft, prostitution, murder, swindling, and public drunkenness.

The quality of these shots is incredible, many of the women have expressionless faces, but a few have a hint of a smirk or glare. Considering the poverty background of these individuals I wouldn't be surprised if a mugshot was the only photo some of them would ever pose for. 

Of course the clothing also catches my eye, not just in an appealing way, but because they're so riddled with imperfections. They're not the beaded silk dresses and elaborate deco coats we're used to seeing, they're dresses are wrinkled, their collars wilted, and their furs worn. 

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