New this week!

Here's a preview of what's going up in my shop this week (the 40s dress is killer, in case you're wondering). If you have any questions or would like to reserve something, email me!


Shopping day

One of the few non depressing parts of The Duchess were the costumes, and more specifically that hats. Oh the hats. The real duchess loved lush Ostrich plumes, and as women followed her style soon the giant feathers were scarce and England had a plume shortage! This 1940s hat reminds me so much of the hats Keira Knighltey wore in the film, not just because of the massive feather but because it has a certain regal presence, I can't help but stand up straight and hold my head high. Plus there are little bows, and little bows are cute.
Today Lisa (Sam's mother) and I went to Buffalo Exchange and The Red Light. I got some fabulous things for my shop at Buffalo Exchange, but The Red Light was a bust. I saw the ugliest dress I have ever seen there, no joke. It was short, yellow, acid washed denim, with a zip front, wide collar, and weird pockets. The only thing I bought for myself was, what else? A hat. The second we walked into the store I saw it and snatched it off the shelf, it's a very cute cloche with a big ol' feather.

Lisa found this darling dress at Magpie Vintage a few weeks ago, isn't it fantastic? She paired it with boots to give it more of a fall feel. As you can see this is where Sam gets his stunning red hair, which really looks great against black and white.

Blouse, cardigan, hat-The Urban Eccentric

Skirt-Buffalo Exchange

Gloves and shoes-Thifted

Purse-Michael Kors

Oh wait! Not done yet! Today I made it onto The Top Ten Vintage Clothing Blogs! How cool is that? Thanks Anne!


Rag Curls: Made Cuter

The other day Sabrina told me that my rag curl tutorial inspired her to create this absolutely darling watercolor. How cool is that? Of course I adored it, and she even sent me the original painting! What a sweetheart. I can't wait to get it in a pink frame and hang it over my vanity where I do my hair. Just in case I need a little direction ;)

If you love her work (and how can you not?) visit her shop!

Just in case you were wondering I'm working on the hat posts (gradually) which I expect to post in mid October. If anyone has any expertise or fun little facts email me, I'd love to have your input!


The Killers!

Last night my friend Kendra and I saw The Killers, one of my very favorite bands ever. Of course they were amazing and we both had a blast (It's her birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday Kendra!). I saw them last time they came for their second album in a much more intimate venue, and this time they had three opening bands, fire balls, confetti, and an endless sea of fifteen year olds in neon leggings and 80s t-shirts. We felt kinda' old :)

Oh yes, and aren't these pants just amazing? I always have outlandish taste in pants (seriously, you should see my purple jeweled ones), and these are no exception. They have been sitting at work for months being made fun of by every passer by and I just couldn't deny my love for them. I had to get them before someone bought them for a Halloween costume then forgot about them in the back of their closet. They are actually really great quality. By Jantzen in the 1960s, made of soft wool woven with metallic threads. There is even a velvet elastic waistband, I never even knew there was such a thing as velvet elastic :) I call them my "Fondu Party Pants" because I can just picture a woman in the 60s having all her friends over for a fondu party and wearing these.

Pants-The Urban Eccentric

Shirt and "Chanel" bag-Thrifted


Day at the beach

Being September and all I figured I would not need my beautiful vintage swimsuit on the normally cold and windy northwest coast. So imagine my surprise when we (Sam's family and I) got there and the weather was perfect. We all had to go find a store and buy beach clothes so we could enjoy it, and in the midst of sweaters and coats I found this blouse and "high waisted" pants. Kind of beach pajama-ish don't you think? Anyway, it was on sale from $170 to $22. Don't you dare say you know what.


Jane Marple is my style icon.

The other day at Costco I found a gem of a gem: Miss Marple! Needless to say I got some stares while clutching to DVD's jumping up and down and squeeling in the middle of the store. They had all four season, each only $30, and thanks to the lovely world of budgeting I had to choose only one. I got series one since I had only seen a bit of one of the four episodes. I watched the first episode last night and fell in love with the opening credits. It shows Miss Marple getting ready to go out, slipping on her gloves, putting on her hat, and buttoning her knit duster. One of my favorite things about the show is that it is set in post WWII England, but she dresses in 30s frocks, it's so sweet. So it's the best mix of youthful curvy 50s outfits, and little old lady 30s outfits. Kind of like my wardrobe, hehe.

Skirt-The Urban Eccentric

Blouse-Buffalo Exchange, San Francisco

Purse-Michael Kors

I was rushed out the door today and forgot a hat! Oh well. Someone did ask me "Is that your hair?" today. Am I the only one with this problem?

Tomorrow Sam and I are going to the beach for a couple of days with his family, I'll post pictures when we get back!


Imaginary fall wardrobe...

Here is what I am craving to wear this week. Only it'll be 90 degrees and sunny. Is it so lame I want it to rain?

Clockwise from upper left, ending with dress:Cardigan, Feather headband, Umbrella,Shoes, Tights,Purse, Clock pin, Dress


If you're going to make up a word, make it good.

Call me cheap, call me thrifty, but please don't ever call me a "frugalista".

You might as well slap me in the face with a pair of neon yellow crocks.

It hasn't happened yet but I can feel it's going to.

Obnoxious person: "Is that your real hair?"

Me: "Yes."

Obnoxious person: "Oh. Where did you get your dress?''

Me:" A thrift store."

Obnoxious person: "Well aren't you a frugalista!"


For more words that make me cringe click here


Which Goose? This Goose!

Sometimes you'll put together this great outfit, and it looks fine except....somthing's missing. You try on a hat, and it's just too heavy, you clip in a bow and well, thats just too light. What's the perfect in between decoration for your pretty little head? A natural crown from Which Goose of course!
The enchanting Emily has made nearly 2,000 sales since opening shop last year, and it's easy to see why. When wearing one of her crowns or combs the possibility of living with fairies or making friends with bunnies is realized. The crowns feel playful, whimsical, and oh so youthful. Did you ever tie daisies together and place them on your head when you were a little girl? Or perhaps you did that yesterday, either way they bring back that innocence that comes with exploring the possibilities of nature. These crowns and combs are perfect for making that everyday outfit unique, breathing new air into a tired wardrobe. They are also a wonderful alternative to a bridal veil, or something playful for your bridesmaids. So give Emily's shop a looksie, and imagine the fun you'll have wearing one of her works of art!




These look like they should be in the pages of Lula.


Fairy tale dress

This dress is so dreamy, it reminds me of Sleeping Beauty for some reason. And of course a light petticoat makes in even more fairy like.

Dress and glasses: The Red Light

Hat and gloves: I dunno

Victorian brooch: An Engagement gift from my boss



Here's some highlights of what I'll be listing this week. I've started up a Halloween section with some fun things, the ballerina outfit will be in that section. Here is a great knit suit, I mentioned to all you gals afraid of wearing suits that knit ones can look more casual and soft, as well as be very comfortable, and this one is so cute. My favorite item this week though is this fabulous sheer black party dress, because you can put any color slip or petticoat underneath and its a whole new look! As always, send me an email or Etsy convo if you wish to reserve something or want to know more about it ;)

Oh hey, I'm in a Gift guide, thanks TeenAngster ;)
Make that two!


Splashes of fall color

This morning Twila Jean and her little baby picked me and we went to Portland for some Etsy shop shopping. Was a success, I found a dress, a knit suit and an amazing 40s dress. I am going to take photos tomorrow, except for the 40s dress as they forgot to take the security tag off before we left, so I have to take it back, have it removed, and then I can list it. Funny thing is whenever they leave security tags on nothing happens, it doesn't set off any alarm or anything. So pretty much its just there to annoy me. I did of course find a little something for myself (well, more than one thing, but I made myself pick). It's a 1950s blue dress in such a pretty cut with a full skirt, I think I'll wear it Wednesday.

We did get super excited upon finding a red 1940s suit, something Twila Jean has been searching for for years! It fits her perfectly, something to check off of her "lookout list" :)

I found this skirt and belt at work yesterday, they seem to go together pretty well. The skirt is a Jantzen, they make the best skirts, such quality wool and tailored lines. I have two 50s and one 30s Jantzen wool skirts and they are my favorite, better than others I have. I feel fortunate to live in an area where quality wools were once made, it's fairly easy to find Janzen wool anything and the Pendleton label is everywhere. I would love another 30s Jantzen skirt though, mine is a little small but I just can't let go of it, it's the most beautiful pink! Ah well, more are out there somewhere.

Skirt, belt, purse, and cardigan-The Urban Eccentric.

Hat and gloves-Estate sale?

Shoes-Nordstrom Rack.

Brooch-Thrift store in Solana Beach


Don't wear your Swirl when it's windy...

Today Sam and I took a little trip to Portland to go to Kenny and Zukes. There he is waiting out on the sidewalk for table, that place is always busy. After eating we went to Magpie Vintage for about 10 minutes before the parking meter ran out, so not enough time to really look. He did however buy a fantastic pair of wire frames, I think from the 20s or 30s but I'm not sure. He looks so dapper. It seems the whole wearing glasses without lenses thing has rubbed off on him ;)

I found this darling Swirl dress at work yesterday and snatched it right up, the color is so vibrant and it looks great with my orange sweater, for when it eventually gets cooler. It only has one side pocket though, and one thing I love about my two other Swirls is that they have two nice big patch pockets on the front. I'll manage I suppose ;)

Dress, shoes, and purse: The Urban Eccentric

Sunglasses: Chanel (yes, they are real) Buffalo Exchange.

Necklace: Gift from Sam.


...and the heat goes on...

Summer still lingers, with hints of Autumn only in the fruit fallen from the trees and cool breeze at night.

Today I read a bit more of "Making the Most of Your Looks", and was really delighted at the amount of hat advice given. People always ask about the right hats for their face, and now I can make a much better judgement. I am working on a series of hat posts, they will probably consist of: How to wear hats according to decade, how to wear hats for your face shape and features, proper use of hat pins, and care and storage of hats. Sound good? Let me know if I'm leaving out anything, or if you have a specific question. Today at work (I work at a vintage store for new readers), a girl tried on a pretty red felt 40s hat, very simple with average crown and medium brim. She put it on the back of her head, looked at it, and took it off. This happened a few times, and I could tell she really liked it, but wasn't quite loving how it looked on her. So I said "that looks really cute, but can I make an adjustment?" "Oh sure" she said. So I pulled it forward, tilted it to the side, and turned part of the brim up. She looked in the mirror and went "Oh wow! I'll take it!"

Here's a bit of what inspired me:

"Do not just put your hat on. Wear it with an air.
Wear it with dignity, or with amusement or allure.
But do not, I beg of you, merely wear it!"

What went on this week:

1. Today on Daddy Likey, the immensely entertaining Winona featured a pic I sent in for the weekly Don't Show-cha Your Chocha. If you've never read it before, then you are missing out, her whole blog is hilarious.

2. I was asked for the fifth time: "Is your hair real?" ...Inappropriate but tempting response: "Are your boobs real?"
Its the same level of rudeness.

3. I bought this to frame and hand up in my hat room. Two of my favorite things, cats and hats.


Lookout list.

When I want something I won't settle for anything less than exactly what I want. For years I searched for carmel brown, lace up, no zipper, low heel, knee high, affordable boots. And last winter I found exactly that. I have a long list of things I am always searching for, but am in no hurry. I frequent shops and am a vintage dealer, so eventually I will find exactly what I am looking for, no exceptions for anything less. Here's a few fun things that may take years of searching (and a small fortune).
Above is a New Look Christian Dior suit designed by the man himself. The structure is spectacular. The second image is of some simple 1930s suits, I think the skirts are my favorite aspect of them.

Here is the most perfect 1930s coat from Contentment Farm. 1930s wool coats in this slim style are impossible to find, in the past few months I have found a total of two. Yes, two. When I saw this one I nearly cried. It's my size, brown, has a button up or down collar, and its trimmed in leopard fur! Now if only there was a matching accessory, like a muff or a purse....oh wait. There is. As perfect as it is the price is still unreachable (although it is a great price for such a stunning coat) and the seller was super nice.
The other image is of a 1930s knit suit from The Chawed Rosin. I adore knit dresses and suits, the suits are a great alternative to fabric suits as they have a soft appeal, a few people mentioned on yesterdays post that suits looked too harsh on them, so you may want to consider a knit suit if you still want the look without the hard lines. This suit looks perfect, I may just attempt to knit it. Haha! We'll just see how that goes.

Here are a couple of realistic wants, a fabulous pair of granny boots, and some driving gloves. These granny boots are from Vintage and More. I love the two tone leather, but they are not my size. You can find these pretty gloves here

Don't forget, it's the last day of the Half off sale!

That is all for now, what are you on the lookout for this season?


Going Green

I used to hate suits. Having a square jaw and shoulders I always stayed away from any type of suit, but last year at work I decided to try on this one. And how lovely it was. Since then I've collected three other 1940s suits, and am on the lookout for a 1930s one. The ultimate find would be a New Look Christian Dior suit, but that may take a lifetime of looking (and savings). A green suit has been on my wish list for a while as it looks so militant, and over the weekend I got this one at The Red Light. It fits like a glove, and I LOVE the nipped in waist.

Today I put on one hat, left the house with another, and got to work and found this one (and two others, ahem) waiting to be put out on display. Needless to say they never made it out, but instead came home with me to my hat farm, where hats play all day until it's showtime.

Dress: The Red Light

Hat and purse: The Urban Eccentric


50% off S A L E !!!!!!

For everyone else this dress is $78, but for you it is only $39!!!!!

Instead of the usual "new items" I'd like to announce I'm having a Sale!

And it's exclusively for Vixen Vintage readers, because you are super special :)

All items in this section are 50% off the listed price. Just order whatever your heart desires, and enter "VIXENVINTAGE" at checkout in the "Message to buyers" box. Do not complete the payment process (don't go to paypal) instead I will send you a revised invoice with the discounted price and you can pay through that. Simple!

There are lots of items waiting to go to good homes, but the offer only lasts until Friday. Happy shopping!


Golden girl

Here is the 1950s dress I got Saturday, it's one of my favorites, I wish I had one in every color! The wrap style is always so flattering, and this sleeve length is my favorite. A good fitted sleeve is so underestimated.

Today I went to the other Buffalo Exchange location with my mother and Sam and we got $87 in trade! Woohoo! I got a sweater vest with hunting dogs on it for my 1930s fox hunts, and a little velvet hat and seamed fishnets. Sam got a really nice fall jacket and my mother a beautiful leopard one.
The other day I cleaned out my closet and brought out cardigans and put away cotton dresses. I had 37 by the way, someone asked a while ago. Thats not counting my fall dresses which are still in storage (wool). So I had 37 dresses, and a bunch of blouses and skirts all stuffed into a six foot closet. I would not recommend it. But now that I have picked out a light fall wardrobe I see the weeks weather predicts high 70 degrees. Thanks universe.

Dress: Buffalo Exchange

Hat: The Urban Eccentric

Shoes: The Nordstrom Rack

Glasses: Camas Antique Mall

The dedication from "How to Make the Most of Your Looks" By Dorothy Stote, 1935

"To The woman who would dress to achieve poise,
seek mystery in powder,
create romance with perfume,
and meet adventure by the tilt of her hat. "



This weekend I've mainly been doing housework and such, hence the absence from blogging and listings. Yesterday my mother and I went to the Hawthorne area and traded clothes at The Buffalo Exchange and The Red Light. We got $170 in trade between the two! Needless to say we shopped until we ran out of credit, I got a fabulous green 40s suit that fits like a glove and a pretty mustard yellow 50s dress among other things. I did get a couple of cute dresses for my shop, there will be fall items going up this week! I'm excited because I've saved some neat things all year just itching to list them at the right time.
It feels so much like fall right now, but living in the North West means really odd weather during this transitional time from summer to fall. We can have all four seasons in one hour, today it would be warm and sunny one minute, pour rain the next, then five minutes after that wind would blow like crazy, and last the sun would shine through clouds with a light sprinkle. It's very difficult to dress for!
But I did get to wear my (other) new 40s suit I got at The Buffalo Exchange the other week, along with my little mouse pin. Isn't it cute?

The Dinosaur was at the restaurant "Laughing Planet" a local place that served yummy burritos and such. The Dino lives in Portland so he is Vegan ;)

Today was just about the slowest day at work (thanks to unpredictable weather) but after, my friend Ian and I did hop over to Powelles books where I found such a treasure! A book on "Making the Most of Your Looks" from 1935! It has everything from dressing for your body type, care for clothing, and even lots of hat advice, yay! I'll be sure to write some interesting things from it on Vixen Vintage, it's just too good not to share.

Oh yeah and there's a snail. Just because.

1st photo

Suit: Buffalo Exchange

Brooch: The Urban Eccentric

Purse: Thrifted

Hat: No idea, it's kind of always been in my collection...

2nd photo

Dress: Alberta Street Fair

Purse and cashmere cardigan: Thrifted

Just something (else) random: Shoes I traded at The Red Light made it on their Deals of the Week.


Wedding photos!

The day started out as lovely as any day could. It was sunny, with a light breeze and little birdies seeming to chirp "congratulations!"
The wedding was taking place in an old house on officers row, and across the street on the large grassy grounds was a civil war camp set up with boys in uniform and ladies in hoop skirts and parasols. It was pretty cool. As Alicia did my makeup we could hear someone playing a horn:)

Our flowers were hydrangias, and thanks to family and friends picking bundles of flowers from their own yards we had plenty of flowers for pretty bouquets and tables. The bridesmaids dresses matched the flowers perfectly, it came together so well!

The ceremony took place in what was once the parlor, mismatched vintage chairs set up for guests eagerly waiting. After the bridesmaids walked down the staircase from the dressing room to the parlor, I followed and made the short walk down the isle, this being the first time Sam saw me all fluffed up and frilly in my oh so expensive wedding dress.
The ceremony was short, just a few minutes because the real fun is at the reception! There was wonderful food, tables and chairs set up outside in the shade, and we even had a dance floor where everyone that watches Arrested Development danced to "The Final Countdown" like Gob (yes, we played that at our wedding).

The amazing cake was made by our friends Alena and Caitlin, isn't it pretty?

My brother, mother and father. Sams mother and father. Our mamas wore beautiful 50s dresses!

There just happened to be a 50s car show going on down the street, so vintage cars were going by all during the reception. Seriously, could it have been more perfect? Our venue coordinator and photographers stopped a nice man in this car and he let us take photos with it! Funny thing is I had been seeing it around town all summer and it is my absolute favorite out of all the vintage cars I've seen.

I really could not have asked for a more perfect day, everything was beautiful and thanks to everyone it all came together without a hiccup. Oh and you can't really see but Sams ring is a silver version of "The One Ring" :)

Our photographers were the energetically charming Alicia and Ben of Vorpal Images. Alicia also did an amazing job on my makeup, her work is fabulous! And as you can see their photography is super stylish.
You can see all wedding photos on the Vixen Vintage photostream on Flickr.
...and read the story behind my wedding dress here.



Old and improved

This week I decided to list some re-vamped vintage I've had sitting in my stockroom for months. I thought about opening another shop with just embellished vintage, but since I only create these things every once in a while now a days, I'll just put it in my regular shop (which actually started out as a re-vamped vintage shop, hence there is not a vintage type name, just my own). So here you have a few fun things that are a product of my imagination hopefully next week I can list some Halloween costumes (I've got a cute vintage ballerina outfit) and maybe some coats? What do you think, coats yet or wait a bit longer, its still warm here but I'll bet it's getting cool some places.