Mystery 40s girl + cats

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In my last post I shared some photos I found a mystery 40s girl, but I saved the best for last! I brought home every photo of her and cats, absolute perfection. 

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Girl Crush {Mystery 40s Girl}

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Finding an old photo of a cute girl is one thing, but finding dozens to sort through is a whole other barrel of monkeys. I stumbled on a few of these in Divine Consign on a wall, and when I was spotted spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at them, the lady said "Oh, there's a whole box of those, I can bring them out from the back if you want." 

Yes. Yes I do want. 

The only photos of her were early WWII-late 40s, and in that span of time she had a baby and wore lots of darling outfits. No wedding photos, so maybe she and her sweetheart (I snagged a pic of them) got married before he joined the military. 

I have no idea what her name is. The only writing on the backs were names of babies and on the swimsuit photo she writes "I  look like a sea hag here"

So I kind of love her. She's cute, and silly, and I'd steal her wardrobe in a split second if given the chance. I can't pick a favorite. 
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Took a little trip to Seattle last week. I spent most of my time around the market exploring all the delicious food and sights.
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Swapdom outfit

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Since writing about and joining Swapdom a couple months ago, I've since participated successfully in three clothing swaps! It all went pretty smoothly, all I had to do was approve of the swap once they had found others with items willing to participate, and once everyone approved of it I printed out the shipping labels, and dropped the items off at a UPS drop box. I honestly was really pleased with how easy it was, and soon enough I had the goodies I had requested. 

So far I got a cute 1950s novelty skirt (it's a little more springy, but hopefully I can make it work for winter soon), a perfect little navy cardigan, and my favorite J.Crew jeans in a new to me color. 

The cardigan and jeans happened to go perfectly together, nice and cozy for curling up at home, or adding my new jacket to pop outside. 

Swapdom offers such a variety of options, from vintage coach purses, to 1950s dresses. A little something for everyone. 
Cardigan and jeans-Swapdom

Nyssa coat-Pendleton Portland Collection


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