I promised a photo of my mother a while ago, and today I finally remembered to take her picture. She got this amazing dress yesterday at the Camas antique store after attending a presentation on proper tea etiquette. We both love going to teas, so today she was telling me all the new things she had learned, like laying your napkin on the back of your chair if you leave the table in the middle of the tea. I just love etiquette, it's a lost practice.
My mother is the kind of person who wears Chanel no. 5, and who's purse always matches her outfit. She also always wears heels and is the best baker in the world, a trait that seemed to skip me. So for inspiration I often look to my mother, she's just fabulous ;)

Crane dress mystery.

This dress, among many others, was a gift. I was in high school at the time and involved in costuming school theatre productions. That year we were doing the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" and I got to make all the over the top hats for it. Someone saw my work and liked it, and asked who the milliner was, and was told it was a student who wore vintage everyday. This person then invited me to their house and gave me pieces of their own collection. The collection itself was amazing, some she had kept from family members, and some she had purchased. I took home an arm full of clothing, including a black silk taffeta Victorian petticoat, late 40s navy blue dress, mid 40s bias cut dress, two formal early 40s dresses, and this amazing crane dress.
In high school my style interests were mostly invested in the 1920s, I had the bob hair that even somehow did a natural finger wave every day, not sure how. And I adored Coco Chanel and Clara Bow, still do, but I now lack the look they had. I wore this dress a few timed and it looked very 1920s, however it wasn't until yesterday that I really started thinking about when the dress was really from. Now since I've taken a special interest in the 1930s, I kept looking for aspects of it that would make it from the 30s. But because of the dropped waist, lavish fabric and pattern, and no bias cut, I thought it must be from the 20s, but one thing really threw me off: The length.
By the late 20s, the hemlines of dresses were generally higher up on the calf or even knee, but this one reaches down to my ankles, a traditional early-mid 30s length. Then I finally remembered one crucial thing about that lot of clothing I got years ago.
The collectors great aunt was a very tall woman, the two two early 40s dresses reach well past my feet, even with the highest heels on. The dresses were handmade for her because of her hight, and this dress could very well have reached to her calf once on. So I conclude this dress as made in the late 1920s for a very tall and stylish girl.

There. Mystery solved.



Normally I work just three days a week at the local vintage store, but right now the owner is on vacation and I'm working eight days a week. Ok, just this week. Today when I told a lady my boss is on vacation she said to me "You should say 'Holiday', not 'Vacation', you'll sound more educated."

Gee. Thanks lady.

It's been going much better than I thought, I predicted that by the second day I would be bored, but so far I've entertained myself with organizing, shop displays, and plastic bag dresses. Not to mention the repairs. My goodness. I've repaired about a dozen things in the past 5 days, which really doesn't sound like a lot, but my fingers definitely feel it. It's been one of those weeks where I wish that my work and home were separate, just because I want to come home and embroider. But I cant embroider if there are piles of clothes to be washed for my shop, or things to list, or orders to process. That would seem unproductive even though I know thats not true.
On the bright side though I've got some great 50s shirtdresses coming next week, as well as a stunning wedding dress. I'm so obsessed with shirtdresses right now, I just love them. I got this one yesterday when my mother and I went to the Alberta Street Fair in Portland, along with a couple more things for my shop. Including a fabulous sheer black 50s merry widow that I bought for myself, but did not fit :(

My loss is your amazing gain.

Dress: Alberta Street Fair.

Hat: The Urban Eccentric.


This is not a statement.

I could tell you that this is a statement on society's blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

But that would be a lie. I simply thought it would be cool to make a plastic bag dress :)

The concept actually came to me last week when Sam and I passed by Anthropologie and they had this giant bee hive thing in the window covered in plastic bags. It looked very different. So I thought, "hey, I'm going to do that, only better". And what would be better than a plastic bag bee hive? A plastic bag dress of course! So I took all the bags I have saved for shipment padding, and made a dress, covered a hat, purse, necklace, and pair of shoes in bags, so everything but the pink curtain in the window display at work is plastic and frothy.

I also just had to share this nail polish I got last night. So, it's pink and shimmery. You'd think it would be called "Sparkling petal" or something obvious like that. But no. No it is not. It is called "Almond Crunch". As I am wringing this, I just ate an almond. And it looks nothing like this when I crunched into it. So my friends, I ask you to explain this to me. Why is this pink nail polish named "Almond Crunch?". I must know what inspired this.


I should live in a castle in the 30s.

Today I was thinking about one of my favorite books I Capture the Castle. I haven't read it in years, but remember one carefree, sunny, school day when I used study time to lay on the library floor and read it a second time. I really wish I made more time to read, there are so may books I want to get lost in.
What brought the book to my mind was my dress and the kind of breezy afternoon it was today, just like years ago. The story is about a 17 year old girl in 1930s England, who lives in an old castle, even though the family is poor. Ever since reading it I thought it would be just about the most romantic thing to live in an old castle and wear pretty 30s feedsack dresses all the time.

I've gotten some interest in how I've been decorating my blog lately, so let me explain:

Sam's mother, Lisa, is a professional photographer and will often give me photography tips etc. She also let me borrow a tripod, so taking pictures with that is way easier than setting up my camera on a stack of hatboxes. But the biggest difference since I've started Vixen Vintage has been using Photoshop. This month Lisa gave me a bunch of digital scrapbooking images, which is why I've gotten more creative with collages, it's so much fun! I'm still getting the hang of it, but she has been showing me some pretty cool stuff. So she is why my blog looks like a scrapbook found in an old attic ;)

Thanks Lisa!

I should start doing this again:

Dress: Handmade by me from a 1930s pattern.
Shoes: Etsy. The store is no longer in business :(
Bow: Monticello Antique Mall.


Moth hat

I got this dress years ago in Akron Ohio for 10 cents. This vintage girl was going to travel so she was selling basically everything she had, all of her clothes were 10 cents, except for an amazing carpet bag purse with bakelite handle for $10. I got some great stuff, but now wish I had another suitcase with me as that was the reason I didn't get more. Ohio has the cheapest vintage I've ever seen. A lot of west coast vintage dealers will go on east coast buying trips, because it's that great. One day I hope to do just that. I did have to cut off the sleeves since the underarm was tearing, which was unfortunate since the sleeves looked really cute and had bows at the ends.
I can't remember where I got this hat, but I love it. It's just a velvet band with netting, but it has feathers that make it look like moths are fluttering around your head. Besides the fact that moths eat wool, I think they are cute :)


Miss Ruby!

Today at work I was delighted that Miss Ruby Lamour came to see me! I was so happy to meet not only a reader in person, but also someone who has knockout style. Of course this was the first time in months I was wearing jeans (bad style day), so now I have learned my lesson and all denim is packed away, away from bad style day temptations. Ruby however looked so adorable, as soon as she walked in I wanted her whole outfit, we're both particularly fond of shirtdresses right now. We talked of hats, pin up modeling, and earrings, I only wish I could have skipped work to go have tea with her. Another time though.
It was fantastic meeting someone I had talked to through blogs and flicker, kind of like a little daydream coming true. Oh, and don't forget to check out her Flickr photostream full of amazing vintage inspired and inspiring photos.


New seamed stockings.

Yesterday my mother and I went to the mall to find her some shoes. There were some pretty bad potato sack dresses there (you know the ones) but I did remember to look for seamed stockings at Nordstrom, thanks so a recommendation from Stocking Vixen when I asked her about seamed stockings under $10. I really like them even though they don't have the cuban heel, and the "seam" is actually stitching up the back. But they work work for me! Plus they were on sale for $8, and they stay up on their own, which is good because my garter belt is sadly lacking function. I want to go back and get another pair or two as long as they're on sale.
I originally went there looking for a new red lipstick, with no luck. My favorite right now is Chanel's "Red Velvet", which someone gave to me, but as it is $30 I was trying to search for a more affordable version. It seems as though it is $30 for a reason....

The dress is from FancyWork, and I got it for only $15! Not sure why it was so cheap, all it has is a little light mark I think will come out. But it looks so 1940s pin up I just had to get it.


Food and photobooths.

I got my new shoes! Cici actually found them for me after I mentioned I have been looking for perfect red shoes for ages. Somehow she just found them in an instant :) They are from Retro Renegade Vintage, one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy, and they are sooooooo pretty! Even better in person, I cannot believe the condition they are in, not a single scratch or smudge despite being patent leather. I walked with cation all day.

One of the main reasons I don't have tons of photobooth pictures is because I hardly carry cash around. Today though at The Ace Hotel they changed "cash only" into "cards only". I could be there for a long time...
They did however raise the price from $3.00 to $4.00 which was a little disappointing, but ah well. It's fun. Which is why when Sam and I went to Portland today we took a couple of sets. Ok, we took one together, then I took one by myself for the blog banner. What do you think?
After walking around we went to Kenny and Zukes, the place is always packed but we've never gone. It was really good, I just wish they had a vegetarian sandwich option, but the mac and cheese I had was super. Sam was of course, a silly goose.


My Vintage Vogue

Here are some photos from the My Vintage Vogue blog. Honestly I had the hardest time choosing just a few, but these really stood out for me for one reason or another. Going clockwise from top left:

The hats!I especially love how one of the hats has a matching purse.

I had never heard of Betty Brosmer before, but this photo really caught my eye because of her amazing hair. Thats my goal hairstyle, such amazing wave. After googling her I found that she had crazy measurements! 38-18-36". Then I looked at her waist and realized how itty bitty it is.

Thats a Givenchy hat! The hat itself is superb, but I love the composition of the photo with the distracted men in the background. They obviously don't get it.

Wow. What a dream.

This really just made me laugh so much. I mean, Godzilla is holding a parasol, and if you look at the girl she actually has a pretty cute outfit.

This one may be my favorite, I love photobooth snapshots. I love that the two girls have very different bangs styles. The one on the right even has netting holding hers up, I've never seen smooth bangs styled that way before. And she has a cute little locket, how romantic :)


How to shop for vintage (affordably).

I love to shop. Really I do. If I can shop I will shop, but not like other girls my age do. I hate the mall. And going to Urban Outfitters makes me feel un-hip :(
But vintage shopping is a whole other story. It's fabulous. However, sometimes it can be downright expensive. So here are some tips on finding vintage on a budget, it's a long post, but hopefully it will help you find a real gem! I've also added some places I shop for those of you who live in the area.

Antique malls
Antique malls have the potential to hold great and affordable vintage clothing that just involves a little digging and searching. Antique malls rather than shops have a better chance at having a good deal because of the great number of vendors all under one roof, they all have different methods of pricing and merchandise.Pretty much my thoughts on it are, antique shops either have ridiculously high prices, or absurdly low. Antique dealers generally don't deal in vintage clothing, but will pick up items once in a while at estate sales if they can. Since clothing is not their specialty then the value is either over estimated, or if luck is on your side, under priced. Sometimes these things are hidden in drawers or buried in baskets, I find the greatest treasures in the really crowded, undecorated booths.

I shop:

Camas Antiques
Old Town Antique Mall
Monticello Antiques
Stars and Splendid

Vintage Shops:
Vintage shops are of course where you are going to find the largest selection of vintage clothing. This does mean however, that you will come across clothing at its proper price. Vintage dealers and sellers know vintage and do their research, so finding a great deal will take some luck and effort. If there is a sale section you may have good luck there, sometimes something is on sale that simply needs seam reinforcement or a new set of buttons, so this is where being handy with a needle and thread comes in. There are deals to be had though, you just have to look though everything and be patient.
I don't mind a little damage when it comes to clothing, after all, it is very old, and probably wouldn't be sold in a vintage store is the damage was prominent. If an item has damage, such as a moth hole, or broken zipper, and it is not marked "as is" or "as found", then is is ok to point this out politely to the shop owner and ask if a discount can be given. Also sometimes suits or sets of things are sold separately and its perfectly fine to ask if a special price would be granted if you buy those things together.

I shop:

The Urban Eccentric
Hatties vintage

Thrift Shops:
Thrift shops are the toughest places to find vintage, but when you do find it, it can be affordable. "Can be" and not "will" because a lot of second hand shops have gained popularity and raised their prices(especially the big ones, like Goodwill and Salvation Army). They also are realizing the value of vintage, and can price vintage things much higher than contemporary clothing. Usually sticking to local shops can yield good results, and going in more often means a better chance of finding something. I started going to my local thrift shop about a year ago, and I go a couple times a week. The volunteers there now know me and I've let the manager know that I am looking for vintage. Before I talked to her, they were just giving all the vintage clothing away to Goodwill! Now they know to save it because it does have value. So make friends and let them know what you are looking for :)
Buffalo Exchange and The Red Light are great for cheap vintage finds, plus you can trade in clothing for new stuff! A nice vintage dress will cost you about $15-$20.

I shop:

Discovery shop
William Temple Thrift Store
Buffalo Exchange
The Red Light

Estate Sales and Yard Sales:
Now, these do take some work, patience, and a sense of adventure, but the results can be incredible. An estate sale is when a person passes away and their entire estate it open to the public for purchase. This will often include clothing, but be warned: The competition can be brutal. This is the place where dealers get their best items, and if you want the best stuff you'll have to probably get up early, stand in line for an hour or so, and take what you can before anyone else. I love it, but then again I am competitive :)
A yard sale or garage sale is simply when someone is cleaning out their house and sells it in their yard or garage. Sometimes this includes vintage clothing, but you will have the best chance of finding something in older neighborhoods where residents have lived a long time and may be cleaning out their attic.

Check your local paper, craigslist, ask around, or keep an eye out for signs.

Good luck!


Blending in.

I hadn't realized how much I looked like a part of the tree until I was working on the collage. This is actually in front of mine and Sam's old high school, which was built in 1932, so has great architecture, and beautiful old trees. When I was in school I was obsessed with finding photos from the 30s of the school, but only found one of the front. I was told they existed once, but no one really knew where they are now, I suppose no one else was really as interested as I was. Now it's been remodeled for a more modern interior, and honestly I hate it. But then again I have a thing for old buildings.
My mother gave me this dress a couple of years ago, and I love the freshness of it. I really need to take more pictures of her, she looked so cute the other day in a pink dress and black petticoat, and has some of the prettiest Anthropologie skirts ever. I've been told I look just like her, and that I look nothing like her. You can decide.
Of course I had a parasol, a little silk antique one I never take out because I'm so afraid of it getting ruined. But my other three parasols are hanging up in the living room. Actually that reminds me to share my fantastic goal I thought of the other day:

An entire ceiling covered in colorful hanging petticoats.

Yeah, thats the ultimate dream.



Apparently I've been inspired by Rhiannon's silent film posts, because my outfit felt like it was right out of an early film. It's the late 40's early 50s dress I got yesterday at Hatties Vintage, and it's so frilly! I just love it, especially with a big floppy hat, more photos here. Its made from really light swiss dot cotton, perfect for todays 85 degree weather. I did wish I was out somewhere today though, and not at work, it actually seemed like it would be a nice day to go to the Portland Rose gardens and have a picnic. Another time though :)


Successful day!

Today was such a bright and sunny day! Felt like summer. On our way to Portland to treasure hunt for my shop, my mother and I passed a little yard sale. We stopped, and when the woman running it saw me said "Oh, I have some things in my basement you might be interested in." She brought out an armful of 40s and 50s vintage dresses, really pretty things that will go in my shop this week, they just need a little mending. It pays to dress up, you never know :)
At the sale I also bought the cutest vintage hot roller set, the woman told me she bought it brand new, still in its box, and hardly used it. It has everything and does look brand new. I've been looking for a hot roller set for a while, but all the new ones are just not very pretty, so I was really excited to find this. I also found a cute pair of cat eyes I think will go in the shop, but we'll see, I'm tempted to keep them.
In Portland I found bunch of great dresses as well, all 50s. So this week get ready for a flood of pretty dresses :) I pay so much more attention to my shop when I put things I like in it. This week I've kind of neglected it since I didn't have a great week as far as finding items goes, I have a big pile still to list, but it's mostly late 60s and 70s stuff which I'm not that into. So it will probably never get listed :)
After treasure hunting we stopped by Hattie's Vintage, a fabulous store we had not been to forever. The owner is super nice and helpful, and I seriously wanted everything there. There were lots of late 30s early 40s housedresses which I love, and just an overall great selection of 40s clothing. And some really pretty 30s tea frocks I fell in love with. My mother got a great 50s Hawaiian dress, and I got frilly early 50s pink dress I think I will wear tomorrow. Its pretty much "cute" in a dress.


I'm happy, I swear.

Not sure why I look so unhappy in this picture, I mean, how could anyone be unhappy in this skirt! I love it, I got it last winter from Dewberry Vintage, who always seems to have something I want. It seems to make everyone that sees it happy. A petticoat is a must, fluff those kitties up! And you must notice my sagging stockings, lovely huh? My good garter belt is almost dead, I need to look for a new one. All the really good ones seem so expensive, and well, I am cheap. Wont even pay a whole dollar for my wedding dress ;)


How to do rag curls

When searching the web for rag curl directions, I came across creepy child beauty pageant blogs that said "cut some fabric, wet your hair, roll it up, tie it".

Do that and you will cry from the result.

After quite a while of doing rag curls on myself from chin length hair, to past shoulder length, I can show you the the the little things to know only learned from trial and error. So here is the correct way to do rag curls.

You will need:
Strips of cotton fabric. Around 2" X 5" works well.
A comb.
Mousse or something similar.
A brush.

1. Wet hair. I take night showers, so that's easy, but sticking your head under a faucet could be just fine. Make sure your hair is evenly wet, then pat it with a towel.

2. Brush hair out smooth, with the comb part your hair where you want it, I've only ever done it parted down the middle.

3. With the comb separate a front section of hair. I prefer softer curls, so I take about a fingers width of hair. For tighter curls take a bit less. For a retro look make sure and take the section from about eyebrow level, not from the top of your head.

4. Take a rag and roll the section of hair from bottom to top, not super tight, then it wont dry. Tie the rag under the curl.

5. VERY IMPORTANT. Repeat on the other side. Going back and fourth from side to side traveling to the back. If you do one side at a time, your curls will turn our uneven, due to one side drying while the other side is being set. Then you will be sad.

6. Finish the back, I usually do two layers for extra volume.

7. Sleep on it. Or if you are doing this in the morning and plan on it being done in the evening, a cotton kerchief is a cute look for going out during the day, or a pretty little mesh cap for around the house.

8. When you wake up gently untie the rags. Take a brush and brush though all the curls, it will look pretty fluffy.

9. Take a dollop of mousse, rub your hands together and distribute all over your hair, smoothing the curls out.

Ta da!


The lost bird

Today when Sam and I pulled up to work I saw a giant crow in front of the door holding a lifeless chick in it's beak and cornering another little one. I jumped out of the car and yelled "GO AWAY OR I'LL TURN YOU INTO A HAT!!" all while flailing my arms. The stupid crow seemed to get the picture, but the little bird was still scared and lost, and chirping and hopping. It could fly a few inches off the ground, and I followed it a bit down the sidewalk since another crow was eyeing it. Of course it hopped across the street in traffic, and of course I followed it. So here goes this tiny little bird hopping down the street, and a girl dressed like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz chasing after it in front of cars and pedestrians. Eventually I lost it when it went under a parked car, and Sam had to pull me into work and assured me that I had scared off the crows and the little bird would be fine. About five minutes later when we were walking to get tea I think I heard it near a building with other chicks, so I'm going to hope everything was ok. Poor little bird.
On a lighter note, I found this dress while thrifting the other day, it's by Rock Steady. It's alright, just a basic gingham dress I can accessorize with, and to make it more spring appropriate I layered a 40s peter pan collared blouse underneath. At work there was a cute bunch of millenary cherries I pinned to the strap that made it a little more exciting, but next time I will wear it with these red shoes I have on reserve, brought to my attention by Cici. Thanks Cici! The charm bracelet was my mothers, thats a picture of my big brother. I have yet to put all the charms on my charm bracelet, I'd like to start collecting them again though, I have most from a year a traveled a lot, but maybe this summer I can get some neat ones.

What a long post.


Prom dress

So this was my prom dress about three years ago, amazing huh? I bought it at Xtabay before it became a "vintage boutique" (I love Xtabay, but now it's just formals and bridals, so I have no reason to go). I'm thinking it was some sort of parade dress or something, because it's just so over the top with layers upon layers of lace, one shoulder, and a big bow on the side. Like a mix between "Gone with the Wind" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". When I went to prom I wore a rhinestone skull and crossbones necklace just to complete the look :)

Yesterday Lisa let me borrow a tripod for a while, so now I think I will do more dress up posts. I have so many vintage dresses that are either too formal, or too fragile for everyday wear, but must be seen! And Sam usually runs and hides when I say "Take my picture!" Probably because I look and them and make him take them again, hehe. The next photos will be better, these turned out super grainy, maybe next time I'll try them out in our little front yard, but I just really liked the fireplace, it's so cool.

*Check out this post Cici did of the white dress she just bought from me :)

Here is a interview I did for Cool Etst items under $20 about a hat.


Vintage Vixens

As much as I love all those old fancy pictures of glamorous movie stars with smooth Vaseline faces and dramatic lighting, I get most inspiration from you vixens. Here are a few of my favorite photos. The Metropolitan Housewife has two adorable children and still manages to have flawless hair and outfits every time I see her. Casey makes me want to move to Florida so we can dress up and take cheesecake photos. She inspired a sailor outfit I wore yesterday, which of course I forgot to take a picture of.Dizzy Dame I just found not too long ago, but her blog is like looking through an old photo album full of pictures of a darling 30s gal.

I could look at Ella's blog all all morning. Oh wait, I have! Her photographs are most enchanting and imaginative. Johanna has an incredible style sense and her artwork is amazing, plus her makeup has inspired me many a time. Frances Baker is on the other end of the world, and while I'm getting ready for summer, she tempts me with talk of 40s coats.
So there you have it. A few of my favorite vixens, I hope they will inspire you too!


Spring topper

Here's a little portrait before I head off to work for the day at the vintage shop. It's beautiful sunny weather so I get to wear a topper with fuzzy flowers popping up. I have all my hair piled on top of my head which is quite heavy! I haven't had hair this long in years and forgotten how heavy is.
I found these navy shoes while thrifting, they're Faragamo's which I find are pretty easy to get from thrift stores, not sure why. Maybe little old ladies throw them out as soon as they get a bit scuffed up because these are in pretty good condition, and actually fit me, not too narrow. And as I finish typing the sun has been replaced by gray clouds, I swear we have the oddest weather here. I guess I'll bring a jacket.


Upcoming listings

Here are a few photos for listings this weekend, two handmade 50s dresses, a striped jumpsuit, and an amazing blue embroidered dress. Photos of more listings here. I have the same jumpsuit in red stripes I didn't take any photos of, I'm still on the fence about keeping it. Oh jumpsuits.



When I walked into work and saw the floor behind the counter covered in hats, I squealed "Eeeee! Hats!"
Over the weekend my boss went to an estate and purchased TONS of hats, from the turn of the century, to the 80s. This, I am told, is only the beginning, she has many more to bring to the shop as the seasons change, these were many of the spring and summer hats. Of course I tried on every one, and there was a surprising amount from the 1930s. Some really silly ones from the 60s, and darling wide brimmed hats from the 40s and 50s.
I wore that two piece 50s outfit today for a short time, since early in the day it ripped in the back :( It's really cool I wish the fabric was a better quality since its very flattering, the hips are even padded!

Here are two 1930s floral toppers, I fell in love with immediately. I used to shy away from these since I thought they looked so silly. But with the right hair and outfit (and attitude), I just love them, still silly, but oh so fabulous.

Here's another over the top topper and 40s wide brimmed hat with netting. Both are totally the kinds of hats I see in old catalogues and think "there is no way the netting could stay in tact to last until this era." But there is hope! Both have netting in excellent condition, the wide one reminds me of a bee keeper :)
I wore the white on today and a customer came in with a baby, who just stared at it for the longest time. Apparently the baby loves hats, how cute is that?


Unseasonal and unaffordable.

One of the many reasons I wear vintage: Affordability.
Yesterday my mother and I were in Portland and stopped by "Nordstroms Rack" and a high end consignment shop "Seams to Fit". At the rack I found two pairs of boots, a fun over the knee fringed suede boot I couldn't help but dance in, and the most comfortable green boots I kept on and just looked at until it was time to leave. But both had price tags over $200, so it was a brief affair.
At "Seams to Fit" I found a Chanel jacket that was so luxurious I wanted to wear it morning and night. But again I just wore it until it was time to leave ;) It was a really unique design, with a built in vest front, and fit perfectly! I have a Chanel addiction, so its probably good I don't have anywhere near the funds to feed it. I did manage to trade in clothes at "Buffalo Exchange" last summer for a killer pair of sunglasses, and have the Mademoiselle perfume, but thats about the extent of my collection. I have wanted a Chanel jacket since I did a report on Coco Chanel in 9th grade, and have tried a few on, every time not wanting to take it off. It's one of those things that will be on my "wanted" list for a while. The jacket was actually on sale for $399, which is a pretty good price....If you dont have to eat ;)


New favorite old dress.

I'm in love with this dress, just got it Friday and wore it today for work. Mr. Beaumont the spider goes perfectly with it, but I did have trouble finding a hat so I just clipped an old bowtie in my hair instead. Tomorrow I'm going with my mother to Portland for a hair appointment (hers not mine) and I'm hoping it wont be pouring down rain like it was yesterday when we were at an antique mall. I'm done with the rain and the cold, wet stockings are not preferable.
I found out the other day that a new dance studio just opened up in town that has swing dancing every Saturday. I meant to go last night, but lost track of time, plus going alone is not nearly as fun as going with friends. Hey friends, lets go swing dancing.


1930s bow dress.

Yesterday I wore my newly finished 1930s dress I made from an old pattern. It turned out darling, and so easy to make too! I made some changes, such as adding a different collar, buttons instead of a bow, and raising the waist to better fit me. I kept forgetting to ask someone to take a picture so I could post it, it was a pretty busy day at work being a sidewalk fair most of the evening. Luckily on my break I met up with some friends and Anna snapped some candid photos (I like candid so much better than posed) and posted them on facebook, thanks Anna! It was such a windy day, I was holing onto my hat whenever I went outside, but still a nice day for the sidewalk fair, it felt so much like summer.
I am so ready to sew another dress, that one was so easy I think I may make another one in different fabrics with different details, it's just the perfect day dress.