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{Photos by Rose Callahan}

I don't wear vintage nearly as much as I used to for a number of reasons: My style has evolved since staring this blog, it's become harder to find, and much of what appeals to me is rather delicate or on the verge of destruction. Lots of vintage wearers are fine with the last fact, and that's great, but for me its more about achieving the classic look, than wearing something authentic for the sake of being authentic. 

That's why I was delighted to find out about Recollection

Amazingly enough one woman, Sandra Murphy, is behind this label. She's based in New York, and uses vintage patterns, fashion magazines, and fabrics to inspire her designs. I love how timeless her style is, it's the kind of fresh, quality frocks that you could build a wardrobe around. The garments are made in New York, which is just another reason I love the label.

Below are photos from this years s/s collection, and the above photo is an exclusive of the upcoming f/w collection (which I'm totally in love with). Righ now Recollection is avialable in select New York stoes, but Sandra is working towards making her work available online. 

Of course starting an online store takes a heavy amount of work and funds, which she's hoping you can help out with. Visit Indiegogo to contribute even a small amount to launch this label online. I'd love to see it take off, I think it's something that would be appreciated by modern and vintage lovers alike. 

So explore the beautiful photos and deigns on Recollection for instant inspiration, and if you can, click here to contribute to making the f/w collection available online. 

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Supernatural dress

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{Photos by Ruth}

This dress took a while to come up with. Since Supernatural is a modern show I didn't have an obvious vintage image to turn into a sweater, like my Superman project

So I decided to do a 1950s based outfit. I found a pattern in my favorite dress style, then worked on designing the fabric. I wanted it to look like any old 50s novelty print at a glance, but closer up it would depict kitschy looking versions of key items in the show. I struggled with what color to make the background, then one night it hit me: Deans jacket green. Duh. The fabric printed a little lighter than I uploaded, but I like it anyway. 

You can find the fabric here if you want to make your own Supernatural frock. 

Ruth and I had a blast taking pictures, luckily no one walked by to find two girls making circles with salt and carrying around a pie...

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Adventure ladies

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Here are some photos from my own collection of rather adventurous ladies in some less than ladylike attire. All are from the teens/early twenties, except the woman in the boat, she's from 1946. I find the one of the two women standing at the edge of the water most interesting because it looks like they're wearing womens sweaters and mens slacks. Something you don't see too often that early on. 

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Vintage blogger meetup

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This week I got to meet up with Fran of A Vintage Story, all the way from Australia! Janey and I met with her for some vintage shopping in Portland. We had lots of fun on a sunny Portland day, and it was so nice to meet Fran and chat the differences of vintage here and in Australia. 

 Blouse-Fab Gabs 
Pinafore and purse-Urban Eccentric 
Shoes-Swedish Hasbeens c/o Modcloth 

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Oregon coast

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This week Sam and I visited the coast, specifically the Battery Russell and Peter Iredale shipwreck. It was so nice to get away from the heat and see the ocean. 

 Sweater-borrowed from my sister-in-law 

 Jeans and shirt-J.Crew 

 Boots-Antique shop
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Jitterbuggin suspender slacks

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I just love suspender pants and skirts. They have such a classic masculine twist I'm always searching for them. Jitterbuggin makes a fantastic version in black cotton twill (you can find them here),that make perfect everyday slacks. I paired mine with the 40s cat blouse, it just seemed to fit together so well. 

 {Jitterbuggin, made in Portland Oregon}

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I would like to order...

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Flipping through some of my old catalogs and started to daydream. I'd wear these all summer long.
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