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Last week I went with family to Alderbrook, an odd little place out in the woods that serves as an event venue on weekends and a park on weekdays. It had a pool, mini-golf, pond with paddle boats, pirate ship, maze, and pink lemonade in the drinking fountains. It was surprisingly delicious! 

If you have little ones and live in the Portland area it's a fun place for playtime in these last weeks of summer. 

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American Album

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I thrifted a book recently titled "American Album". Published in 1970, it's full of photographs from the mid 1800s to the turn of the century. The first two photos I found the most interesting, the gentleman is W.L. Taylor, thought to be the town barber of Copperstown New York. The women below is believed to be his wife. I'm just itching to know the colors of their clothing, those patterns are perfection.
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Black and bakelite

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Recently I sent off some bakelite bangles to be polished by Brighter Bakelite, and as soon as I got them 
back I had to plan an outfit around them. Are't they gorgeous? 

It's still pretty warm in Portland, and I'm trying my best to appreciate summer even though I'd much rather it be cold and rainy. A little splash of color now and then does the trick nicely. 

 Dress-Forever 21 

 Bakelite bangles polished by-Brighter Bakelite 

 Socks-Free People 




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{ r e v i e w } Vintage Hairstyling + Retro Makeup

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Vintage Hairstyling and Retro Makeup are two vintage look guides I've admired for a while. The hair book is one of the most popular with vintage girls staring out with styling, as it breaks down techniques and styles with step by step photos and written instructions. I love how much is dedicated to pin curls, Lauren Rennells has extensive knowledge on wet sets and passes that on to the reader. 

That being said, most of the styles in the book are achieved using hot rollers. Adjustments can be made for a wet set, but the styles are generally softer, focusing on more 1940s pin-up styles.  

I would highly recommend this guidebook for anyone wanting to try out more vintage styles, or someone who needs a brush up. The only downside I found was that most of the styles called for collar bone length or longer hair, however I did experiment with a different pin curl technique than my usual, and liked the larger curls that resulted. 

The makeup book is possibly my favorite, as it's full of historic background and facts on top of the actual tutorials. You can read about techniques, colors, tools, and the stories behind them. I'm not much of a makeup person, I generally do some eyeliner, blush, and red lipstick, so I decided to try something different. 
I gave one of the 1950s looks a try and loved it, complete with false eyelashes and pink lipstick, both of which are something I wouldn't try without a little guidance. 

I'm really happy with the book because I can achieve various eras pretty easily, the steps are very easy to follow. 

Overall I would say these two books are my favorite of their kind on the market right now. They present these looks in a modern, clean cut way that's very easy to understand. 

Books courtesy of HRST Books

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{before + after} v a n i t y

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My mother picked this vintage vanity up at a yard sale years ago for $2. I've been using it as an extra table here and there, for jewelry, as a bar, bookshelf, whatever was needed. When we moved earlier this year I decided to use it as my vanity, something simple, with one little drawer. But it needed a bit of work first. 

I stripped the paint off, which took quite a while, there were a few layers of it. I also took off the knob and arms on the front, those are for attaching fabric for a vanity skirt. I wanted it open, so away they went. I then stained it a few times and left it at that for months. 

Then this weekend I decided it was time to finish it. So I gave it a couple of coats of leftover paint from the bathroom, leaving select exposed wood areas for a more modern look. 

I love the way it turned out, and the navy and brown compliment each other nicely. 
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