Jitterbuggin Open House

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This weekend I attended an open house at Jitterbuggin headquarters.

Kim had racks of her designs set up and invited some local vintage girls to browse, eat, drink, and just have a good time! 

The lobster bikini is something I modeled last year for a runway show, and it's coming soon to her site! So look out for that cuteness. 

Thank you Kim for hosting! 

Jitterbuggin Clothing Co.
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It's a bird! It's a plane!

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The past few months I've been working on incorporating new interests with old. That is, showing my love of comic books/supporting a fandom while still looking a bit vintage. I've been crafting a knitting and sewing project, one for Superman, and one for Supernatural, so if you're a fan of either you'll want to keep your eyes on my blog! 

I just couldn't pass up this shirt last weekend, it's a little boys Superman t-shirt from 1978. Yesterday I made a circle skirt from some nice heavy denim I picked up at an estate sale for next to nothing, and I think they paired together quite well! Though the belt is the cherry on top ;)

It's funny wearing a shirt with such a recognizable symbol on it. A woman jogging passed me and said "looking good Supergirl!" and people (of all ages) would stop and compliment. It's a different attention from wearing vintage, I feel like much of the time people find full vintage outfits somewhat odd or intimidating, but something like this just makes people smile or start fun conversations. I mean, everyone know's who Superman is. Just something I observed, a different basis for interacting with strangers. It seemed more inclusive and began two sided conversations instead of the usual "You look like and old movie." "Thank you." 

Which is refreshing. 


Shirt-Red Light

Skirt-Handmade by me. 

Belt-Fab Gabs

Eliza Boots-Vintage Shoe Company

Bakelite-Antique Expo
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Thrift shop dress makeover

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Today I found this dress at a local charity shop. The fabric was ideal, and I've had my eye on a few $100 shirtdresses making the rounds on pinterest, so I figured it might have potential! It was only $10, but I had a $10 credit, so it was freeeeeeeeee! 

 Before: Auditioning for sister wives. 

After: Frolicking barefoot in the grass. 

I think it turned out pretty cute, I raised the shoulders, nipped in the sides, hemmed it up, and added pockets. Because what's the point of sewing if you can't have pockets?

Dress-Charity shop

Hat-Urban Eccentric Vintage
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Ocho de Mayo Fiesta

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Wednesday I had some friends over for a Mexican themed lunch, and we may have eaten a bit too much... I made beans and tortillas, and my awesome friends brought horchata, rum and coke, and margaritas. And a salted caramel torte! 

 We ate, drank, chatted, and the kitties got way too spoiled with petting. So exhausting being a kitty.
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Immortalized as a Flapper Doodle

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Today I got such a nice surprise, the most adorable blogger in the world Kate Gabrielle posted a drawing in her Flapper Doodle shop based on one of my photos! I love her art, blog, kitties, and pastel dream world, so I was extremely flattered. If you'd like to own a print of the drawing, you can find it here, for only $5! 

Hang it in your living room, your bedroom, or maybe your bathroom so I can look bored while I watch you pee...


Ruth at the barracks

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Last weekend we dyed my cousin Ruths hair dark red, and it turned out so cute! So I took pictures of her taking pictures for homework. We're cool like that. 

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 photo AprRuth017_zps31519f26.jpg
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Alice Antoinette

 photo Hat3-1_zps4db4ab28.jpg

This outfit is part Alice, and part Marie Antoinette. I think that's a pretty fair mix. The dress is something my aunt found at an estate sale last year, and this weekend I finally raised the hem to a much more appealing length! The original owner must have been somewhat taller than me. 

The hat is from Betsy Hatter, and it arrived just in time for the beautiful spring weather this week! It has so much romantic simplicity, not to mention looks pretty on display above my dresser. 

Dress-Estate sale 

Hat-Courtesy of Betsy Hatter 


Petticoat-Antique shop

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