It's Slovly!

As you can see I have a wonderful new blog header, completely original and personalized. Isn't it perfect?
Well the artist who created it is just as sweet as her work. Sabrina of SLOVLY.com paints the cutest little ladies and gents (and the occasional pet), for sale on Etsy, and even does custom work! So if you need a portrait of you and your sweetheart, you and your pet gerbil, or just the darling you, Sabrinas your gal. She's a dream to work with, not only did she do my blog header and pretty business cards, but she also painted her interpretation of my rag curl tutorial, which I just love! Don't you want her to make all those mundane bits of life cuter?
Above are a few of my favorite paintings, she has such a knack for representing a persons interests and passions so well, the results are amazing!


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I'd been wondering who did your blog header illustration-- she's quite talented and I love the idea of the kitty batting at the yarn on the other side of the business card!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Too cute! If you ever do a book of your outfits, you should have her illustrate some of your tutorials, just like the rag curl one you posted. Love it!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Anonymous said...

Nice header.

emma_G said...

Wow! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Those business cards have to be the best I've ever seen :)

Bombshell Bettie said...

those turned out soooo cute! I love the little hat your little avatar is in. <3

Stefanie Valentine said...

They're so cute, i want some business cards like that! xx

Kelley Anne said...

She's such a wonderful person and I love her work and blog too. Great feature!

janet said...

Sabrina is a beautiful person, inside and out. Her work is a reflection of that. Love the rag curl tutorial!

Louise said...


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

OH goodness! This is an overly cute entry. I love it all. OH MY OH MY how I do!

claradevi said...

aaw I'm so jealous with the cute header and all of these illustrations!!
I'll definitely will visit Slovy right away - after I catch up with your past posts that I've been missed.

Have a lovely day there, gorgeous!

Claire said...

Nice choice.

Speaking of things in the image of you.. this girl looks just like you! Is that weird to notice? Well, I did. http://nogoodforme.filmstills.org/blog/archives/2010/04/21/happy_63rd_birt.html#comments

Solanah said...

Claire, how weird she does!!!! I even make that same face a lot ;)


Claire said...

Haha, I know I was like, that's uncanny.

Reincarnation? Pretty cool possibility. :]

Erika said...

Supecute! All of it!