Oh hey, I'm wearing pants.

I got this little victorian style 70s blouse off of the $1 rack at work, it has a little bit of fading, but it fits like a glove, and um, it was a dollar.

It was the perfect blouse for the type of rainy, not too cold but not too hot, weather we've been having, cotton and long sleeves, just what I need. This look is something I would have worn in high school, a mix of vintage and modern, also something victorian inspired, I was way into costuming, but that topic is for another post. I thought the striped pants were a nice contrast to the ruffles and the floral, and they are not quite jeans, which I feel weird wearing out in public. People always ask if I'm sick!

I miss my old mossy ally so much, it always had the perfect lighting and backdrop, not at all like the blank porch I take my pictures on now. I decided to take my tri-pod to work today and work up the nerve to take pictures in that ally, it's pretty neat, all grassy and dirty, but there's usually people and cars back there. I got lucky and managed to take pictures with only two little old ladies passing by. Maybe I can be brave enough and take more pictures there in the summer :)

Isn't this locket the sweetest? What's even sweeter is that my boss gave it to me, I found it lying on the ironing board when I got to work with a little note "I want you to have this because I appreciate you so much!"

I know, she's so sweet.

So I slipped some thread through it and wore it all day, it went perfect with what I was wearing.

Blouse-Urban Eccentric vintage

Pants-Marc Jacobs, via Buffalo Exchange, Burnside

Shoes-A gift from Sam, by Sailor Jerry

Locket-A gift from my boss.


Melissa Righero said...

I'm digging the 70s on you.

art deco dame said...

cute blouse!and the locket is so sweet =)

Bec said...

Oh Solanah! Love love love!
Pants - you make anything look glamorous
Your Boss - lucky you!! what a nice boss
Shooting pics of yourself in an alley - i know the feeling, so embarrassing when people come by!

ina said...

You have a nice boss :)
Love how bravely you mix patterns!

BakeliteBebe said...

Love your outfit. You look adorable in pants! I used to live in the brick apartments that share the same back alley. :)Verrry interesting at night!!!

House of Lenora said...

You really have found your own voice. I adore your blog and always check back to see what you have. Can't wait for the next entry!!!

Casey said...

What a lovely gift from your boss--so sweet! :) I really love this outfit--even if we don't see you sporting pants that often. ;) You look so pretty and put together!

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

Tasha said...

I love love love your outfit, but the shirt and locket really enthrall me. :D

Francy said...

I love the contrast of the striped pants with the girl. flower blouse. Looks great!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That shirt is so sweet. you and everyone on blogs seem to mix prints so well. I am awful and couldn't pull that off. Great job. you look darling.

KristiMcMurry said...

Great locket. Also LOVE your hair.

Courtney said...

This is a great look! So cute, and a bit saucy. That was so sweet of your boss to give you that locket.

Moon County Collective said...

how on earth do you get your hair like that?? its soo cute! whenever i do rag curls mine end up looking so crazy!
whats the secret??

MarieBayArea said...

those stripey pants are awesome with that floral blouse. you rock!

Solanah said...

Dripping In Diamonds, I actually do pin curls now, they are more comfortable to sleep on :)