Family picnic

Yesterday was our annual family picnic, and of course it was loads of fun! There was lots of eating, games for the children, and catching up. A perfect day for a picnic, even if it was a bit warm, but lovely nonetheless :)


Lavender and Twill said...

Your picnic outfits look lovely and it looks like a wonderful day for a picnic! I hope you had a good time. ^_^

b. of Depict This!

Coedith said...

I love that pic of me and Mav!

Kitty said...

Love the pic of Coedith & Mav- he always looks so truly vintage, doesn't he? And I'm sorry, but where you live is not at all warm. Pop your little self down here for a REAL summer!


Frida said...

That man in the first picture is like young Robert De Niro. (And De Niro was very handsome especially in the Godfather) heh:)

Casey said...

I think this is the most stylish family picnic I've ever seen! :D Love your skirt you're wearing in the picture!!!

♥ Casey
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Q's Daydream said...

FUN!!! and what a group of stylish gals you are! and the gentlemen too ;o)

Andi B. Goode said...

You have a very cool family. ;]
-Andi x

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I wish I had a semi-fashionable family like yours. . .they are not even semi. . . .they're the type that wear the shirts that say "New Jersey" and plain jeans. your family always seems so close knit and happy!

denver colorado recreation centers said...

Great outfits ladies! Definitely fit for a warm weather. I'm glad that you had fun during your family picnic at the park. The happy game shots and amazing outfits say it all. Thanks!