Vintage shopping

Rays Ragtime

Today Julie, her friend Alyssa, and I went to Portland for some vintage shopping. We went to Rays Ragtime, Magpie, Decades, Avalon, Xtabay, and Bombshell.


Rays Ragtime had some great suits I just loved, I'm excited for suit weather, and it was just cool enough today that I could wear one. There were so many pretty hats there I didn't even get a good look at all of them.
Magpie had lots of cute things, including a 30s dress I've been in love with for awhile. But it's much too delicate for me :) Julie however did find a stunning emerald green princess cut gabardine coat, thats seems to have been made for her.
Decades had THE CUTEST shoe box ever. It was a box for a pair of little black shoes with kittens printed inside, but the box is what really got me. I mean, "Paradise Kittens, Kitten-ettes"?

There is no shoe with a cuter name or box.

Next stop was Avalon, which had lots of lovelies to look at, especially the cloches, though now my hair is much too long for them. Plus they are always teeny.
At Xtabay I tried on the greatest navy knit 30s dress with a matching belt and beret! It was truly glorious. I wanted it so bad but I need to save my money for this weekend! The interior of Xtabay is beautiful, like a perfect boudoir, and I wanted to take outfit photos in there, but unfortunately the salesgirl wouldn't let me :(
Last but not least was Bombshell, and by the time we got there is was pouring down rain! So my hair is a bit de-fluffed in the last photo, I think it may be time for another little trim. Anyway, I did get a cute little pink cardigan there, it always seems I'm wishing for a pink cardigan, and it'll make a great transition piece into fall.

Suit-A gift from My aunt

Purse-Antique Warehouse, Solana beach

Hat-A gift from Twila Jean


Vintagesuburbia said...

Wow, I think I spied a real life Lilli Ann in one of those shots. Envy! As I live in Australia I have never seen a real life Lilli Ann in 'the wild' (that is, in a vintage store) - I have only seen (and bought) them online. I HAVE to come to the US soon! (just as soon as I stop spending my money buying Lilli Ann suits online!)

Lavender and Twill said...

The shops look absolutely amazing... >w< What a fantastic day, too bad the shop assistant would not let you take outfit photos in that other shop, but the photo/s you did get are really cool too. ^__^

bonita of Depict This!

Casey said...

There is very little better than spending an afternoon vintage shopping, imho! ;) I love all these pictures that you shared with us--looks like there were some great treasures to browse through. I really adore the hat and suit yuo're wearing--and that bag!! *covets*

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

JGO said...

What a beautiful day. I love the shop.

Rebecca Jean said...

Wow, I can't believe how many different shops you have to choose from! I have one. One really awesome one, but still one.

That shoe box is killing me with cuteness! Did you snatch it up? It had your name written all over it K I T T E N. Oh, I mean S O L A N A H. Hee hee.

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac

BeMistified said...

Wow just awesome! The shoes are so you. I must admit though, the dolls = A bit scary.

Apothecary Inn said...

OMG! This must be what guys experience when they look through a Victoria's Secret catalog! *laughing* Oh, all of those HATS! Heaven is a vintage hat shop...

archives vintage said...

i adore your suit!

Unknown said...

Actually, Solanah found the green gab coat - it was just too big for her, and a perfect fit for me! (Shame on her! I was supposed to be buying a dress for Gatsby!)

Marianne said...

Your suit is just too cute! And the red bag/white gloves? Swoon. Way to combine three of my obsessions this fall into a single, covetable outfit!

its simple love said...

You have some amazing shops near you. Love these photos. The capture the feel quite well.


PinkBow said...

oh wow, now this is vintage shopping at it's best. wish i had this near to me

Miriam Parkman said...

Now you can really wear a suit!!
I've tried it several times but I just don't feel comfortable in it, yet. I think I have to get married first, haha!

Your suit is gorgeous and it's shade of blue is my favourite. I also like the very elegant curve of your ankle!

yellow bird hats said...

Your hat photos are amazing! It's so rare to find so many great examples in one place! I'm always searching for that here in London! I'm a spare time Milliner creating modern takes on 1940s and 1950s styled hats and hedadbands, I'd love for you to have a look! www.yellowbirdhats.blogspot.com

Maria Confer said...

I love all those doll heads! So awesome and freaky.

Lulu Letty

Angela Joy said...

geez how do you know exactly where to go!?

Alma said...

Looks like paradise.. hmmm...I wish shops like this would be in iceland to...