Fall on 23rd

I was feeling much better today, so Sam and I took advantage of the sunny, crisp weather and headed to 23rd st in Portland. We actually were headed to the zoo, but there was no parking for miles, so that idea was abandoned. One of these days we'll find parking there...

It was nice to see most of the shop spaces full, last october when we went there many were vacant. We stopped first at Urban Outfitters, where Sam found a new cardigan and pair of pants, and I got the most adorable bow hooks ever. They're on sale for $2.99! I should have bought ten of them. Silly me.

I also went to Pop-up Shoppe where that had some fantastic 50s skirts, but they were either too big or small. Silly skirts.

We had lunch at Pizzicato, where I had the spiciest pizza ever. I think it was called "Pepper Madness". I guess that should have been my clue.

Last but not least we stopped at Alotto Gelato for pumpkin gelato! I really need a pint of that stuff. Or perhaps that wouldn't be such a good idea, it would be gone within minutes....

Dress-A gift from my aunt

Cashmere cardigan, Coach satchel, and locket-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Birdie brooch courtesy of Bombshell Bettie's Vintage


Dakota said...

mmm, pumpkin gelato sounds divine!
Very lovely ensemble, as always.
I like how your gloves and socks match almost perfectly!

Bombshell Bettie said...

YAY I'm glad to see you out and about again. Feeling better I hope. I adore that dress. Next time pick up a "too big" skirt for me ;) teehee.

and OMG that birdie is so cute on you! HOORAY!

RetroJetGirl said...

Ooh, I do like the yellow & blue stripey-ness, Sam is a cute dresser :P

Alisa said...

love the first photo :) very adorable.
and it looks like the ice-cream might get out of control on the second one ;) x


Jenni Whitaker said...

I've heard from general conversation about your blog, and I have to say, its definitely being saved into my favourites on my laptop!

Great post, pumpkin gelato sounds delicious!

On a previous post, you said you loved talking to young people about vintage, I'm only fourteen, yet I'm always at portabello market in London, trying to find a treasure! If you ever pop over the pond, comment me and I'll definitely recommend the brilliant places to go!

Jenni at http://aschoolgirlslunchbox.blogspot.com

Watkins35 said...

pleased you're feeling better & had such a lovely day; icecream looks delicious! x

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're feeling better :)

Lovely outfit.. your bird brooch is so sweet

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Pumpkin gelato? ORGH. That sounds incredible, wish they did more pumpkin flavoured things over here in the UK.


Shady Del Knight said...

This is an outstanding blog. The images are stunning and take me back to my favorite century. I look forward to following you.

Miss Tami Lee said...

I love 23rd street! 21st has some awesome places as well. If you like delicious cheap drinks check out Bartini.

Luc Jenson said...

Oh, the bird applique adds a really cute vintage feel to your jacket! How I wish I could be there to enjoy some of that delicious looking pumpkin gelato. Really missed that stuff.
Luc Jenson
Vintage Shirts

Casey said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! :) Your outfit is so darling; I really love the brooch!

Pumpkin gelato?! Yum! I thought the rum raisin gelato that I had in Key Largo (with real rum ;) was tops, but pumpkin could easily be even better!

♥ Casey | blog

Chelsea said...

That is an adorable bird brooch! I have commented on your blog a few times, and i absolutely love it, and i just wanted to let you know that my twin sister has started her own blog here on the blogspot thingy (is it called a network?) Anywho, she's a writer, and she's trying to get out there, and I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you checked her out and told people you might think would be interested. Sorry for the super long comment! http://reddirtandbluesky.blogspot.com/

LittleRachael said...

I love your dress and that bird brooch is adorable!!

Glad you're feeling better :-)

Little Rachael Vintage

Solanah said...

Jenni, thank you for the offer! If I ever make it over there i'd love to know where to go, I'll get there eventually!