I know. Weird.

Studio courtesy of Urban Eccentric Vintage

So yeah, this is what I wore today. Kind of the opposite of yesterday.

Every once in a while I get bored with myself, and in turn, bored with my clothing choices. Don't get me wrong, I know I have some really nice, and fun clothes, but that is of course not the root of the problem.

Does anyone else get bored with themselves?

This outfit is something I would have worn in high school. Actually, I probably did, but thats beside the point. In school, and a short time following, I was bursting with creativity, ideas, and constantly busy with one project or another, whether I wanted to be or not. This led to going to college for apparel design at the Art Institute of Portland, which led to dropping out and staring an Etsy shop for my designs, which morphed into a little vintage shop, which then became a full time job, and that was that. But I was overwhelmed with working every minute at my day job or on Etsy, and stopped, and relaxed. And it's nice. I have time to knit.

I could bring that endless chaotic creativity back into my mind, but I know that means a bunch of unfinished projects laying around the house, ideas on sketchpads that never make it off the paper, and my mind always in a jumble of this and that.

I've controlled my creativity to a point where I can actually focus on things, and finish them (well, most of the time). But I don't think my brian is liking that very much anymore. Perhaps I should paint. Or draw. Or cover lampshades in dried bits of leaves and bunny fur.

That last one may be questionable.

I've stared thinking of ideas on what to do to keep my creative little brain happy, which is enough to get me out of this boredom for now. Perhaps I'll start an Etsy shop of nothing but cat portraits.

You know I'm not kidding about that one ;)


Huzzah! Vintage said...

ha! looking forward to said Etsy shop!

art deco dame said...

I would be interested in a kitty portrait AND bunny and leaf lamp shade fyi.

Andi B. Goode said...

I get bored with myself ALL the time.
-Andi x

Melissa Righero said...

My closet is full of garments that fit my mood...nothing really flows with on cohesive "Mood". From, color, shape, patterns, and decades arrange in a variety. So I'm never bored. But this proves you can pull off many looks ;)

paddlefishpie said...

Awwh, you look gorgeous as always. I dunno, I like the lampshade idea! Haha, it could work xD

Leanne of Folk said...

paddlefishpie is right, you look gorgeous as always....and i would LOVE to see an etsy shop of nothing but cat portraits!! :D

alittlevintagestory said...

I know what you mean about excess creativity! My advice is to have fun with whatever you choose to do, and never stop experimenting!

Anonymous said...

The jacket is so cool.
I would definitely wear something like this to school.
Oh wait, I do. Heh.
I heard somewhere that you're not supposed to wear red lipstick in highschool though. Apparently I'm just a rebel. :)

Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

LOVE that red jacket...seriously cool...thanks!


Mici Mathonka said...

this is the first time I see you in jeans ! and I like it! and that jacket is so fab!!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

It is hard striking a balance, isn't it. What you have to be careful of is that the creative outlets don't become just another chore, which so often happens when setting up a store.

Love seeing you in this outfit, so different to usual but still classy amd marvellous :)

In The Heyday said...

ALL THE TIME! Bored with myself that is, no matter what or who I decide to be, next week I am over it! I always want to clear clutter and only just do so before the other side of my brain has found new projects to do. It is like being two different people at once.
You look gorgeous anyway.

Casey said...

I'm not even sure I can tell you how often I get bored with myself! lol. Part of it is because I'm so interested in fashion that I like trying different looks. The other is well... sometimes a girl just needs a change for a bit, you know? ;) Which is probably why when I'm bored with how I look, I gravitate towards a 70s, hippie-inspired look. It's pretty much the opposite of my really put-together look now! lol.

It's funny... your description of yourself is pretty much me about five years ago. ;) Not to say that I still am not like that to a certain extent, but I've managed to control my creativity a bit more, so I don't have as many things started and unfinished and that constant buzz in my head going on. At least I'm not slowly driving myself crazy with ideas like I used to! haha.

Anyway, all this to say... I think your outfit is really cute! :) I love the jacket and the leopard belt--it's really a striking combination. Even though it's a bit of a different look than usual for you, I love it! :)

♥ Casey | blog

Maša said...

I am never bored. how does it feel?

Unknown said...

I really love your jacket!


Lorelai said...

You look cute no matter what you wear!! Which sorta makes me sick!!! J/k!!

You post is making me tired! But I can also relate a little bit but I don't get tired with myself I just outright hate myself at times... I need to get a job where I can actually wear something besides jeans and tshirts practically everyday... too bad I love my job...

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Thing is this is still SO YOU with the way you dress. . .that it works really well.

Lisa said...

oh! I get so bored with myself sometimes! Thank you for being so honest! I needed that today.

Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

Q's Daydream said...

Love it!

Joanie Coyote said...

If you want to work hard and not make any money you could design costumes for a nearby theatre. :)
ps I like variety so I think it's great to mix up your look now and then. It's supposed to be fun, right?

Charlotte said...

I LOVE it when you wear something completely outside your comfort zone - it always works so brilliantly! You look amazing.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Anonymous said...

OOOh! Jeans! Looking awesome - blue and red are a great combo. How about making felt animals? Or stained window glass painting? You could alternatively (and I'm just throwing it out there) cultivate an 11AM martini habit while wearing marabou mules and fancy negligées. It certainly takes the edge off *hic*


Joy Choquette said...

I definitely don't think you're alone in feeling bored with yourself--or feeling pulled in 200 directions in your brain. That's me, to a "T" . . .love the blog and your fabu style!

Lainie said...

Oh I often feel bored with myself, and it is important to explore different looks-there are decades of fashion infulences out there and it is so fun to experiment! I'm liking a moody 70's/ Stevie Nicks look at this time in my life, something about winter brings out the fringy shawls, berets and lots of long necklaces instead of my usual cardigan sweaters and pencil skirts haha!

It sounds like you are brimming with creativity and in need of an outlet. I say let it out!! I would love to see what you come up with.

Unknown said...

I get bored of my wardrobe A LOT! I can never make up my mind about what my 'style' is! I guess I will never know!



A Slip Shop said...

Did you get that coat at band camp? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the red coat! It just oozes confidence, love that it's a little different from your normal gorgeous style

Stacey @ VPV

Cheray Natalie... said...

Gorgeous outfit!
I understand how you're feeling - except I never managed to tame the chaotic creativity... so I'm the girl with endless unfinished projects lying around & it really is driving me mad!
Your new etsy idea does sound super cute though ;)