Pajamas at the grocery store, continued

I didn't really ever think I would need to explain myself further, but apparently, I have to explain my thoughts in great detail for them to be acceptable to some.

I do not like dirty, filthy, soiled, pajamas at the grocery store. Period.

I shop at a large grocery chain, that has great prices on food. It's always busy, and about 30% of the customers shop in their dirty pajamas. What's the chance all of these people are physically unable to change into clean pants? Very low. I've never seen anyone in a motorized wheelchair in pajamas. I've never seen anyone in crutches in pajamas. When I say I don't like dirty pajamas at the grocery store, where I'm buying food, I mean I don't like it when people with my physical capabilities don't even think it's worth putting on pants for the sake of the other customers at the store, the employees, and most important, themselves. You want to pop into the pharmacy for some medicine, whatever. The corner store for milk? Fine. But these people are taking an hour to grocery shop with no rush. They could have spared 30 seconds. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that most of the people I offended wear pajamas to the store. Have a little respect for yourself. Forget about what other people think, but seriously, you don't even think you're worth a clean pair of pants? Thats sad.

I judge people. I know, it's crazy, I do what everyone else does. If someone dressed differently, I do not judge them, I applaud them for having the courage to do so. A lot of people said that wearing pajamas at the grocery store is their choice, and how is that any different, or any less brave than wearing fur in public?


The difference is, people who dress differently, or wear fur in an anti fur world put thought into their self expression. It's purposeful, not lazy.

Not everyone can dress in the clothing I do. But everyone has a pair of pants. Some people said they'd never come back to Vixen Vintage again because of what I said, and to that I say good riddance. You really think I'll care that someone who doesn't understand that this is my blog with my opinions, won't come back? No, I really don't.

I've turned off the comments on this post because I think most of what needed to be said by you was said in the last post. I also don't want to repeat myself to those who still want to argue about it.