Ohio snippets


Here's some pics from my Ohio trip in May that didn't fit into any posts I did. Slightly random, for memory's sake :)

All taken by Ruth and myself






"Um, I think this is poison ivy..."
"Just like in Ohio!"
"We are in Ohio."
"Oh yeah."


Betty2Tone said...

What are you doing in the picture with the big stick/shed thing??? :)

needle and nest said...

I love the image of you raking lawn clippings (at least, I think that's what you're doing!) in those cute black cigarette pants. It just proves that you look fabulous no matter what you're doing!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Oh, those last three pictures and the quote you have at the bottom just crack me up! I do live in Ohio, and it's so true... the poison ivy is terrible here! A few weeks back I just had a dreadful case of it, and I haven't gone wandering in the woods since!

Colleen said...

Ah! Goodyear blimp! That's such a cool picture. Don't remind me of poison ivy in Ohio...I got full-body poison ivy in Dayton two years ago and I haven't been in the woods since!

I just noticed the person above me said the same thing, haha!

dahhlayne said...

Wow! The scenery is so magical in some of these photos! Oh gosh, I was eyeing your boots, and I just gotta say,"LOVE!" :)


Unknown said...

Love the black trousers you are wearing, with the loafers and socks so cute.

Hannah said...

pretty pictures :) the little convo at the end made me giggle :)

brittany - moccasin run said...

i am from ohio so these photos are extra lovely to me!


Unknown said...

I really like this cropped sweater is a perfect piece to match with almost all....
Kisses sweetie

Jenny Louise said...

Thank you for emailing me back, I really appreciated your reply, very helpful. Also, I adore that navy skirt that skirt your wearing, such a pretty color, and a very nice shape, I love pleats at the moment! Beautiful, as always.

Anonymous said...

I love Ohio! Columbus is one of my favorite towns to visit!


A Certain Vintage said...

that last picture is so funny, hope it wasn't poison ivy! you look beautiful as always I wish I had your hair (and wardrobe!)

Betty Flowers said...

Aww you are so beautiful!! I miss Ohio <3 xxx