Day 5: The Ozarks

Today we spent our day in Arkansas, and wading and swimming in Table Rock lake. Ruth and I both got Minnetonka Moccasins at a touristy type shop so we've been wearing them all the time :)


In the afternoon we headed up to The Crescent Hotel, which is an attraction for weddings and ghost hunters. 


We saw so many pretty butterflies...

...I even coaxed one on my hand!
(and before anyone asks, thats a birthmark on my arm)




They had a sweet picture and poem about the hotel kitty who had passed on...
...and the current kitties had their own little kitty door and steps! I loved this guys dramatic whiskers. 



We also walked through Eureka Springs, which could best be described as a mini San Francisco. In Arkansas. They had cool victorian houses and stores built into the hills. It was quite the destination way back when. 
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Cee said...

Super cute shoes and I love Coedith's celluloid hairbow!! Your trip looks awesome :)

art deco dame said...

looks like a neat little town

Anonymous said...

Oh my! The little stairs to the cat door are just so cute! Can't get enough of them ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

The Witchery Vintage said...

So cute! I love the cat door and the steps! Great moccasins!

Rebeccak said...

Stunning dress! I love the cat door with stairs - too cute!

ihanuudet by fleure said...

Wow,what a hotel! You seem to have a really nice trip.Enjoy!!!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

I love these pictures, looks like such a pretty place, thanks for sharing! I especially love the picture of the building (I think the hotel) from above & you by the vines- that dress is so adorable & i love your wavy bobbed hairstyle! I loved seeing the kitty picture as well, it looks so old with the white hairs, so cute!

Emily Barker said...

The balcony with all the wooden chairs overlooking the forest is fantastic.

Dirty Betty Vintage said...

I LOVE Eureka Springs. Such a beautiful place. Your pics make me want to go back.

X said...

That hotel looks very spooky indeed and the framed cat portrait is a little unnerving!! The cat with the whiskers looks very wise...if Einstein were to be reincarnated as a cat I'd imagine him to look like that :)


Heather said...

Oh, how fun to see you so close by! We love Eureka Springs, we spent our honeymoon on a ghost tour at the Crescent, in fact ;) and my in-laws live just off Table Rock lake. You've inspired me to get some moccasins too! Love the crescent pics...Im headed back there for my birthday in a couple of months :)

sarah said...

I love those images of the Crescent Hotel! The hotel kitty has a very distinguished pair of whiskers, and I love that snazzy kitty door! My relatives out west used to go to Eureka Springs every year, but I've never been. It looks like a lot of fun!

Moira said...

I am glad to find another fan of Minnetonka Mocasins. I love them becasue the are so comfy and cute at the same time, coordinate with well with lots of vintage styles and look authentic...as classic as penny loafers. I think I would like a red pair too! Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Hairston said...

I love Minnetonkas! I wear mine until they fall apart and then buy a new pair and start all over again.

My grandparents live in NW Arkansas and I used to absolutely love going to Eureka Springs. I haven't had a chance to drive out there recently, though.

So Yeah So said...

I'm from Arkansas, but I've never been to Eureka. We need to make that part of our next trip home.

Naomi said...

Just like Heather above commented, it's so neat to see you so close by. I'm just south west of Eureka Springs in Fort Smith. Hope you are enjoying the "Natural State". Love your dress!!

Unknown said...

wooow!! really lovely pictures <3 your polka dress is great.


Hannah said...

oh, my goodness. table rock lake? eureka springs? you were like half an hour from me. Vixen Vintage is one of my top favorite blogs. so crazy to know you were right around the bend! :)

Solange said...

What are those huge, amazing, pink flowering shrubs on either side of the stairs?!
Great holiday journal, by the way.