The other day I posted on Facebook and Twitter something about wearing a 49er, and got so many questions as to what on earth that was! So here's the explanation: 


Pendelton has been a source of northwest pride for nearly a century, famous for Native American motif blankets, and classic plaid shirts. In 1949, they introduced the first item for a womens line, the Pendleton 49er. A simply tailored jacket with big patch pockets, and six large mother of pearl buttons, it's been a Pendleton signature ever since. Very collectible with vintage gals, they're fairly easy to find here, and the company has even re-introduced them into their modern collection. Though my biased vintage opinion is that they're not nearly as high quality as the originals ;)


That being said, I have one Minnesota woolens jacket of the same design (they became very popular with many designers and home seamstresses), and this one is an actual Pendleton, beat up and frayed, this must have been someones favorite jacket! I just couldn't pass it up though, all those amazing colors! I could easily have an addiction to these things. So far I've only got the two, but I see more in my future ;) 


Early 49er jacket-The Red Light 

Pants-Ralph Lauren, thrifted 

Cashmere Cardigan-Barneys New York, thrifted 

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Kissing Hearts Flats in Plaid-Courtesy of ModCloth


art deco dame said...

I love 49'ers!I have quite a few in my collection but love adding more when I stumble upon one.Much to my husbands confusion because "don't you already have a jacket like that?" yes dear but one is never enough!

Pixels og Poesi said...

So cute and casual :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Could you be any cuter? Always so perfect!

TheBlackPinafore said...

I love these shoes

Unknown said...

in remarkable condition if its vintage. Very stylish

Randi said...

I just wore my blue 49er the other day and plan to wear another today. I'm always trying to add to my collection because they are just the perfect jacket for the fall and winter months.
Yours is absolutely gorgeous- love that red!

Anonymous said...

They're so wonderful :) I love how you've styled yours with matching flats. They are all kinds of awesome!


Tasha said...

Love that one!

And alas, I do have an addiction to them! I love Pendleton so. I started several years ago with one of their modern 49ers, then managed to run off from my mom's with her vintage one that was her gardening jacket for eons (hee), and have acquired a couple of other vintage ones since. So I guess I have a little 49er problem. They are probably some of my most favorite vintage items! :)

Cee said...

I love them! I have 3, an official collection but one 1 is Pendleton brand. Another is Kozi Kasuals, made with thicker wool and my fave of the 3, and the other is Foster-Hochberg which as far as I know is a higher end Seattle brand! It has much more drape than the other two, a looser weave I thick.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes! I've just gotten a pair of Weejuns, but I may have to get another after seeing this post.

As usual, your style is impeccable!


Anonymous said...

I have one of those, but I always thought Pendleton was just a style. I didn't know it was a brand. Now I know.

Mabel Time

Q's Daydream said...

Gorgeous! Plaid is da best ;o)

Jane said...

I'm afraid I do have an addiction to 49ers. I have quite a few. Used to be able to pick them up at thrift stores for a few dollars. Now days, unfortunately, people are collecting them so the prices have gone way up. Something about the way the shoulders fit, that makes them very flattering. We used to call them "Old Lady All" jackets, after the crazy spinster lady that lived across the alley way. She always wore them. She was also the only woman to wear jeans or dungarees as they were called back then in the early 60s. Guess she was just ahead of her time!

Kerry said...

You know, I did a Google search after the 49er discussion on Facebook the other day, but it seemed to indicate that a 49er was a letterman jacket - I couldn't quite imagine you in one!

This is much more lovely, and that particular colourway with the shoes is wonderful. Consider me a convert, although tracking one down in New Zealand might prove tricky!

Lady Jane Vintage said...

How funny! A friend just asked for an explanation of these the other day! I will share this post with her. And P.S.! I have a GORGEOUS Vintage Pendleton 49er Jacket up for auction right now on eBay! :)

its simple love said...

I love learning more about vintage clothing. There is always more to learn! Thanks for the mini lesson!


p.s. only one more day to enter the giveaway on my blog!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Oh, thanks for the explanation, I knew it wasn't possible you were talking about the football team (if it even is still one)! What I lovely jacket, the colors are great & you look adorable. I just miracously thrifted a Pendleton wool skirt a bit ago.. now to madly search for a coat : )

Alyssa said...

What a cute jacket! I have two jackets that are a similar look, from the 80s-does-the-40s. They have a more nipped in waist, though.
They had a gorgeous teal and magenta houndstooth skirt by Pendleton at the thrift store the other day, I can't imagine why I didn't buy it?

Jess said...

Love this jacket. . . . something about plaid that makes me smile:)
Sadly in the uk we dont see many of these around, but I may have to make a little trip to find one!

Jess x


The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

I lvoe the look! Always had a faiblesse for 50's casual.