Illustrated hatboxes


 Check out this fantastic illustration by Anne from Germany, based on one of these photos by Lara Blair. Thank you so much Anne!



Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You look like a little doll. Just gorgeous. What an awesome thing to have.

Hausfrau said...

I've seen gorgeous retro hatboxes in regular department stores here in Germany that look a lot like those in the illustration. Anne did a nice job capturing the spirit of the original photo in her work.

Butch said...

Love this!



Charlotte said...

Sweet! Beautifully drawn.

xx Charlotte
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Unknown said...

This is wonderful! The colors in it are so pretty.

Lillian said...

Wow, the original photos were beautiful, but this drawing takes the cake! So neat.

Erika said...

So cute! And so very much you =) Just adorable!

Anonymous said...

It's a really beautiful illustration - love the colouring - everything!
Laura xxx

Anne Bastian said...

I'm so glad you like it ^^ It was much fun to draw it.

I also got a smal sketch of it in my sketchbook... I my brother complained about that I'm drawing too many girls O_o I don't know what's his problem...

Btw, I updated my blog-entry with a step-by-step picture:


Hilary said...

Oh how darling! I love hatboxes- I have stacks in my bedroom!

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