This weekend I was in Disneyland! 

My mother and her husband got my cousin Ruth and I tickets to "The Happiest Place on Earth" for Christmas, so we spend all day Saturday riding rides, and avoiding about a million strollers. 

I love Disneyland at Christmas time because it's decorated so festively, the castle was especially pretty. 

My all time favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean, but I was sad that my other favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion, was completely different :( 

We didn't see too many characters (seriously, busier than I've ever seen it), but I did spot a few stormtroopers patrolling Tomorrowland which was pretty cool. 

We also spent a little time in the California Adventure park, and Downtown Disney, there's so much to do everywhere! Of course waiting in lines can take a bit of time, every time we were waiting, we wished we had brought snacks ;)

All in all it was a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! 
1960s Angora sweater and scarf-Urban Eccentric Vintage

1960s pink pants-Fab Gabs

Pink 49er-Antique show


Bracelet-Juicy Couture 

Purse-Michael Kors


Kerry said...

Oh it looks like so much fun at Disneyland! There aren't any fun parks in New Zealand so I can only imagine what Disneyland would be like :-)

I think I'm in love with those fellows in the striped blazers!

Lauren said...

Fun!!!! I love Disneyland. Your pictures are adorable!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Looks like a blast! My husband and I are going to Disney World in the spring for our anniversary and I can't wait!

Ms.Tips said...

I love that your outfit looks like candy:)

Mariela Santillan said...

My husband and I would always go to Disneyland during the holiday season. It was a little reprieve from the busy shopping season. This will be the first time in six years we haven't made it out there. I love Disneyland. It makes you feel like a kid .

Aliya said...

Oh my goodness!! Your checkered blazer is to die for! What an adorable outfit! I especially love the colour of your sneakers!

Stunning pictures! Disneyland really looks like the happiest place on Earth :)

x Aliya

art deco dame said...

Looks like fun!I haven't been there I so long!

Q's Daydream said...

ohhhh, such fun!!

Ms. Dee said...

Very nice photos! I love the churro picture. They only change the Haunted Mansion for Halloween through Christmas, so don't worry, it won't stay like that forever!

needle and nest said...

We'll be there in a few weeks and will catch the very last day of Christmas decorations. I can't wait! :)

Aline said...

I'd love to go there! I might visit Disney World in Orlando in May. Other than that, MIAM MIAM MIAM the churros!

Hedge said...

Kerry, you're forgetting about Rainbows End!! Hahaa

Unknown said...

My folks are giving my husband, kids and I a trip to Disney for Christmas :) It will be a first for me, I'm so excited!

DearHelenHartman said...

What a Christmas wonderland - and you look wonderful there in your sweater and scarf!

Debi said...

How fun! Your photos are lovely!!

Colleen said...

That looks like so much fun! The decorations are wonderful. I hear it's also really awesome at Halloween too.

Luna said...

wow this is sooo amazing! I want to go too, if just were near ... :I
Lovley photos!

Ryan said...

i havent' been to disneyland for over 15 years so i'm sure it's changed, but haunted mansion was always one of my favorite rides. I love that your photos seems to capture the classic fun of disneyland. Your outfit exemplifies style that is practical, comfortable, and pulled together. I hope I remember to dress like that next time i have a sight-seeing trip.

Lily Bean said...

i must say, i have been to disnelyand a gazillion times! i mean a gazillion... born and raised in SoCal... but i have never seen it quit ethe way you captured it. these pix are perfect and really let the magic shine through

Witchcrafted Life said...

Complete and utter Disney cuteness! I especially love the shot of you posing beside the vintage inspired Brawny mural - so fun!

Wishing you a gorgeous, completely joyful holiday season, dear gal!

♥ Jessica

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

love the vibrant colours of your outfit, especially those fun pink pants. I really want to go to Disneyland soon, it looks amazing!


anna d said...

I love these photos! They look like they could be straight from the 50's.

Gabrielle Clayvon said...

Oh...the photography just takes my breath away. I love how you captured the essence of "The Happiest Place on Earth." I am happy you have the time to blog more now. I very much love reading your post (very informative and quality pictures)

Folklorical said...

Oh I want to go! I've been to Disney World quite a few times but never made it to Disneyland:( They have Cinderella's castle but Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's castle which is pink. A pink castle definitely warrants a trip cross country I think;)

Violet Folklore said...

Wow, I feel like I'm looking at photos of Disneyland from the 50s here. (My boyfriend's mother was actually there on opening day- her dad was a friend of Walt's).

Wait wait, why was The Haunted Mansion different!? That and Pirates are my favorites too. When I went last year I was slightly bummed about the Johnny Depp-ness of Pirates, but happy that they retained all the original radness.

Going to Disneyland at Christmas is now a life goal of mine :-)

Lydia @ TheVintageMama.com said...

Oh snap! I was going to take my rascals to Disneyland last weekend but my baby was sick at the last minute...
Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

This makes me miss Disneyland quite terribly - perhaps I'll be able to visit again soon. Your photos are lovely!

Carla said...

Oh I want to go to Disneyland so badly right now! Your photos are super lovely, thanks for sharing them.
And, they usually temporarily change the Haunted Mansion for christmas-time. It'll be normal after the holidays.

MarieBayArea said...

i just adore disneyland. your outfit is so pretty. love the pink. the photo with santa is the best.

Laura said...

Amazing photos, I love Disneyland - I'd love to go at Christmas :)

Anna said...

I have read your blog for a long time and I just had to come out of lurkdom to say this is my favorite post ever! I have always loved Disneyland and I think its partly because even as a little kid I enjoyed the 50s/60s color combos and design elements.

Ashley said...

Adorable! Your outfit fits right in! Disneyland at Christmas is my favourite!

izza said...

Me personally have a great Disney Land experience. My family really had a lot of fun while we where there having a Holiday fun in Disney