U.S. Army Barracks {Est. 1849}

Saturday was incredibly nice out, and everyone in town was taking advantage of it. I ran into several people (and I don't know that many people) on my way to Officers Row for a little solo picnic. 

On the same grounds are the old army barracks, which have always been a little fascinating to me, but off limits to civilians. Until this year when the army left and relinquished the property to The National Parks Service. I can't wait to see what they do with the properties. The Red Cross Building has already been restored and well used as an event hall and such, it would be so cool to go to a swing dance in the original dance hall :)

I walked around the property a bit and took some photos (obviously), and as you can see the buildings need some cosmetic work. Don't know what they look like inside, but I imagine being used for decades takes its toll. 


Victoria Hunter said...

Have you been up to Fort Worden and Fort Flaggler, up in/by Port Townsend. Thats what those buildings remind me of.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I adore poking around old buildings like this.

The building I work in is an old Town Hall that has been refurbished :( But lots of photos remain of balls that used to be held there, and it was just spectacular. There was a lovely balcony that looked onto the dance floor *sighs*

Wouldn't it be lovely if we had "dances" like they used to in our grand-mothers' time?

Anonymous said...

Solo picnic? As in you were the only person at said picnic? Because to be honest - that sounds like an awesome idea and I am doing it in my backyard so soon.

Unknown said...

They are magnificant. I love how they are so uniform and all White together. I love discovering the history of places like this. My only wish is that more of them do get re-used and restored. Dancing would be perfect.

Beth said...

Oh how pretty. the sky is so blue and the grass so green. i can't get enough of old buildings thank you so much for posting this. i went the the links you posted and read up a little bit on this because i'm secretly a history buff. I love exploring the old homesteads near my grandpas farm out in western kansas. most of the homes came from a catologe because there are no trees to build houses out there and most of the wiring and stuff has been stolen but i still find it facination. hace a good day!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Old buildings - whether in pristine condition or on their very last legs - call out to me, too, and I can completely understand why you'd been yearning to visit these wonderful barracks. Thank you for sharing your lovely snaps with us - hope your picnic went splendidly!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday,
♥ Jessica

Capricious Traveler said...

There are some of these at Ft. Campbell, KY too. I think they converted them into office space.

Lillian said...

I love big buildings like this, they make me want to run up and down the stairs.

The Farmers Daughter said...

One day I hope to be in your area and can see these buildings in person. Just think how many stories they could tell if those buildings could talk!
Always love reading your blog! And, your photos are always great!

VintageDanielle said...

A swing dance in the old hall would be amazing! I love love love walking around old building and imagine what and who was bustling around.

AdinB said...

I too wonder what it looks like inside. It is pretty interesting! Yes, a swing dance in an old hall would be awesome for sure. :)

Adin B