Rose Wrap Dress Review


A few weeks ago the people at Love Ur Look contacted me asking if I wanted to try out one of their dresses. My everyday dresses are on the verge of retiring, I'll pack them away soon so they don't completely deteriorate, so the offer came at a perfect time. I'm trying to incorporate more vintage reproduction items in my wardrobe, that I can wear everyday, and not fear ruining forever! So hopefully you'll see more features and reviews in the future of items you can get new, but still look very vintage. 

I chose the Floral Wrap Dress because one thing that deters me from buying reproduction items is the fit! My bust to waist ratio is larger than 10", and most modern clothing caters to a smaller ratio than that, but wrap dresses are a little more versatile. 

As soon as I put it on I was really happy with the fit, and the little details like hooks and eyes at the bust for extra security. 

The dress is cotton, and fully lined in cotton, I love that! And I love the small detail of the buttons matching the rose print :)

There is a hook and eye at the skirt to keep it closed, but I found it unnecessary as it just unhooked throughout the day as I sat on the ground, knelt down, etc. No matter though, I wear slips or bloomers with wrap dresses anyway. 

Overall I really love the dress, and have worn it multiple times already! It's a great everyday dress: alone it works for home and errands, and a nice hat and gloves will dress it up nicely for going out :) 

And as promised, more detailed photos of my hair! 

It was done by Kristen Behlings, she's simply magical, and if you'll recall, I have bangs! Can you tell? Because I forgot I did with this style. 

I'll try to recreate it, but it won't look a thing like her work!

Happy weekend :)

Thank you Julie for taking photos!


Vintage Hippo said...

That hair could not be more amazing! The buttons on that dress are super cute too, great pick!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

I know exactly how you feel about wearing a dress so much it is about to fall apart. I too wear reproduction items so I don't feel so guilty or worried when it get ruined.

Now THAT is a gorgeous dress. It looks like perfection on you. And your hair, especially the back, is swoon worthy. Now I am off to see where you got this stunning outfit.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Christianna said...

Your hair is darling! Your friend did a wonderful job! That dress is pretty cute as well!

Charmaine said...

I think the British brand Tara Starlet does some amazon vintage repro that definitely caters to curvaceous body types. Like you, my waist to hip ratio is more than ten inches and I've never had an issue with their dresses or skirts. Their clothing is on the expensive side, but the quality is so worth it, people perpetually assume every Tara Starlet dress I own is vintage.

I really like this dress! Definitely going to check out this designer.

Charmaine xxx

Kristian said...

Sorry to hear your current everyday dresses are needing replaced. On the other hand, this is cute. And that hair! Gorgeous.

Nan said...

This looks lovely on you but everything does. The hair is amazing and you have so much of it I'm jealous!!

garofit said...

You do look like an image in a 1940's magazine!Always loving your blog.

two squirrels said...

Oh so pretty. You look just gorgeous, the rose print is lovely.
I have been slowly making remakes in vintage fabrics of all my favourite vintage dresses so the poor wee poppets can go into a graceful retirement.
Happiness to you

Butch said...

It looks lovely, love the colours.


Charmaine said...

Whoops, instead of "amazing" I've written "amazon." Darn spell check on a cell phone! I definitely meant "amazing."

Nika Chick said...

Dress is wonderful and so girly. And your hair looks fabulous! I like the idea very much.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Lovely dress. You hair is killer!


Anonymous said...

That hair is fabulous, and I love the button. So many of my vintage dresses are on their final legs and there are some I can only to things where I will basically sit still and not move, eat or drink because they might get damaged. Still, they were made to be worn and loved and I like to think the dresses have little personalities and like getting out and about still.

Anonymous said...

the button on that dress is so cute! and your hair is pretty much amazing:) thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

It's great to see you're not snobbish about wearing repro vintage, I wear a lot of repro for exactly the same reason. Although I do love the orginal stuff more because you get that sense of history!

Janine @ Lesley's Girls

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

oh my god, you look mazing!

from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

Shybiker said...

What a gorgeous look! The dress is very pretty and your hair is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh! The hair! The dress! The bakelite! You look so gorgeous! And I'm curious - what lipstick are you wearing?

You can check out the blog that my sister and I write at oneinchapart.wordpress.com and my personal blog at vintagerosegirl95.blogspot.com

We would love to hear what you think of them!

Debra said...

You look amazing and thanks for the review!!!


Witchcrafted Life said...

That dress looks utterly beautiful on you. The fit is massively figure flattering and the colour suits you to a perfect tee. I'm more than a little smitten with both it (right down to the super cute rose buttons) and your timelessly gorgeous hairstyle. Fabulous, inspiring summer look.

Tons of joyful weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

That is an extremely gorgeous dress - great vintage print and a beautiful cut :)

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress, and I am not normally found of wrap dresses. The print with your flushed cheeks is gorg! x

Marianna said...

Your hair.... I'm in love!
Beautiful dress. xoxo

Unknown said...

Love that dress - it fits your waist beautifully. And the hair!

I found your blog via Vintage Living Magazine and have completely fallen in love. You might have noticed, given this is my third comment in a row! :) I'm such a fan of the mid-century vintage style, and you do it fabulously!