Shopping day


Today my mother and I did some shopping in Portland, starting with Xtabay Vintage Boutique. I tried on some potential New Years dresses (and one jumpsuit of course), but it was my mother that ended up leaving with a fantastic little red skirt. We did however snap some pics inside, it's just so pretty it's difficult not to!
 At Bombshell Vintage I found the right outfit. It was something I had seen a few weeks ago and has been on my mind since. Luckily it was still there! We also stopped by Magpie and Buffalo Exchange, and there were pretties at each, but I didn't find anything that had to come home with me. But New Years outfit found, mission complete! 

The dress I wore is something I've had over a year, but haven't worn until now. It's a very pretty wool felt dress with embroidery and a circle skirt. I just love it, you know a dress is good when the sleeves have zippers! And such a dramatic dress needs an equally dramatic hat. 

Thank you Liz at Xtabay for allowing us to take pictures in your nice warm shop :)

Dress and petticoat-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Shoes-Modern, I've had them ages

Gloves-Estate sale



Debra said...

Awww....you look so pretty dear. Love the dress. Glad you found a fun outfit to wear. Enjoy! And...Happy New Year!


Abbi Jane said...

I went shopping today too! Only my experience was no where near as fabulous and elegant as yours! In love with that dress. I have always wanted a circle skirt dress with fur trim :)

art deco dame said...

Beautiful dress!The shop looks great too!

VintageDanielle said...

I adore the dress and the red petticoat. I did a little shopping too but not any vintage shops, hopefully soon though.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! I'll have to remember these stores for my next trip to Portland..they look wonderful! xoxo, Tina

Jenna DeSantis said...

That dress is gorgeous!! The print, your hair, love it all so much!

XO Jenna

Renee said...

your dress is beautiful. Looks like a wonderful place for shopping. Love the hat.

mary van note said...

That outfit should be captured in a MOTION PICTURE. For reals!

Unknown said...

That dress is adorable! Can't wait to see what you found for New Year's!


Witchcrafted Life said...

Such a wonderfully enjoyable sounding day. I rarely do much in the way of Boxing Day/Week shopping, but if vintage was involved, you better believe I'd be there with bells on! :)

This dress is so, so lovely! Classic and chic, and so very gorgeous on you!

♥ Jessica

Stephanie Lynn said...

How fabulous! And I adore the pop of pink! :)

Unknown said...

That is such a beautiful outfit that you're wearing. It's lucky that you have such a lovely vintage store near by, the shop looks great.

thelittlebittyprettyblog said...

that dress is a dream!


Helen Mae said...

Lovely dress and it looks great with the pink petticoat!

Unknown said...

Amazing dress! Vintage is the best way to be beautiful!

Nika Chick said...

What a wonderful dress! So feminine. Love that look very much. And it seems, that place is really special! I want to visit it someday as well :)

Lizzy said...

WOW!!! beautiful dress! you look so pretty as always! Happy New year!

Mary said...

you're young and pretty and can pull that off beautifully. I like to see the younger gals, embrace "the vintage".

Jamie Janosz said...

My brother just moved to Portland! I'm going to jot down the name of those fabulous vintage shops so I can wrangle a shopping trip when I visit. I love the dress - and the hat - and the pink tulle adds the perfect contrast. Happy New Year!

Brandy Saldana said...

That is an amazing dress! Love the petticoat underneath as well. If I could switch places with someone to have their closet for a day it would be yours hands down!

Happy New Years!


Karoline said...

Soooo beutiful!!!!!!! love the dress!

Incendiary Blonde said...

I absolutely adore this dress and hat! So pretty and such a great shape to the dress!

Unknown said...

love the dress.
You look so adorable.
Hug and kisses !!

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Anonymous said...

That outfit makes me want wintery weather down here in Oz. It's lovely!