1943 yearbook hair inspiration.

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As mentioned in my last post, old yearbooks are something I really enjoy looking through endlessly. This is my latest find, a 1943 yeabook from Washington State College. 

Yearbooks appeal to me because the hair and clothing featured are more casual and common than in fashion magazines of the time. As much as I love hair rolls and rayon dresses, for everyday I prefer hair down in curls (or lately in a bandanna), and a sweater and skirt/slacks. And of course socks and loafers instead of stockings and heels, but that's another yearbook post altogether!

Next time I'll post either fashion, or boys photos, there's some cuties! 

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Diane said...

Either a white collar or strand of beads, eh?

Anonymous said...

My friend and I recently went to the local college library and looked at every 40's year book they had! I agree the hair and clothes are AMAZING. Isn't it funny to think these women are like our age, (or younger!) but somehow don't they look so much older? I think it's because now-a-days college is an excuse to wear sweat pants and those messy top knot buns everyday lol ...and UGG boots. ...ewwww hahaha

b and e said...

I love it!
So funny how they all have almost the same hairstyle! Wow imagine being unable to look like that, how unpopular that must have made one!
I love seeing the little differences, a curl here or there different!

Emileigh said...

Sometimes I wish I could know who the "it" girls were in these photos. There are so many beautiful women, I just can't really tell who would be the "class beauties"! It would be so fun to talk to some of them and hear the stories connected to these people!

Palmingo said...

wow! gorgeous hairstyles. I can just sit and stare at them.

Beth said...

Neat! at the our high school here in my small town, out in the lobby there are the graduating class photos album style hanging on the wall. they start in 1902 with just a few people ( all the last names it seems, are now the names of streets around town lol) and goes through present day. I'm like, the only person that ever looks at them. and i look at them often. at least once a week. Its cool to see how they interpreted some of the hollywood styles, how was the itthe middle 20s before anyone had bobbed hair (were in kansas... a tad bit behind...) and how sharp and ADORABLE the boys were. everyone thinks i'm a nut and really hasnt thought twice about standing there in a crowd and oogling at dead or old people. Its fun to see some of the more laid back styles as opposed to the hollywood perfectness. thanks so much for sharing!

Tasha said...

Yes! I love seeing all of these women. These are the gals I aspire to when I do my own everyday set. :)

(And I can't believe how many of them are wearing a single or double-strand pearl necklace...!)

Wire 9 Vintage said...

I'm always struck by how mature young women from the era look. They're just lovely aren't they?

Witchcrafted Life said...

Real world women have always been (and will always be) my greatest source of vintage inspiration. I love gazing at photos like these fabulous year book ones and studying the details of their outfits and seeing the subtleties between each hairstyle and ensemble. There's much to admire, learn, and delight in here, thank you very much for sharing your latest yearbook treasure with us.

♥ Jessica

Unknown said...

"Yearbooks appeal to me because the hair and clothing featured are more casual and common than in fashion magazines of the time." - Wow, this really makes me regret not taking some free yearbooks from local thrift ventures, or when I was helping my grandmother remove clutter from her basement. I never thought of how viewing the past through a year book could give me such a perspective. Thank you for sharing!

Nunnu said...

So pretty pictures and lovely looking peoples!

Katy said...

Fabulous images! Lots of hair ideas!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! This is filled with such variety and gorgeous hairstyles!!!

Lori said...

Love. My parents still have their late '40s/early 50's high school yearbooks and they're wonderful.

Kim said...

Whoa, that's some serious hair. I'll have to see if my grandma has any of her high school yearbooks from the 1940s. (The way she tells it, she had boys chasing after her!)

An Scenic World said...

Collars, sweaters, pearls and curls. It's just too perfect!

Sophie said...

Fashion and beauty trends of the past are so interesting - what I thought of first is how high-maintenance pin-curls are and how great it is that high-school girls bothered with all the trouble while these days we only do such an elaborate hairstyle for a Prohibition party or the equivalent... It's fascinating how the focus shifted from aestheticism to practicality - and will it ever shift back?


Tova Friedman said...

The woman in the topmost row, middle left is perfection! (along with a slew of others...) I'm on to old yearbooks too- I have my great grandmother's college yearbook- NYU in the 1920s and my husband's grandfather's from Pratt, 1944. They are equally amazing to pore over!


Cherry Stone said...

Thank you for sharing these, they are fabulous! It's great to see "real" women, not models or celebrities, from the past. I love all the different little variations on the same type of 'do.

Cherry x

Simonas street said...

Fun idea to look trough yearbooks. Lot's and lot's of hair inspiration!

XO, Simona

Unknown said...

lovely vintage hair style!
glad that I can found this blog.
so absolutely vintage!