{Glamour Magazine} 1969 + 1970

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I'm opening up a space at Old Glory antique mall next month and picked up some old Glamour issues today to sell. Before I let them go I wanted to save my favorite images. It's funny how modern some of them look. 

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 photo 19702_zpsc306646e.jpg
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 photo 19707_zps6ce7eb2f.jpg
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Rebeccak said...

Gah! Amazing!! Will you be selling online as well? (please say yes!)

Unknown said...

Some amazing images - the first one really does look quite modern! I love looking through older magazines, to me the women seemed so much classier.

spikybombshell said...

Beautiful photographs! :-)

Lahryssa Byrd said...

I love the "Women Unite" tote and everything about the lovely lady in blue, who looks to be enjoying the English countryside with the most amazing hair... and gloves. Something I would very much like to be doing.

Super Starling! said...

Oh my gosh... it's oddly like scrolling through Pinterest! Fashion is so cyclical!
Leah / superstarling.com

Unknown said...

awesome! special love for the first two photographs ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous images, thanks for sharing them. I'm completely in love with that tulip print dress!

Unknown said...

That second photo is definitely very modern indeed! I'm not a big fan of wearing 70s myself, but I gotta admit the editorials from that era is just unbelievably fun!


Sarah said...

I love looking through old magazines and these pictures are great. I do love the 70s!


Mademoiselle said...

Congrats, m’dear, I’ve awarded you the « Very Inspiring Blogger » award!

Witchcrafted Life said...

These are so cool! There are days when I feel pulled towards a feminine 70s aesthetic, and images like this certainly help fuel that fire (plus I love knowing that my mom was wearing similar styles around those same years).

♥ Jessica