Meetup with Adored Vintage

 photo June4_zps8fdf56d5.jpg

Today I met up with an out of town Instagram friend, Rodellee of Adored Vintage (warning, her shop is stunning), and  Janey and Julie. We had a fun lunch downtown, then had to part ways with Rodelle, but we stopped by a photobooth for some antics before leaving downtown. 

Rodellee was a delight to talk to, we both have a slight addiction to Kitchen Nightmares and Peonies, and her gorgeous hair is exactly what I hope mine will look like *eventually*.  
A great way to spend a sunny afternoon! 


Skirt and brooch-Gift from my mother 

 Blouse and belt-Fab Gabs

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MarieBayArea said...

Everyone's outfits are so beautiful

Unknown said...

I love when vintage sistas can get together! Looks like you had a blast!! xox

b and e said...

It's like another world! I'm in vintage heaven looking at these!


Unknown said...

i love adored vintage! and everyone here looks SO lovely!

Melli said...

Beautifull girls in beautifull outfits, I really like the brooch!

Helen Le Caplain said...

Everyone looks great - particularly love the shot were the wind whips up your skirt and gives a flash of the red petticoat - love!


Unknown said...

Ah, you all look amazing! I love your red and blue, always such a good colour combination!

cddcc said...

Love the photobooth photos! They could definitely pass as some from the 50s :)

Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous looks! Finding lots of inspiration from all these ladies!

Witchcrafted Life said...

What a terrifically fun looking meetup! All of you ladies are rocking such beautiful warm weather ensembles.

♥ Jessica

Zoë Winters said...

What a bunch of babes! I loved that shot of your skirt in the gust of wind on instagram! Cute! ➸♥➸

Naomi said...

Your skirt is so beautiful!

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The Occasional Indulgence

Mid Century Pink said...

All of you look fab! As usual! That photobooth pic is the greatest!

Unknown said...

You girls look absolutely fabulous.


Anonymous said...

absolutely stunning looks on everyone!
Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

Technicolor Cutie said...

I am such a sucker for red, white and blue! BEAUTIFUL brooch!

Honora said...

Did you make this amazing best skirt ever?! We need a tutorial on this. I promise, my skirt will be different, and I wont tell anyone.

Sammi said...

You all look gorgeous!!! Love your outfit, especially. And I am so obsessed with Kitchen Nightmares!

xox Sammi

Vintage Tea Roses said...

Love the hairstyles in this post! Looking for 1940s hairstyle inspiration for the Blitz Party in London tomorrow, so this is perfect!

Melissa x


Kristian said...

Oh, everyone looks amazing and that photobooth film strip is so fun!

Unknown said...

Sigh beautiful girls and beautiful clothes! xx

Unknown said...

You gals look so adorable! I am really loving your skirt - so pretty!


Sarah said...

This all looks so idyllic , I admit, a small part of me dreams of an international Old Hat meet up similar to this...perhaps one day when we all get the cash and time to visit the US? For now though I'll just admit those awesome photo booth shots x

reality beats said...

Ohh!! Beautiful skirt! Pretty outfit! Me encanta!


Anonymous said...

Love the photobooth shots! Gorgeous! Love VV xxx

My Unfinished Life said...

such lovely ladies!!


Katy said...

the outfits are fab! #outfit envy