c a l i f o r n i a + p t. 2

 photo 2_zps09606e05.jpg
 photo SeptCali086_zpsf857de46.jpg
 photo SeptCali056_zpsf88e25b2.jpg
 photo SeptCali063_zps25ed279b.jpg
 photo SeptCali081_zpsd8145c74.jpg
 photo 1_zpse03d75b7.jpg
 photo 3_zps1ed69efe.jpg


Margaret said...

Lovely pictures :3 They remind me of the Summer, a lot ^^

Jade Sheldon said...

Pretty certain you had the most perfect California trip ever...

Nan said...

The photos are dreamy and have such a vintage look. Fantastic work!!

Charmaine said...

Great photos! This makes me want to go to Cali!

MsNotWeirdAtAll said...

The pictures remind me of old american movies :)


Sabrina said...

That surfer photo is gorgeous! Looks like a fun trip.

Unknown said...

I love these photos.
I want to be in vacations soo!