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Took a little trip to Seattle last week. I spent most of my time around the market exploring all the delicious food and sights.
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Jade Sheldon said...

Got to love Seattle. Our trip there always revolve around food... ok, most of our trips revolve around food. Now I need to try that yogurt!

strwbrryflds4evr said...

I loooove Seattle so much. I want to live there! That yogurt is yummy, had it last time I visited;-)

Anonymous said...

Already a big fun of your inspiring blog, but now i love you more!!! Thank you for choosing our greek yogurt!
Take care and have fun whatever you do!
Hugs and kisses from Greece!
Eva ♥ Jajala Majala

Cat said...

beautiful photos, I would love to visit seattle x

Unknown said...

I hope to visit Seattle one day, thus far the furthest west I've been is Texas (I'm from DC). I will change that fact one day, hopefully! Is it just me or does travel get more and more expensive?

Anyway, I love the pictures you took and you're stunning. Almost every image of you would work perfectly for a postcard titled something like "Pretty Lady at the Market".


Witchcrafted Life said...

That yogurt alone looks good enough to cross the 49th for! :) I've never been to Seattle, but much as with Portland, wholeheartedly hope to get there one day.

♥ Jessica

vintage honeybee said...

I have always wanted to go there. Now I want to go more.


Charis said...

It looks awesome in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

This market is pleasant!
I love this!

Unknown said...

Hooray, it's fantastic to see these. I get so used to working in the market (obv my other job) that I forget how pretty it is. Thanks for the reminder <3 And it was oh-so-lovely to see you.

xo Sara

Unknown said...

this looks wonderful and delicious all in one!