Gray dress

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It's been so hot the past couple of days I only leave the hose for two things: Gym and breakfast. Otherwise leave me to hide in my dark slightly less hot house. 

I wore this to have breakfast with Julie at Broder, just before the heat set in for the day. It's one of my most frequently worn dresses, the perfect little striped shirtdress.


Loafers-Eastland Shoes 

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Jade Sheldon said...

Ugh, I've been exactly the same. It's just too hot to function. And Cory was being a big jerk saying it's going to be even worse come August. This dress looks so lovely on you!

Unknown said...

The weather here has been very indecisive. One minute hot, one minute scorching.

I love the dress!!



Unknown said...

Ahhhh and it's actually too cold for me here in Sydney ahahah I've never been a winter person! And it's not even that cold down under! I love that dress - what a great staple and I'm gonna have to steal your vintage schoolgirl look this weekend!

Unknown said...

This dress is so lovely.. but it's not just the dress, it's what you've done with it. You have embelished it so it got a life of it's own.


Margaret said...

That dress looks so nice on you :3

Andi B. Goode said...

I love this dress but those loafers! Gah. They're perfect. x

Witchcrafted Life said...

Classic, sweet and very pretty dress. It's you to a tee, too. Had I seen it elsewhere, not on you, I mean, it would have reminded me of your aesthetic instantly.

♥ Jessica

Anders E said...

Classy outfit, beautiful woman!

Miranda Fay said...

I have been feeling the heat lately too, and I have lost a lot of motivation to dress up and post. This outfit has has inspired to drag out a few dresses. Thanks!


Georgiana said...

This dress is perfect!

Unknown said...

Lovely dress and perfect outfit!

The Eyre Effect said...

There's nothing like a pretty dress to help beat the heat! It's been hot here, too, and I'm so glad we're finally getting some cooler days. I love being warm, but I'm very picky about HOW warm, haha!

You look so pretty in this!

Unknown said...

Eastland loafers are my absolute favorite!