Is it time yet?

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Although I'm all about the cooler months, and count the days until fall really starts in October, I'm pretty adamant about postponing fall things until the mornings are cool and foggy and the leaves are orange and red. Only then will I drink pumpkin flavored chai and read Sherlock Holmes. 

However. We decided to watch Sleepy Hollow as I've heard it's excellent and I'm completely in love with it. It's like if Supernatural, Elementary, Once Upon a Time, and National Treasure all got mixed together, but with the added bonus of lots of female and poc (people of color) characters. I mean really, what's better than that? 

Also Ichabod Crane is a total dreamboat, and 4th grade me is so embarrassed I'm saying that but there you have it. Ichabod Crane = my love. 

So now I'm fighting to stay summer positive, but it's a losing battle. I just wanna wear black and boots and get into spooky mode.       


Skirt-The Elquists 


Shoes-c/o Swedish Hasbeens 



Jade Sheldon said...

I have yet to see it! I'll be changing that immediately. Speaking of Halloween... any thoughts on what you are dressing up as this year!?

Tamara said...

I love Sleepy Hallow also, it's such a good show! :) I'm trying to hold off on fall things too, but it's so hard with all of the cute fall clothes everywhere and the return of the pumpkin spice latte ;).


Witchcrafted Life said...

There really is such a striking duality to this time of the year. More so than I can last recall since childhood, I want summer's sizzling, powerful warmth to linger, and yet, I'm also keen to embrace my favourite season (fall) again. These blissful in between days when you get snippets of both really is the best of each of these two amazing worlds.

♥ Jessica

*PS* Just have to say again how much I love your new hair and blog design alike.

Annebeth said...

wow, your hair is looking so amazing! the pale pink goes perfect with your colouring :) and yeah I'm sad about summer ending, but at least we have Halloween :D

Sarah Jane said...

I'm totally with you on the seasons and I always mark this time of year by whether or not it's time to read Sherlock Holmes again. I just started last week as Autumn seems to have descended upon us quite suddenly here in the UK. I'm counting down to October still though

Anonymous said...

ooh sleepy hollow sounds good! I am so ready for it to be fall again. I love this all black outfit, and your hair is flawless.

Katie J said...

Thank god I'm not the only one who deliberately postpones the "fall" indulgences! Everyone I know is so psyched about the pumpkin spice lattes coming early and I'm like, "willpower! resist!"

Unknown said...

I gave up the battle and went all in for fall. House is decorated, wardrobe is adjusted to my favourite season, I am ready to go! And then the weather forecast announced a heatwave for next week... Oh, come on!

Unknown said...

I love sleepy hollow too, not seen it in ages want to watch it again!

Ljupka said...

so cute! I adore your style :)


Lainie said...

OH you look so cute...I may have to pin this photo on my Grown Up Goth Board instead of my Vintage Inspired Board!!
Sleepy Hollow is an awesome show. I can't wait for October, my favorite month.

Unknown said...

have not seen it as yet!
love your outfit!
Melissa x

Unknown said...

What a wonderful almost fall outfit. I'm loving your blog.

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