Disneyland day 1.

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This week I got to spend a couple of days in Disneyland! 

I went with my aunt, uncle, and four cousins, and had such a great time. We met lots of characters, rode the best rides, and a few little girls even came up to me and thought I was a princess. 

I picked this dress out for this trip and only realized a few days before that it resembles Rapunzels quite a bit. Rapunzel and Flynn are my favorite characters to meet, and we talked for a long while of dying her hair purple. Flynn wasn't into the task of dying 70 ft hair, but Rapunzel was pretty adamant about it. Pics to come of that conversation later! 

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Liv said...

It looks like so much fun! You're pictures are gorgeous as always! It makes me excited for my own trip there for Halloween. My first time going back since moving back to Australia. Can't wait for more pictures!

Jessica said...

Poor Tinkerbell. She's clearly outclassed in this photo.

Unknown said...

Oh. Wow. You got to meet Elsa and Anna?!?! How long did you have to wait? Was it worth it? I'm going to Disney world in October and I really want to see them (I guess I also want my child to see them too)!!!! Also, your hair is perfectly gorgeous!

Lucy in the Sky said...

Great pictures and your hair is looking just gorgeous!

Solanah said...

Emily, you have to get tickets at their station as soon as you get to the park, they run out fast! Then you get a certain time frame to come back to meet them. I'm not sure how it is at Disney World, but might be similar!

Charis said...

You do indeed look like a princess!

Witchcrafted Life said...

How magnificently fun!!!

♥ Jessica

Unknown said...

Looks like such a fun trip! (Also I'm in love with your pink hair. It's so perfect.)

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Unknown said...

Elsa and Anna! So precious moment! I want to meet them too :(

Unknown said...

Stunning pictures! Fantastic blog! I love it! Congratulations Solanah, it's such a pleasure to come to your blog! Thank you so much!